Saturday, March 17, 2018

2.2144 : 03/17/11 : Bitter

I've got a full measure
of bitter
that it's better
that I don't unload
afraid I'll mess things up again
go back on up that
same old road
just place the hot glass
on the flesh
and draw the poison out
So I can take a nice long look
learn just what bitter's all about


Friday, March 16, 2018

2.2143 : 03/16/11 : If Not This

I've gotta be satisfied with nothing if not this
freely admitting it's a piece of piss
But the day is and here I am
After the example of a low ham
if not this then what?
The question leaves me just sputtering:
"But, but,"
And that's no answer so I best prepare
because they're asking tough questions
over there
But I will let it slide
to its own level
I spent too much time
searching for the perfect bevel
and if it seems academic
the problem is noted:
regret it's endemic


Thursday, March 15, 2018

2.2142 : 03/15/11 : Old Story

Trying to tell an old story
in a thousand different ways
and still so many times to go
and still no idea of what pays
wanting to not tell a lie
wanting not to bore
still not even the faintest
of what might yet lay in store
beats and subways, pyramids
pretty to think it could be true
knowing I can not
tell your story for you
reach out for the passing peace
hope for only that
and keep your finger at your lips
if by chance you should smell a rat


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

2.2141 : 03/14/11 : Got Nothing

In the state of got nothing
the been here before
the don't let your ass
get a smack from the door
want to try so hard
but the meter's on E
hello again hello again
it's only me


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

2.2140 : 03/13/11 : Mean Grind

Oh but to get the ring
comes with a mean grind
whoever you may be
I guarantee you'll mind
when you get in the thick
and see how far you've got to go
a punishment for past life choices
some old penman told me so
and scarcely do I take a peak
no sooner than I've cracked the seal
it's plain enough to see
that this mean grind is real
some claim to like it
calling it job security
I'm no great adventurer
but that just doesn't work for me
I want the prize
and the grind's just an impediment
I want a true gold vein
but here I am
just sifting sediment


Monday, March 12, 2018

2.2139 : 03/12/11 : Magic Ring

Grasped in you hand
you've found the magic ring
cue the eerie music swell
now the spectral chorus sing
subtle as things start to change
all around
perhaps within
the story you ever hoped past hope
would befall you may now begin
the stalwart friends
the fearsome foes
the dark of the new moon
the ring glows
sought by all
to you alone shall
the epic fall
oh magic ring oh magic ring
upon my finger see it blaze
now that's the kind of tale I'd tell
forgetting all these grey lost days


Sunday, March 11, 2018

2.2138 : 03/11/11 : Luckless

I should have stayed poised
on my tip toes
on the tipsy edge
I chose to take another
luckless leap
into the prickly hedge
the outcome was predictiable
a heap of unrestricted bull
me left scratched up
on the far side
I took myself for such a ride