Friday, October 31, 2014

2.1277 : 10/31/08 : Coda to a Decade

Can’t figure out if it’s been
nine years or ten
looks like I’m going to have to
call it rounding error again
coda to a decade
one more stumbling halt
but I need a fast run-up
to this damn pole vault


Thursday, October 30, 2014

2.1276 : 10/30/08 : Age of Fire and Wine

And so began the age
of fire and wine
history got rewritten again
no surprises
about who came out fine
I’ve got to write
one period
to put a cap on it
this twenty pound rocket
with a strap on it


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

2.1275 : 10/29/08 : And Now the Clown

We’ve done the big night
eighty times
the variations
the various crimes
act like a grown up
middle aged
buried down deep
some dim impulse raged
how could I claim
any changes
the regressive twist
and how it estranges
me from my present
all my treasure
maybe next time
better measure


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2.1274 : 10/28/08 : Campaign for Change

Dial another
no such number
doing some teensy part
try not to think about
my own backsliding
my neglected
so called art
Maybe it will
count for something
at least I don’t want
let it all be to
the campaign for change


Monday, October 27, 2014

2.1273 : 10/27/08 : I Am an Idiot

3,464 : 24 ?

You are an idiot
enjoy being an idiot
You are an idiot
so enjoy being an idiot
Nothing much you can do
about it
Just the way the cards got dealt
I know because
I am an idiot
I just try
to enjoy being an idiot


2.1272 : 10/26/08 : Winter

It’s going to be a long hard
season in the ice
it’s part of living here
it’s not the part that’s nice
I’ve been waiting for the season change
despite the frigid slog
for changes a long time coming
new tricks for this old dog
thirty second or thirty third
who can keep track of it
I don’t remember my Western days
soon I’ll long to see the back of it
it will outstay its welcome
like other changes soon to come
but I’ll try to embrace it all
just follow through
complete the sum


2.1271 : 10/25/08 : Hells

This crooked shoulder
an ache to my soles
What is this affliction
that afflicts my poles
how can anything be
about anything else
how can I get past
these multiplex hells
here’s the fire
there’s the spark
here’s every single animal
but where’s the ark
I can’t understand
why I keep hearing bells
it must be the matins
in so many hells


Friday, October 24, 2014

2.1270 : 10/24/08 : Another Song

The alarm clock tells me
you gotta write another song
has gone on long enough
at least tonight
So hell I'll call this mess
another song
and I guess that's it
I guess


Thursday, October 23, 2014

What's a tower of reproach?

This is intended to be a brief and friendly explanation of what's going on here. There is an older, more technical description of these lyric projects here, that you can probably do without if you're merely browsing through.

What are Songs of Days? I write a stand-alone lyric, usually something in rhyming verse, for every day - 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  I first did this for 1,001 days, ending the series just after the turn of the century. A few years later I commenced again, with the intent to write 10,000 consecutive songs. I'm still writing those songs.

I've been putting these songs here since 2006; the current posting runs 6 years behind the writing (for no specific reason other than it was where things panned out as I settled into a habit of daily posts).

If you're new to this and want to see a little more, there is an archive of some of my personal favorites among the songs. Over to your right there is a sidebar with the usual sorts of options, including (if you scroll down) a system of what Google calls "labels" and everyone else calls "tags" that is at once absurdly extensive and tragically incomplete.  There is a tumblr that parallels my efforts to complete the (massive) tagging backlog, but my attention to this is pretty scattershot so far: you can follow me on Google Plus and Twitter as well.  I have a little bit of recording, mostly of these songs, at Bandcamp, and I'm working on a new set of recordings - there's a brief word or two about supporting that effort here. Welcome, and I hope you come around again.

2.1269 : 10/23/08 : The Rest Cure

Hello middle age
another page
and here’s how I
fantasize now
about the rest cure
just inaction
something pure
work all these kinks out
pump some ink out
I could be
really certain
of my path forward sure
if I could just get
get a few
winter months
of the rest cure