Tuesday, June 19, 2018

2.2238 : 06/19/11 : Review

There's no escaping the review
five years between me and that
particularly you
a daily dose
a lot of failure and doubt
sometimes a tough little shout
God willing I will see
this all again
hoping like crazy
I'll have nailed some of it
down by then
and maybe just maybe
stirred up a little tastier stew
on the boil years long
awaiting my review


Monday, June 18, 2018

2.2237 : 06/18/11 : A Fire

So how would I light a fire
if I would, if I could
So how would I inspire
I guess I really
know that I should
would it be so hard
to choose the simple and the sweet
I'm not so big I'm not so deep
I don't know how to complete
I guess I'd like to try
to light a fire to light a fire
to grind it low no longer
to electrify the wire


Sunday, June 17, 2018

2.2236 : 06/17/11 : Clean

Slate probably won't come clean
overwritten too much
this probably won't be the end of it
because it seems I lost my touch
Imagine a clean start
for everyone all sins erased
we'd probably screw it up in three days
because we cannot shake the taste
I can't work out the sum
it's lost in all the ghost marks
why am I even trying to
nothing I do strikes sparks
and yet I'll try again
find some ground to gain between
the saying and another dark night
try so hard to keep my hands clean


Saturday, June 16, 2018

2.2235 : 06/16/11 : Complain

All I want to do is
smoke and complain
How many damn years?
what a fucked up brain
how much more time
on the couch to fix it
waiting for the stroke,
the attack to mix it
I know I know I know
it's so tedious
such a such a whiner
so so needious
not like some murdered kid
in Syria
how dare I complain
in my numb deleria
Sorry sorry sorry
I'll get better soon
If I can't sing something nice
I'll whisper to the moon
You couldn't bring it to me
but I caught it in the water
and threw it 'cross the wooden floor
and dropped it dosed on blotter


Friday, June 15, 2018

2.2234 : 06/15/11 : Little Bow

I wished I had a banjo
and a banjo player
I wished I had a guitar
I could shred like Slayer
my guitar is in pieces
and my banjo's gone
and I've got no player
but myself to rely upon
yeah like it matters
I'm not playing nothing
I'm just a fantasist
daydreaming on the wing
I wished a lot of things
but what came true
another day another
little bow to you


Thursday, June 14, 2018

2.2233 : 06/14/11 : Fun While It Lasted

Was it fun while it lasted
did we all get blasted
was it a vacation
Or just one incarnation
of the labor I took up
when my plans got shook up
and scattered 'cross the table
Or was it all a fable
I won't write the same one
the one where I name one
with grand talk and bluster
doomed to be a Custer
I'll say it was fun, sure
and own that I'm unsure
at what parts will last
at what's almost past


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

2.2232 : 06/13/11 : Alternative Universe

Alternative universe
only works in the abstract
the minute it phased into focus
I wold be taking it back
Sometimes it feels like
I've always known it all
Sometimes I feel like
I'm waiting for the alternative universe to call