Thursday, September 29, 2016

2.1610 : 9/29/09 : American Psycho

Nobody listens: that is the lesson
so it doesn’t matter, who hears the confession
everybody’s implicated, everybody’s culpable
so everybody is in on the clean up
and the tension in here is palpable
observe the average specimen: male, American, Psycho
wondering what you’d look like with your head on a pike-oh
wondering if the ghosts of these memories every existed
wondering at this death impulse, why we ever resisted
I saw her give a little smile
from the back of the cruiser
as it pulled away from the curb
that’s when I knew I was the loser


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

2.1609 : 9/28/09 : Back Down in the Hole

There’s a lesson in this
if I bring myself to hear
the mission to get clear
can obscure what threw me
back down in the hole
back down in the hole
That’s easy but this is hard
to find another path to trod
wave the carrot or don’t spare the rod
Who knows what will keep me from falling
back down the hole
back down the hole
maybe I’ll leave one more gap
at least it won’t be the same today
maybe tomorrow well who can say
having nothing to do but hope and pray
I don’t end up just jumping
Back down the hole
back down the hole


2.1608 : 9/27/09 : Faith

Believing in an outcome may be required
Some anodyne some tonic for
when I get tired
when you’re faking so much
and making so little
And sunk in real doubt
there’s a real answer to the riddle
Confusion is okay for a chapter or two
but it won’t make the nut
for the whole book of you
Maybe faith in something more
than ears stopped, eyes closed
a knowing you require
when every obstacle’s exposed


Monday, September 26, 2016

2.1607 : 9/26/09 : Stacks

The stacks get so high
and it’s all my fault
what to believe in
I’m sick on grains of salt
will I ever get better
as good as I demand
will I ever leave this desert
stop pounding sand
so many ways to go astray
lose all my momentum
So many other lines like this
these ideas I just rent them


Saturday, September 24, 2016

2.1605 : 9/24/09 : Groan

Sometimes there’s nothing but to
hold your nose and groan over it
It’s shameful but there’s sure no point
in throwing a fit
I’m no less trapped
but my house is cleaner
no I had better get unplugged
before it makes me any meaner
when the gap is shut
and the ten year calendar is caught up
when the money’s flush
and the armageddon rations bought up
will I still be facing
this idiot pundit class
well I guess we’ll give those dolts
something new to harass


Friday, September 23, 2016

2.1604 : 9/23/09 : Numbers Racket

Should I be playing in a
numbers racket
running a numbers racket
odds are odd and
I couldn’t hack it
Guess I’ll stick to
seeking wages
messing up and
filling pages
till I tip the
rock of ages
see what’s crawling
run tongue over my
wearing teeth
and lay down this
mourning wreath
No more numbers
rackets no quick fix
and all the chaos
it inflicts
the other path is slow and dull
I just hope I’ve got a few more tricks


Thursday, September 22, 2016

2.1603 : 9/22/09 : New Home

My big idea for a new home
for the words and these
silly little songs
turned out to cost too much
it really wasn’t all that big
just the first thing that occurred
since the last rug you yanked out
not to say that anything there was assured
I read a friend get way too intimate
talking about their fucked up life
maybe seven years you’ll read this friend
and it won’t mean a thing and that’s history’s knife
It’s not easy to find a new home
so we try real hard to make it work
but inertia is a wicked mistress
and these habits surely make me look the jerk
well I’m mostly not looking for a new home
just like to pick up better habits
it’s getting cold and I’m tired and it feels like
time to go to ground just like rabbits


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

2.1602 : 9/21/09 : Devil On the Mat

Predictable consequences
what to make of that
you’ll have to play the tough guy
if you want to wear the hat
how the hell hard does it have to be
to get a little change up in my habitat
hey a little here, hey a little there
is this ever going to get the devil on the mat
Far from happy with the
gross wages of plain excess
I can fake perfection for a while
but I can’t always sustain fancy dress
and it’s perfectly pitiful
to end up in the same old mess
but you can only lead yourself so far
under self-imposed duress
I’m all hung up on hope
but I’ve got to beat the clock
It’s so hard to believe these days
that anything’s going to rock
So hard to really argue
that I’m anything but talk
but I grasp for optimism
and still retain the hope to shock