Monday, January 26, 2015

2.1364 : 1/26/09 : Legend

3,555 : 20 ?

If I really meant it
I’d turn off the TV
throw the cat off the couch
abandon my family
Go out on the road
night without end
If I really meant
to be a legend
Even if I believed
I wouldn’t give up a thing
there isn’t anywhere
that I can’t sing
I don’t need to be crazy
I don’t need to be known
I don’t need to know the disposition
of a single seed I’ve sown
they say legend in his own mind
what’s wrong with that
soon enough all lie alike
wear poor Yorick’s hat
the devil cannot tempt me
to that cross in the road
and I’m not afraid at all
to watch this dream explode


Sunday, January 25, 2015

2.1363 : 1/25/09 : Razor

Almost as bad as ever
I said so many times
never again,
my love,
never again my love
and who am I fooling
oh what am I doing
I could stop stop stop
right there
I’ve got no explanation
beyond this demonstration
let me hone this razor on the strop
because I care
and we can divide
except what really matters
and if I seem to be holding
You too tightly in these arms
I’m just afraid of
what happens if it shatters


nobody said it would be easy

So concludes a song a day volume 2.8: Record (II). And since I'm running behind on the posting we'll just proceed immediately to volume 2.9: Unabridged.


2.1362 : 1/24/09 : Suffering

If this is what it takes
I guess that I am
like it or not the job is done
nobody said it would be easy
or enriching
or enlightening
or fast or sweet or fun
and in the scope of human
I pack a sorry little travail
I guess I haven’t got a prayer
the race won’t
devastate me
but oh well
I am still on your trail 


2.1361 : 1/23/09 : No Dice

I had a notion to do
something different
but oh sorry baby
no dice
sad enough it appears
I can get in up to my ears
even without heartache
even without vice
And if the pearl of great price
doesn’t seem to be
on the market
and if in addition I’m poor
well I have to ask sir
with just a little bitter
in my voice
just what the hell
all that run around
was for


Thursday, January 22, 2015

2.1360 : 1/22/09 : Dumb

Like a dumb man
like the dumb man I am
waste what I don’t have
get stuck in a jam
but I know the way out
hold your nose and dive
so sorry shit ain’t butter
but you’ll be alive


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2.1359 : 1/21/09 : No Bridge

I can’t escape
across the river
because there is no bridge
worst scenario is me
run down by hounds
along the ridge
I think I’ll slip the noose
just one more time
expect me on your doorstep
set to deliver the prime


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2.1358 : 1/20/09 : Hot Iron Ball

Is everybody carrying
this hot iron ball
the human condition
but is that all?
I’ll run a long time
with it stuck in my throat
trying to ignore you sitting
next to me in this boat


Monday, January 19, 2015

2.1357 : 1/19/09 : Loose Change

3,548 : 13 ?

I’d rather sort through the
loose change than try to
hump that mountaintop again
whatever you saw up there
wasn’t there for me
and I am tired
I’d rather sift through
year-old paperwork
with porn on the tube
what a jerk
than try to reach some conclusion
than try to get inspired
and what I’d
really rather do
I think I’ll keep a
secret from you
keep it all business
I’ll be so obscure
in a year or two I’m sure
Even I’ll have forgotten
what I hid in code
and I’m looking forward
to losing that load


Sunday, January 18, 2015

2.1356 : 1/18/09 : Heart Strings

And so on
and so forth
I make up
I go forth
I don’t think
I want to sing
that angry song
I was thinking
somebody’s pulling
on the strings on my heart
calling me out
for prior art
but I never claimed
to be original
just persistent
occasionally hopeful