Friday, December 09, 2016

2.1681 : 12/09/09 : Fragment

moments are touched
by laughter the only
redeeming feature
of these empty escapades
If you don't have anything
better than this to offer
go home and close the shades
turn the lights out
unplug your phone
pretend you're up in there
And I give you this
clumsy fragment
like it was a sacred stone
and vow it will get better
swear by the sun as
ths sun is to this
waning moon


Thursday, December 08, 2016

2.1680 : 12/08/09 : Strange Estate

Maybe a snow day tomorrow
take advantage of my strange estate
find out what it might really mean
if memories just can't wait
if all the miracles were just special effects
and what you saw was really what you got
it wouldn't mean a whit to me either way
it's the ghost inside that burns so hot
sweet mystery called it sweet mystery
why are we here and why do we persist
am I allowed to enjoy a good life
or must all life be to resist
I can say that's easy for you to say
she can say that's easy for me
I guess I wouldn't call it hard
still it ain't nothing
and you get mixed up so easily
I couldn't write it a sonnet or more terza rima
doesn't really turn my crank or fit my schema
the data we have seen suggests it's true
better to apologize than ask may you


Wednesday, December 07, 2016

2.1679 : 12/07/09 : Fades

So clear now but the moment fades
as the usual stacks upon the conveyer
and you have to revert to run rob or run
the future's not so fun, eh, prognosticator?
Youth fades, beauty fades
choice and personality are probably bunk
we're probably just soft machines after all
Who probably won't make it, who are probably sunk
Light fades, at end of day
the night side gets its portion
Probably meet the same stranger again
Fixated to do his strange devotion
Had a little reprise of some old regrets
trying not to let it get me blue
Same old thing but there's always a new day
to fight to not let it fade between me and you


Tuesday, December 06, 2016

2.1678 : 12/06/09 : Production

Production isn't everything
production isn't wealth
production isn't calling
production won't protect your health
if there are a trillion stars
and trillion trillions just like us
all production every where
won't spare the heat death exodus


Monday, December 05, 2016

2.1677 : 12/05/09 : Rub

4,234 : 15 : ?

I could stick around
tell all about
but I think I gotta go
and rub one out
there's the rub and there's the rub
every truth sounds false
but I've got the lightest finger
on that taut vein's pulse


Sunday, December 04, 2016

2.1676 : 12/04/09 : Don't Panic

First came Oklahoma
we forget about it now
everything was different then too
stand up take a bow
truth keeps getting stranger
how can fiction keep up
ask those ones whose shadows
I'm not fit to sweep up
but hey I'm not quite
past it yet
So I guess I'll take a crack at it
Still to see what I can get


2.1675 : 12/03/09 : Bump

Shit is bumping all around
up in here tonight
and I think I could have you
if I wanted
but I am not that kind
as I imagine you know too well
so whatever else that little
dark play won't get fronted
wish that I could wave a wand
and get you a good bump
well it's been many years
but you can't deny I tried
Doubtful it would go better
though that isn't part of my refusal
If I said I never think of it
well there I would have lied


Friday, December 02, 2016

2.1674 : 12/02/09 : Their World

Their world where ten large bills
isn't worth the bother of looking
so bent and dumb and crazy
no one caught the
bottom of the books they're cooking
You say we've got no choice
we all have to live there
without a vote that counts
without a voice
no openings among the big chairs
revolution fails
politics fail
every grass roots movement is a bust
it gets back to their world again
predictably as we get back to dust
no memory, none are saved
messiahs don't work
science won't save us
their world rises like some
dumb law of physics
come back ready to enslave us