Wednesday, April 22, 2015

2.1450 : 4/22/09 : Chat

Rip everything down into
five second chat
killing time like I’ve got it
tip the hat
How smoothly she slips out of
the conversation
that’s cool yeah I remember
that reiteration


2.1449 : 4/21/09 : Angry Bitch

This angry bitch I harbor in my breast
barks till it seems it’s apt to
burst my chest
these crummy little scraps of
doggerel verse
I have to wonder how
I earned this curse


Monday, April 20, 2015

2.1448 : 4/20/09 : Rip You Off

Just when you think 
they couldn’t rip you off harder
just when you thought you
were working it smarter
just when you think
you figured it out
they’ll change the rules on you
without a doubt
balls anyway
they got you playing the game
and a pile of dung
by any other name
might grow a perfect rose
yes it might well
but by the time you climb to pluck it
you’ll have lost your sense of smell


Sunday, April 19, 2015

2.1447 : 4/19/09 : The Natural

Can this be the natural
outcome of blind circumstances
can this sick suboptimal
world be the sum of all our chances
feel like something’s out to get me
Well you say I’m paranoid
Haven’t you noticed every man or woman
that’s ever been has finally been destroyed
I do my best to reconcile this world with God
you chalk it all up to the natural world
I don’t see the difference as all that vast
despite all the venom that’s been hurled
Guess I could try for the lecture circuit
I bet I’d be a natural at that
but I’ve got some dim aspiration
to a higher calling so to you I tip my hat


2.1446 : 4/18/09 : Silver Fish

You better be ready to
be quick with your true wish
tonight you’re going to hook that silver fish
out of the stream that flows
in every neighborhood on earth
mostly live in pipes around these parts
think on that shame for what it’s worth
but in a dream my hooks are sharp
and silver plated steel
I drop it without bait or bobbin
play it just by feel
knowing I’ll feel a touch
and knowing what that touch will be
I’ll land my little silver fish and for its promise
gladly set it free


Friday, April 17, 2015

2.1445 : 4/17/09 : Circle

Got lost in the woods stupid kept walking
She got that look on her face
Stupid just kept talking
It’s hard to say because to me
these trees all look the same
but it sure looks to me like
we are back to just the place we came
from and the circle we
moronically described out there
is just the perfect metaphor
said stupid to a blank stare
oh stupid sees it now the way the days
have spilled out of his hand
while he tried to concoct a story 
of how it was all really planned
there is no resolution no
solution no because
So stupid plowed ahead again
so stupid is as stupid does


Thursday, April 16, 2015

2.1444 : 4/16/09 : Days

Dropping days like beats and I’m
sick of keeping track
Dropping words like cords of wood
I’m chopping tossing on the stack
Nothing I can eat and if I burn it
it won’t burn for long
meant not to but here again
I’m writing about the song
hell with it what if I just
don’t want to take my life out of the box
something should be left mine
to last when all the bullshit walks
So this gets the iteration
just the endless why why why
I sent it to the fire I swear
but somehow it just would not die


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

2.1443 : 4/15/09 : Hour and Hour

Bright and dark hour and hour
a stupid reason for a stupid habit
only the hollow clamor sickness growing strong
nothing waiting anywhere, no one there to grab it


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2.1442 : 4/14/09 : Chain

3,362 : 11 ?

If I don’t break this chain
I fear this train will run me over
while I’m bending down trying to
pluck myself a four leaf clover
but what the hell at this late date
have I tried all or nothing
This wreck I hate this
dumb state and always always rushing
I started building links before
my voice had changed
and when I hit the ivory tower
delivery had been arranged
and I made sure each job I took
gave me the time to forge a few
each day and now the chain
lies thick and knotted between me and you
And I can say any bold words
I don’t have faith in proclamations
And if you don’t know where to run
you can’t expect your destinations
It’s nice to be forthright and cheerful
good to stalwartly face pain
but how much does it matter
nothing seems to break the chain


2.1441 : 4/13/09 : Worse Than Expected

To find it’s not even as good as
but worse than expected
the idea of getting ahead
fully rejected and
my mind full of useless
graceless wants
and not a bit of anything
in all my old haunts
I want to be better
and not just to be so
but when I try to find what’s worth it
every door seems to say no
and my last idea
got thrown under this bus
hope I can fish it back out
but I am dubious


2.1440 : 4/12/09 : Faith

Getting my faith tested by
the faithful but dense
my arrogance, my woeful
charity is immense
I’m guilty of a heart of violence
guilty of greed
and it’s a soft and cloudy faith
that lives in me indeed


2.1439 : 4/11/09 : Fully Defeated

Feeling fully defeated
by the prevailing spirit
and the weak ass rhymes
that this weak flesh doth inherit
did you hear my little talk
the fine tremor in my voice
that made you miss my slyly slipping in
the abolition of choice
and if it isn’t just a story
what the hell would you call it
and excuse me if I listen
with my hand upon my wallet
The thing about us defeated
we’re not afraid of losing
so it’s some other cup of sorrow
that I’m pointlessly refusing


2.1438 : 4/10/09 : Evil

Did you like my little
talk about how
evil persists
did I trap a little
weak sunshine from
in the midst of the mists
here’s the secret
that’s no secret
I am hardly satisfied
I ran out of fingers
long ago to
Count how many lied
I think I know
what evil is but
mix it up on sight
just to find I’m getting
shown a fancy city
from a great height


2.1437 : 4/9/09 : Disband

Disband the truth brigade
the market’s collapsed
for propaganda
dissolve the Ministry
authority’s headed
the way of the panda
and the handlers haven’t
got a pot left
to piss in
but lie back and relax
when I start to
slip this in
Your motivation’s
being disbanded
as well mate
and didn’t you always
wax rhapsodic
over the clean slate
I wouldn’t presume to
even guess at
their demands
but I guess we’ll all be
bent over that barrel
when it disbands


2.1436 : 4/8/09 : Monster

observe the monster in its
Sure you’ve got to wonder how it
got like that
So grave and growling like
an old mill stone
You got to wonder how it got
so alone
Don’t think the monster won’t
Chase you down
Don’t think it won’t leave the forest, take a
trip to town
Don’t think that the monster won’t
Show up at your door
Don’t think it’s the postman ringing
at your door