Tuesday, March 31, 2015

2.1428 : 3/31/09 : Feature

Second feature
guess who’s the creature
of comfort of habits
of the black lagoon
of all the talent hacks
poet of zero day attacks
stupid breeds like rabbits
Up like Jesus oops, too soon?
if you are making out
you won’t stay through to the end
You won't stay through to the end
you know that they’re all
gonna stop and do it again


Monday, March 30, 2015

2.1427 : 3/30/09 : Double Header

Double header pulled
right out of my dumb shredder
it’s a real couple of gems
do observe my creme de cremes
Pointless, failing inspiration
it need not impede creation
need it even less than fun
say so what who cares it’s done
won’t I be proud
to see it when
I get around
these ways again
and recreate my double header
and try like hell to figure out
if I got any better


Sunday, March 29, 2015

2.1426 : 3/29/09 : Master Plan

My mission to hard recreate
to make myself ten times the man
my mission throat feet hear and hands
my odyssey my master plan
If you could see inside my head
you might be horrified and proud
So stark so low so deep so sick
So weak so powerful and loud
I’m chipping at my master plan
hoping for a roaring habit
hoping soon to spot the brass ring
hoping soon to grab it


2.1425 : 3/28/09 : Central Office

There must have been some sort of mishap
at the Central Office
You may believe I made the best of it
despite what say the scoffers
I admit I’ve wasted time
there’s choices I’ll repent in leisure
but my errors are to Central’s screw ups
as a sneeze is to a seizure
I use to rant and rail
I used to stand in lines
I used to hit the stacks
and run my finger over all the spines
but I am not ashamed to own
to that Central Office broke me
So now I keep it to myself
and keep my small sad story low key


Friday, March 27, 2015

2.1424 : 3/27/09 : Principle

The principle sounds nice
but I’m not sure I’m up for it
nothing could be much worse
than to fester in your pit
of everything composed of
thinking thoughts of thinking
if you hacked the lid off of the cave
and found me down there blinking
if you’ve got a thing for saving sheep
I’m happy to oblige you
it couldn’t help but beat
sitting here waiting for the other shoe
they say it’s fucked beyond repair
and far too late to change the course
I say hooray and settle back
to spectate at the great divorce


Thursday, March 26, 2015

2.1423 : 3/26/09 : Tired Too

I’m tired too
I hate to do
this once again
but I have got to
pull the pin
and hope the blow
is not too critical
the future
like always
is inimical


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

2.1422 : 3/25/09 : Failed

Failed and gave up
and giving up he knew
would be failure
not something to get through
but just a condition
and as a shining example
this scrap of foolscap
a flawless sample


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

2.1421 : 3/24/09 : Gliders

Your great gliders up in the sky
powered by pure thought
I’m stuck bare foot on the beach here
guess I should have brought
a better game up to the table
guess I should have started sooner
guess I thought I’d be a writer
scientist or crooner
I cannot break loose my head
from this dumb loop of what am I
and how I’d love to tell the bastards
in control to eat shit and die
charming and quite useful sure
a waste of ink by a waste of skin
and when it comes to that kind of smack
know it’s time to pack it in


2.1420 : 3/23/09 : Midnight Strikes

Midnight strikes
no plan means no action
no goal means
no satisfaction
Maybe next...
I can’t even say it
maybe the piper’s at the gate
maybe it’s time to pay it


2.1419 : 3/22/09 : Fuzz

Put a transistor on the signal
trying to dial up the sustain
forget to damp down the distortion
it’s all come down to fuzz again
crunch the tone by germanium
nerds of rock and roll
tangling with the electron stream
spinning up the barber’s pole
the axe I bought to grind is missing
Gone AWOL long with most
like the band’s been gone forever
pretty much the whole thing’s toast