Saturday, July 21, 2018

2.2270 : 07/21/11 : No Walls

No lines no planes no walls
where will I be when the no thing calls
will it be tomorrow
well I sure hope so
and where it leads
I guess I'll go
I'd like to make that mark
put a pin in it
so tired of talking
about the deficit
tired as hell how
I am done and done
You know I wish I
could say it was fun
maybe it was
I just need to toughen up
I'm trying to learn
but man I'm no young pup


Friday, July 20, 2018

2.2269 : 07/20/11 : Bright Line

In the depths again
searching for the bright line
that I thought I saw
three or maybe five times
And oh my God
it seems a long time
not even a memory
more like a dream
of something that I
thought could be
I tell myself I
make it turn to this
maybe a feeling
that I can't resist
but it's this dark line
that I can't resist
try again to
make a moment mine
close my eyes
reach out for the bright line


Thursday, July 19, 2018

2.2268 : 07/19/11 : Nowheretown

I'd like to stop thinking
about Nowheretown
where everyone's a smarty
where everybody's down
no war or weapons
who needs that bad noise
and everyone participates
and nobody destroys
we will watch the deserts
spread and watch the oceans rise
we will watch and no spark
will illuminate our empty eyes
we'll say it's not happening
until we must say it's too late
and I'll just keep daydreaming
about my perfect state


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

2.2267 : 07/18/11 : Presence of Mind

Can your machines detect
the presence of mind?
I really feel like I am
falling behind
did I think too much
or far too little
should I have dwelt on
some great unsolved riddle
No great discovery
is in my cards
I sift through all my
half formed bolts and shards
looking for my mind's presence
in thought word and deed
but today I didn't find
what I guess I need


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

2.2266 : 07/17/11 : Icosahedron

I'm in an
Icosahedron of doors
in zero gravity
So many choices
don't you feel
Glad for me
It's just one thing
I've been through
every one before
I don't give a damn
I want a new door
new new door


Monday, July 16, 2018

2.2265 : 07/16/11 : Problems

Forced to face with
bigger problems than mine
forced perspective
I politely decline
but You don't care
I must see what I see
It's depressing what you show to me
We all have problems
some big and some small
the time is short always
the orders are tall
I should learn from it
if I don't shame on me
just don't make me an example
please oh great referee


Sunday, July 15, 2018

2.2264 : 07/15/11 : Fabulous

Oh to be vicious shallow and mean
so fabulous an acquisition machine
against my nature just so nice and clean
except for the mean streak, except for the spleen
oh to be a winner, a crusher of souls
I know where I always land in these roles
You take the gold I'll take the holes
I only want a little bit of control
Don't even have the wit to carry this through
and every little fantasy I accrue
stay on the back of the train and enjoy the view
And you all just go stay fabulous you