Friday, November 21, 2014

2.1298 : 11/21/08 : Music In My Head

As soon as I focus
the music in my head stops
a thousand thoughts crowd in
the volume sharply drops
What an illusion
What a tale of years
hear it in my head
but cannot ever
bring it to your ears
Somebody else did it
better years ago
Someone did it weirder
a bridge beyond what
I could ever know
but it’s done complete
the page is truly turned
and before the hour is cold
I’ll see that
last bridge burned


Thursday, November 20, 2014

2.1297 : 11/20/08 : Refuse

Refuse to give in
to the impulse
to pull the pin
self destruct is
not an option
what instructs this
All feels redone
all feels rehashed
something flickered
for a minute
then spun out
and crashed


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2.1296 : 11/19/08 : Just Like That

And just like that
I’m on the cusp
one two three
one step ahead of the rust
doesn’t quite work
but who can stop me
keep it all
short and sweet
let failure hone
and strop me


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

2.1295 : 11/18/08 : Long to Go Still

Long to go still
bitter harvest
bitter pill
made of clich├ęs
and failed imagination
tomorrow to wake
in the same degraded station
So many tricks
learned over years
sew the eyes shut
Stop the ears
but the sound of it
penetrates every barrier
hope the next time
it comes knocking
I’ll be a little warier


Monday, November 17, 2014

2.1294 : 11/17/08 : Closing the Gap

3,485 : 14 ?

Not much you can control
the gap that keeps
yawning open takes its toll
Close it up again
Slam it shut again
I know I’ll let it
lapse my friend
Closing the gap
has just become a chore
and I’d talk more about it
but I don’t want to be a bore
it’s silent past midnight
I just want to be done
what I agonized in leisure
sort of wish I hadn’t begun
like a rent you might pay
like tribute
at least it’s not paying out
to some grim suit
man I’ve got to get past
all this crap
but for now I’ll just keep
shoveling it
all into the gap


2.1293 : 11/16/08 : Steam and Out

Out of steam and
Out of images
out of excuses
but never out of pages
want change so bad
I can taste it
If I won the magic spin
would I waste it
Out of sight and
Out of mind
is it such a tiny prayer
just to become more kind
the foul taste on my tongue
suggests I’ve
screwed up another one
but it’s all done and done
soon to be written off
I’ve had my fun


Saturday, November 15, 2014

2.1292 : 11/15/08 : Wide Load

Cops in front and cops behind
the magic light flashed
in my mind
something swaddled
rolling up the road
was it a weapon or a crime
I’ll never know
just like the last time
what was concealed
in the wide load
I try to attach some
I try to reach for some
redeeming magnificence
but I know it’s all a waste
I’ll get a moment
a little taste
but the mystery will
roll away
and tomorrow will be
just another day


Friday, November 14, 2014

2.1291 : 11/14/08 : Crisis

I told a friend in a
rambling missive
the crisis had flared up again
and so feeling permissive
I went through all the paces
in the old familiar places
a song smeared out
across a week or more
it’s what it has to be
but it leaves me
feeling poor


2.1290 : 11/13/08 : Late Night Crazies

I guess it’s all about the
late night crazies again
seems insane to talk about it
what it might end or begin
I couldn’t feel more ridiculous
but the method is meticulous
mark the door marked out
and just rush in