Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2.1636 : 10/25/09 : All Perfume

What if I said yes to everything
yes and to you yes and yes to you too
unimaginable impossible some fool’s dream
It can never work yes all would turn from you
yes it is easy enough yes to imagine
your soft yes world would be all perfume
lI can barely navigate yes the world of no
if I said yes to everything howe could I presume
discernment is yes necessary yes
none can have it all can they
So I yes beg for a firmer no
pray to God to keep the beast at bay
but my mind’s yes eye yes just
doesn’t want to cooperate
and I see things yes I’d rather not
what is the point of a grasping state
of trying to hold on when nothing will do
want it all want it all you you you and you
I yes say yes no yes and yes
go yes on yes to my yes diminished day
there’s yes no way yes I can yes resolve
and that’s yes yes yes yes all I have to say


Monday, October 24, 2016

2.1635 : 10/24/09 : The Punches Roll You

4,192 : 7 ?

Sometimes the next thing you know
it all comes so fast
the next thing you know
your whole life is rolling past
You try to roll with it all
but you know it’s true
sometimes you roll with the punches
Sometimes the punches roll you
It doesn’t seem like you can get
a single minute of peace
it would be one thing if you were
chasing the golden fleece
But we’re just chasing the buck
and trying to hold on
and once you get rolling
next thing you know it’s gone
You try to roll with it all
but you know it’s true
Sometimes you roll with the punches
Sometimes the punches roll you


Sunday, October 23, 2016

2.1634 : 10/23/09 : Only Game

I’m not proud so I play the
only game the only game in town
I will not disdain to play the only game
if that’s what claims renown
Play it badly play it well
with so much confusion who can tell
Still the game goes on and on and on
So hey today - ha! Yet another song
one day it may get old I may get exasperated
I hope to hell that purgatory is pro-rated
cause I’ve done a little time on this ball
and I don’t think I deserve a full sentence
at all
And that’s got nothing to do with why I stick around
no fears of dreams to come keep my feet on the ground
I play the game cause it’s there and I’m ready
better not blink my hands are so steady
another mile another fine rotation
broadcasting the signal from my secret station
that’s easy to find for anyone at all
if I keep playing the game
maybe someday the curtain will fall


Saturday, October 22, 2016

2.1633 : 10/22/09 : Stupid Game

Sure as hell I got to get out
of that stupid game
big talkers and I’m far too old
to play it the same
You can call it sour grapes
or say I took my ball home
like that but I won’t
push that one through your dome
but should I blame you for being
young and arrogant
One day you’ll be old and wise like me
maybe give up the game maybe then you’ll see
the hard and polemic will never concur
there’s a place somewhere for those unsure
I’m in a minority I don’t claim to know
what the hell’s going on
or who runs the show


Friday, October 21, 2016

2.1632 : 10/21/09 : Head Game

What do you think of the
head game son
I been through it confused
why you find it fun
but you really
seem to though you need much help
so many questions
crazy little whelp
hell I’m tired
hell my teeth hurt
it beats meta-reference
but it won’t buy me a shirt
and neither will head games
or daydreams either
so I stumble along
badly in need of a breather


Thursday, October 20, 2016

2.1631 : 10/20/09 Statistics

The statistics say packing heat will kill you
but you won’t change a thing boy will you
the statistics say I’m wasting my time
blathering about it while my jungle bells chime
and I’m a statistical creature nothing but
on the same bell curve again what the what
I’ve got correlation but I don’t get cause
and much as I hate to let the answer
slip through my paws
I better bow to the statistics and give up
the bar is so high and I’m failing so bad
to live up


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

2.1630 : 10/19/09 : Recreation

You know no one will write no one will call
no one will ask about the recreation
I’m getting used to it I hate to sound
like such a sorry shit
but truth be told this is my situation
I’m trying to build something new from scratch
and it’s a long haul and nobody is paying attention
at least as far as I can know
if they were you’d think they’d say something though
Occam’s razor has an explanation for zero mention
oh and will the recreation even matter
or will I just let it slide
I’ve done plenty of that yeah
and you know if it falls flat
there’ll be just another plain marker
where another idea died