Monday, December 11, 2017

2.2048 : 12/11/10 : Worse

If you're not getting better but worse
it must be a curse on you
Do anything that you want to
It won't matter till you lift the spell
nothing matters anyway so just as well
trying to reclaim some better aspect
had it five years ago
or maybe I just can't tell what's good so
anyway so anyway anyway
it's enough to cal a spade a spade night the day
it's enough to call out a last verse
Submit to another day caught in curse


Sunday, December 10, 2017

2.2047 : 12/10/10 : Bad Sector

I've read this book before
been on this bad hook before
there's a bad sector on the medium somewhere
but the scans aren't finding it
they say familiarity breed contempt
and I'm long past thinking I'm exempt
and as things stand I don't mind
admitting yes I'm minding it
scan or no I know eventually
the damn thing's going to fail on me
spit up a hunk of work
I will not be able to recover
and I'll cook it up from scratch again
give me a hundred days I'll do the work of ten men
maybe lock it in this time
drag a golden data nugget out of the slime
I'm surely no fighter but
these days I haven't been much of a lover


2.2046 : 12/09/10 : Beating

My bearing and the beating
the fire and what it's feeding
someone else's problems
On the mighty box
my panting and my grimace
you couldn't call it a premise
feel crazy like something
and it's surely not a fox
put the past behind me
said before words always blind me
I guess it could be worse
these jackals on the screen
all mining life for drama
though mine now might seem a comma
and if I think about it much more
I'll get mean


Friday, December 08, 2017

2.2045 : 12/8/10 : Spare

Can only spare a line or two
the faster to return to you
A slim chance to hew to the track
and make amends for looking back


Thursday, December 07, 2017

2.2044 : 12/7/10 : Vampire High

Dreaming of dreaming
and it gives me a bad feeling
like a vampire in a high tower
about to be caught in a sun shower
I don't have the chops I don't know the tropes
I'm doomed to slump around down here with you dopes
cursing my cursing
cracked dry lips I'm pursing
try to whistle a tune jaunty
but the crowd demands the full monty
I dreamed of writing something but I woke with nothing in my head
and found I'd heard the wrong alarm and roused too early from my bed


Wednesday, December 06, 2017

2.2043 : 12/6/10 : Contrivance

If not another paean
to misstep, to regret
if not some forced contrivance
calculated not to let
a shred of truth to ghost past
this hard shut door
if not a holy relic
what on earth can it be for?


Tuesday, December 05, 2017

2.2042 : 12/5/10 : Smells Like Victory

He said it smells like victory
but I won't have a bit of it
the beast wants me to believe
but I am past all of that shit
remembering old flames
how sometimes I forget myself
I don't know what to do with that
but file it on the same old shelf
memory can take you back
but back is no place to be
remember how I touched you
I won't forget how you touched me
but those days just don't exist
anymore there's only here and now
Yeah me and old Colonel Kurtz
we'll do for your sacred cow
and I put all that behind
imagine my virtual J. P.
better be enough for you
it's going to be enough for me.


Monday, December 04, 2017

2.2041 : 12/4/10 : Interesting

Maybe I was more interesting
when I made stupider choices
couldn't there be some exchange
to hold onto those novel voices
and if it all stays dull dull
can I still do I still keep on
another useless riddle
another deep thought to sleep on
But I won't give up much
just to be interesting
and I guess I can keep on if I like
who knows what roads I'm testing
nobody's twisting anyone's arm
no one has a gun to his or her head
It doesn't quite keep me interested
but some strange itch gets fed