Friday, September 19, 2014

2.1235 : 9/19/08 Displaced In Time

I'm feeling all
displaced in time
too early or too late
I'm feeling up to half a rhyme
And if that's it then great


2.1234 : 9/18/08 : Multitasking

I’m watching the teevee set and
reading a book
once in a while I give that
demon in the corner a look
I’m not really following
this show anymore
but I’m trying to multitask
my way out that door
I’m also getting lit and
getting worried by the future
That seems connected to now
by a crooked suture
sometimes it all clicks like
Swiss watch works
But I think we can’t take
much more of these war-hawk turks
So I’m multitasking
peace love and understanding
and when I’ve got the time
I’m out gladhanding


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

2.1233 : 9/17/08 : Commitment

I guess I screwed up
the big commitment
Shoulda thought about it
another minute
sure I would have once again
just lost interest
nights like this I
just feel like it would
be best
I guess this routine
has gotten quite stale
not much is left that’s
beyond the pale
I guess I’ll pretend
that I’m still committed
only time will tell
how that fake out got


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

2.1232 : 9/16/08 : Dilly

What’s the dilly
this thing’s getting chilly
and I’m too hot
to believe it or not
There’s nothing up here
possibility or fear
the stops are gonna all come back
jump the stack
Don’t want to be feared
or payed attention
or similar fates
too dull to mention
I just want to
do my work in peace
Hope somewhere inside
I’ll find it, sweet release


2.1231 : 9/15/08 : Registry

There’s some malfunction
in the registry
the mode of attribution
brainless industry
creates without a notion
if its gambits pay
gives a little here, and there
Explain another day away


2.1230 : 9/14/08 : Lost

Sure I could get lost
all over again
but I think this time I
might just snap the thread
that keeps me
raking over old ground
So write this bitch down
with a pen
whatever my real crime I
take arms and stop theories dead
whatever’s not lost
is someday found


Saturday, September 13, 2014

2.1229 : 9/13/08 : Render

Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s
So I’m so sorry
but I cannot stay
For there are miles
and miles and miles
and I’ve dug well
into this day


Friday, September 12, 2014

2.1228 : 9/12/08 : Peace and Love

All I want to stand for is peace and love
I don’t see the need for your complications
And my baby and me fit just like a glove
I can’t believe the way this nation’s
lost the feeling in its heart
seems to want to talk with fists and boot
and after such an exquisite start
I’d try to argue but the point is moot
here’s one thing they can’t take away
All the love that is inside
here’s a thing I don’t have to say
here I am and here peace will abide
I’m standing here I’m not yet moved
only time tells only time tells
go ahead and tell me what you think it proved
or just listen ‘cause here comes the bells


Thursday, September 11, 2014

2.1227 : 9/11/08 : Conversation in God’s Office

Standing at his
executive desk
God looked at the
paper and said
Christ, I should
probably get
a publicist
And looking up
from where he sat
with his feet up
on the couch Jesus
“I agree”


2.1226 : 9/10/08 : Surge

I’ve got the
urge to surge
but little
I’ll purge your town
of these revenants
on one condition
you can’t get too far
ahead in this game
they called it a surge
but it’s really all the same


Tuesday, September 09, 2014

2.1225 : 9/9/08 : Continuity, Number Unknown

I’m afraid of sudden change
I won’t notice it ‘cause
I won’t remember it
Maybe it happens
to all of us
Shadows flit to shadows
in the whispering forests
a good tale is all we ask
And if the continuity fails
number of mutations unknown,
I’ll snap back into the game
long enough to
reset the tone