Saturday, December 31, 2016

2.1703 : 12/31/09 : Get Crazy

I'll work backwards
I'll get crazy
I can't exclude any method
that makes the mark
I just got up
lay it all down
don't let me see a
or frown
I know what I'll be doing
I'm going to get down to
don't laugh I'm serious
and my line up to
this point has been


2.1702 : 12/30/09 : Good

I feel good
hard hits at the
the day will come
I'll find my ill stitched
and I'm not going to
look back
even if it's ahead
it seems I'm here
it seems I
am not dead


Thursday, December 29, 2016

2.1701 : 12/29/09 : Moon

The moon is precious
it brought us to the
hanging there so
so far from horns
and slow guitars
I hope I can read the
when that moment
and that I recall what
happened there
and that the seed
I planted


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2.1700 : 12/28/09 : Salt

I won't look back
I don't want to become
a pillar of salt
that seems harsh
or maybe wishful thinking
when you think about it
hard to place fault
I've read a lot of stuff
I've parsed and gleaned
and sorted
and fear if i falter
he mission will be
but if I perservere
not thinking of the
I'l forge ahead and fail
I've dredged up the
same old


2.1699 : 12/27/09 : Burn

Burn burn you will not
burn up what ails
the world
the mission statement lies
the flag you sewed
make a perfect button
say the least amount
pray you'll tap the
pray you'll start
the count


Monday, December 26, 2016

2.1698 : 12/26/09 : Hold Out

Hold out longer
make the wait
The moral obligation
in this path you've taken
is implicit
one more ugly
but first a couple more
fragment verses
indistinguishable from cries
for help
from curses


Sunday, December 25, 2016

2.1697 : 12/25/09 : Rock

Make it of rock
make the rain
wear it
by this bold attempt
I swear it
I ran backwards
through a host of days
and as I say
the mist obeys
I will not fear
nor worry no
I've seen the worst
now let the worst go
a ton of steel could
smash you to flinders
I'll stick arond
and hassle the


Saturday, December 24, 2016

2.1696 : 12/24/09 : Eve

Eve of smashing
I love the snow that's
all record of my passage
I'm doing brilliant
If I persist I must
become more resilient
this is a test
but it's not only a test, no
It is a measure of one
a measure of swift
I laugh inside
I'm going to do it
take one lady's advice
and drill,
right through it


Friday, December 23, 2016

2.1695 : 12/23/09 : Brother Heroin

Hey brother heroin
I tasted your cousin
enough to beware
I'm not afraid to say
I won't go there
no I won't
go there
I can guess at your clutch
I felt it firm enough
with the smoke
I have known addiction
I know that it's no joke
hey brother
you are for more
tortured geniuses
I will turn a new leaf
and discover


Thursday, December 22, 2016

2.1694 : 12/22/09 : Now

This is the first day
I really bucked the
listen now, I'm bold
and I will instruct
listen to the boiling
ever present
eternal now
all there is that is
the Zen
the dharma
the karma
the now


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

2.1693 : 12/21/09 : Stretch

It's a stretch and

I know it

skip a line I gotta

go over it

in fact I will leave

the artifact

it is a mission

a sacred pact


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

2.1692 : 12/20/09 : Don't Stop

Don't stop
just because you
got ahead
to stop and rest
you might as well
be dead
before you know it
this fast trip
is over
but I keep rolling
because my blood
is a rover


Monday, December 19, 2016

2.1691 : 12/19/09 : Reminisce

Reminisce about your first
the fire or pancakes
or was it the sea
do you prefer a story
well what will be
will be brilliant enough
I think it's time
you to emit some smoke
in the context of a decade
that's no little joke
but I'll keep scribing
till the page is done
and god help us all
I'm not the only one
the day will come
when I have to decipher
pray I'm not face down
in the snow like a
If you recognize the
reference you are
my kind
I remember now the
weighed on my mind
But I'm not one
to relive the past
and if you believe that
we're gonna have a blast


Sunday, December 18, 2016

2.1690 : 12/18/09 : Last of a Kind

Last of a kind
with one word I freed
my mind
it wasn't easy
it was a stretch
the last of one kind
made me want to retch
but I soldiered on
thinking of a
decade old song
now I am in history
it's convenient
it rhymes with
it is the destiny of
all who strive who
realize they are
in this moment


Saturday, December 17, 2016

2.1689 : 12/17/09 : Nitrous

I've done nitrous
quite a lot
steel cylinders
today none I've got
I'll have to live up to it
when the moment comes
it's a feeling, a tingling
in my gums
it's awesome we
a human baby
he's about the best that I
ever seen
it's going to be sweet
watching this decade
I'll laugh while I transform
lead into


Friday, December 16, 2016

2.1688 : 12/16/09 : Wow!

Wow! the last monkeyfuck
I'll account this one to luck
I'm not going to take chances anymore
like sure things and I'm sick of being poor
I'm gonna pull my brother up
could I feel right supping this
overflowing cup
Scripture is a font of verse
I already used the old prescription
here comes the reverse
I'm gonnas show you purity
of essence
I'm gonna rock
the eternal presence
and laugh almighty
at the petty obstacles
they are like so many
opportunistic barnacles
I feel the might of the
I relax, recall the test of
the foment
it will be what it is
I will recruit
they will perceive


Thursday, December 15, 2016

2.1687 : 12/15/09 : Beautiful Night

Beautiful night
I have earned
I have earned to dwell
eternal in the sun
and I know it could be
The snow fell
heavy and soft
and a fierce pure spirit
bore me aloft


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2.1686 : 12/14/09 : 2 Honest Stains

2 honest stains
remain to mark
what I was into tonight
everything I own
gets stained with the stigmata
that I carry in eternal light
I wish I could be clearer
but the ways of this World
get me by the short and curly
right this moment
I wish I just counted
my friend list to list Hurley
I won't give up
that's about all I can promise
and if I told you what would
be here next week I would be remiss
I am Shakespeare of
modernity I do not fear
any ism
I will perfect the launch
charged full with my
creative jism
I think I spelled it wrong
but K. Vonnegut's ghost
will forgive me
I think that all that's
left is all that's
left to give me


2.1685 : 12/13/09 : Destruction by Fire

Destruction by fire is a safe bet
When you're sure you want the shit gone
this is my victory chant son
this is my elite song
I am destroying what is extraneous by fire
deal with the carnal house smell later
I am a mean mother grabber, ho
I am a compulsive masturbator
Now it's all on and I can hear the sound
the big one my masterpiece
I will burn every old way to the ground
and stake my claim on a separate peace


Monday, December 12, 2016

2.1684 : 12/12/09 : Sympathy

Is it sympathy you'e feeling?
I deserve it
but I don't want it
I want you to what what I got
If you can sell it
I can front it
Feeling sorry may be nice
but it won't fetch a price
You know I've got to shift my rolling stock
so stand aside or pitch in
before I pack this bitch in
Give up and put my back into
rolling that rock
uphill again and again
I guess I'll take your
I'm sure it as a dream
to think anything better
would happen to a guy like me


Sunday, December 11, 2016

2.1683 : 12/11/09 : The Business

Numb nuts like me
never do it the easy
way, get the business
trying to make a blind choice, and say yes
pick and do, pick and do
think that's some advice do you?
Why didn't I think that up?
a fine angle on a half full cup
Here's the business again
tiptoeing over needles and pins
What if I do it and it makes no difference
and here I thought I had more
common sense


Saturday, December 10, 2016

2.1682 : 12/10/09 : Fault

It's not my fault, it really doesn't count
I can only count so high
and I haven't yet hit the amount
it seems to turn the record over
hear the best jam's on side B
a noise to make the earth split
and reveal the fault to me
Lava lava everywhere
and not a spark for fire
if it hadn't happened so many times
it might make me feel dire
Somewhere between what matters
and the crack that's breathing out
maybe I'll get the fault by the horns
and finally effect my rout


Friday, December 09, 2016

2.1681 : 12/09/09 : Fragment

moments are touched
by laughter the only
redeeming feature
of these empty escapades
If you don't have anything
better than this to offer
go home and close the shades
turn the lights out
unplug your phone
pretend you're up in there
And I give you this
clumsy fragment
like it was a sacred stone
and vow it will get better
swear by the sun as
ths sun is to this
waning moon


Thursday, December 08, 2016

2.1680 : 12/08/09 : Strange Estate

Maybe a snow day tomorrow
take advantage of my strange estate
find out what it might really mean
if memories just can't wait
if all the miracles were just special effects
and what you saw was really what you got
it wouldn't mean a whit to me either way
it's the ghost inside that burns so hot
sweet mystery called it sweet mystery
why are we here and why do we persist
am I allowed to enjoy a good life
or must all life be to resist
I can say that's easy for you to say
she can say that's easy for me
I guess I wouldn't call it hard
still it ain't nothing
and you get mixed up so easily
I couldn't write it a sonnet or more terza rima
doesn't really turn my crank or fit my schema
the data we have seen suggests it's true
better to apologize than ask may you


Wednesday, December 07, 2016

2.1679 : 12/07/09 : Fades

So clear now but the moment fades
as the usual stacks upon the conveyer
and you have to revert to run rob or run
the future's not so fun, eh, prognosticator?
Youth fades, beauty fades
choice and personality are probably bunk
we're probably just soft machines after all
Who probably won't make it, who are probably sunk
Light fades, at end of day
the night side gets its portion
Probably meet the same stranger again
Fixated to do his strange devotion
Had a little reprise of some old regrets
trying not to let it get me blue
Same old thing but there's always a new day
to fight to not let it fade between me and you


Tuesday, December 06, 2016

2.1678 : 12/06/09 : Production

Production isn't everything
production isn't wealth
production isn't calling
production won't protect your health
if there are a trillion stars
and trillion trillions just like us
all production every where
won't spare the heat death exodus


Monday, December 05, 2016

2.1677 : 12/05/09 : Rub

4,234 : 15 : ?

I could stick around
tell all about
but I think I gotta go
and rub one out
there's the rub and there's the rub
every truth sounds false
but I've got the lightest finger
on that taut vein's pulse


Sunday, December 04, 2016

2.1676 : 12/04/09 : Don't Panic

First came Oklahoma
we forget about it now
everything was different then too
stand up take a bow
truth keeps getting stranger
how can fiction keep up
ask those ones whose shadows
I'm not fit to sweep up
but hey I'm not quite
past it yet
So I guess I'll take a crack at it
Still to see what I can get


2.1675 : 12/03/09 : Bump

Shit is bumping all around
up in here tonight
and I think I could have you
if I wanted
but I am not that kind
as I imagine you know too well
so whatever else that little
dark play won't get fronted
wish that I could wave a wand
and get you a good bump
well it's been many years
but you can't deny I tried
Doubtful it would go better
though that isn't part of my refusal
If I said I never think of it
well there I would have lied


Friday, December 02, 2016

2.1674 : 12/02/09 : Their World

Their world where ten large bills
isn't worth the bother of looking
so bent and dumb and crazy
no one caught the
bottom of the books they're cooking
You say we've got no choice
we all have to live there
without a vote that counts
without a voice
no openings among the big chairs
revolution fails
politics fail
every grass roots movement is a bust
it gets back to their world again
predictably as we get back to dust
no memory, none are saved
messiahs don't work
science won't save us
their world rises like some
dumb law of physics
come back ready to enslave us


Thursday, December 01, 2016

2.1673 : 12/01/09 : Square

This square looks familiar
call it one or zero
don't call me for help I'm
not anyone's hero
try to get a good roll
make a better start here
might get sent back again
enought to start the heart fear
safer to set on my square
pass another turn
daydream about the day
when my sky begins to burn
mark my little check off
write another tally
give me a couple thousand
more I swear I'll rally
Ugly as I left it
as I had to leave it there
and it's waiting for me outside
soon as I leave my square