Thursday, July 31, 2014

2.1185 : 7/31/08 : Suboptimal

Nothing will not make it seem
like action just for action’s sake
I know too well this occult town
this queer street crowd, forget it Jake
another stretch suboptimal
the routine screwed up, lost in tubes
Another daydream of the long con
pulling fast ones on all the rubes
nothing will not make this seem
like just another motion’s twitch
clich├ęs choking up my throat
what can I say, hey, life’s a bitch


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

2.1184 : 7/30/08 : The Magnificent

The magnificent
seductive thought
the whole lotta nothing
to the table I brought
instead to be relevant,
heaven sent
and they will call me the
If I was a real giant
of my times
I’d stand you on my shoulders
amid bells and chimes
lean on the magnificent
don’t be shy
I don’t quite still believe
I’ll get there by and by


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

2.1183 : 7/29/08 : System

I want a system
I want I want so bad to beat the house
no more scurrying inside the walls
scrounging crumbs just like a little mouse
I’ve behaved like such a little fish
snapping every baited hook
all unconscious swimming with the school
oh those bastards read me like a book
I’m nobody’s genius
one in a thousand ain’t good enough
maybe I don’t have a system in me
maybe I’ll never have the right stuff
I know that it’s not Christian
wanting to pile up some stacks of cash
wanting power and influence
storing up the rot and trash
but then again it’s said pay Caesar
I’m into that asshole for quite a chunk
and there’s no sitting still in this race
if I don’t want to get buried in bunk


Monday, July 28, 2014

2.1182 : 7/28/08 : Switch

3,373 : 18 ?

I’d like to shut my own damn
brain off like a switch
why keep on thinking thinking
never scratch that itch
God society and energy
space mind and death
blow it all away like dust
blow it with a breath


2.1181 : 7/27/08 : A Boring Piece of Paper

just a boring piece of paper
sure as hell not a ticket out of here
I am the paper man the paper boy
I’ll file that sucker have no fear


Saturday, July 26, 2014

2.1180 : 7/26/08 : Maybe Not a Maze

Maybe it’s not a maze anymore
maybe all the walls sunk into the floor
maybe I traded a window for a door
And finally figured out what this bone is for
if I had a revelation in verse
sometimes a better one sometimes worse
if I could break the god king’s curse
and roll out of Hades in a platinum hearse
Out of the mouths of little kids
the been there’s past that’s do’s and did's
Can’t do nothing but set my bids
And wait and hope the amazers flip our lids


Friday, July 25, 2014

2.1179 : 7/25/08 : Last Minute

Everything put off to the last minute
this business is not fun or exciting
it’s just a slog of paperwork innit
And putting it all off again’s inviting
So I guess I can relate to you dumb slumps
who let it get way up on top of you
I’ll climb over your backs while you puff your humps
And from the top of that pile what a view
I’ve got no back story or origin
I guess I’m saying I’m really no hero
And through this paper forest that I forage in
God what I’d give to just get back to zero


Thursday, July 24, 2014

2.1178 : 7/24/08 : Dead Letters

One letter after another
the paperless society the piles
just get higher
and as easy as it is to
make things disappear
I miss sending the dead letters
into the fire
still chasing the false sense
of accomplishment
clearing the in box out
checking the little boxes on
the great big list
was that really what it all
was supposed to be about
get me a shovel these
stables are stinking
get me a river to divert
wow how I’d love to
wash it all out
if only briefly conquer
all the muck and dirt