Monday, January 15, 2018

2.2083 : 01/15/10 : How Many Days

How many days
no idea now
since I went crazy
the exact same way
and calling it different
hasn't got me convinced
but what else have I got
aside from so many words, minced
how many days
till it really feels like
I've made new territory
on this busted bike
if fate tempts me out
probably fail tonight
promising all the way
when I'm not begging for more light


Sunday, January 14, 2018

2.2082 : 01/14/10 : Killer

The killer application
for the celestial box
dying the slow expiration
of the thousand shocks
lack of sincere investment
rejection by the youth
arrayed in stolen vestments
and acquitted so uncouth


Saturday, January 13, 2018

2.2081 : 01/13/10 : Last Next

And what if I declared this
my last next life
the real one the absolute
come what turmoil or strife
more than just an abstract
a decision that carries
the weight of ten thousand days
as a man joyfully marries
tomorrow come what will
I will remember one thing:
to strive to stand to seek after
to speak to write to sing


Friday, January 12, 2018

2.2080 : 01/12/10 : Lucky

Teach me to know I am so lucky
teach me to appreciate
it's a sin yes it's it's a crime
for me to be in such a state
Recollect for met the path is easy
that my burden is light
that there's nothing you require
for me to carry all through the night
I know it's hard that I resist
cursing not having the cake I ate
I ask again to know I'm lucky
I ask again to be taught to appreciate


Thursday, January 11, 2018

2.2079 : 01/11/11 : Maze

For all the wandering around
to end up just the same
I know that I'm avoiding
everything I know it's lame
and so you dump out always
at the same place the same scene
and react the same way
as the words scroll up the screen
and what will draw the sting out
end this poisonous assault
and through it seems I'm dodging
deep down think it's all my fault
and if it is so what
it still makes dumb dull stories to hear
and I got to get up out of here
before things in this maze become what they appear


2.2078 : 01/10/11 : Hell

There is no hell
only more of the same
and I guess that's bad enough
by another name
there is a heaven
but it might not be what you think
and down here it doesn't matter
when what you love goes down the sink
bad explanations
questionable theology
pardon me my untoward
stumbles into epistomology
I know how cheap some would think it
toss the bad cling to the good
I can't explain it very well
even though I know I should


Tuesday, January 09, 2018

2.2077 : 01/09/11 : The Solipsist

Come on all you faithful and gather round
for this story that's been firmly screwed in the ground
or a couple thousand days in case you missed
the pitiful spectacle of the solipsist
the thrill ridden times of that brave little shit
who couldn't get good enough but would just not quit
should it sound familiar well for fuck's sake
because we've strung it out about as long as I could take
and I suddenly discover it's not funny anymore
when every door looks like a dead end, every dead drop like a door
the solipsist if you'll excuse is feeling slightly ill
I know he promised you more of he same but really, still
if only and if only we could break outside
jump a freight like old times and take a ride
but the world these days reminds me of a closed tight fist
and there's nothing new under the sun for the solipsist


2.2076 : 01/08/11 : Annoyance

This annoyance
will fade
and come back
in spades
what of it
the other
is no great
shakes brother


Sunday, January 07, 2018

2.2075 : 01/07/11 : Crisis

I suppose that is the crisis
Undramatic, boringly familiar
in the same form at the same time
You know all the moves so well and still you're
fighting to stay crazy
run the cycle one more time
like some old song about gambling
same meter and same rhyme
didn't have the strength to muster
an escape from development hell
so it came out in the crisis
looking half baked but oh well