Thursday, April 17, 2014

2.1080 : 4/17/08 : Zapped

If you feel a little zapped
if you’ve already snapped
who knows if it will matter or not
you think the brave act would get stale
day dream about a crust and pail
it could be so much worse
You should give thanks for what you’ve got
It’s not really complicated
it’s not rocket science
it shouldn’t take a slide rule
or some modern appliance
You should be tired of spouting off by now
when you’re a farmer every tool looks like a plow
Oh I guess some furrows
won’t be the straightest
but don’t let that make you feel like
you’re not the greatest


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2.1079 : 4/16/08 : Normal

You’ve done the stream of consciousness
the in jokes written large and small
I was surprised by how quick the ancient wisdom
ran out and I didn’t feel enlightened at all
back to normal whatever that means
sure the hell not what it means to most
I can’t call it genius now can I
but hell I am productive though I don’t like to boast
think I can call this normal for me
twelve lines twelve hours twice a day
It’s nothing new it’s ordinary
Make no mistake though I’m here to play


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2.1078 : 4/15/08 : H.E. and Cryptos

Well it’s a pretty bunch
of worthless crap
compared to the great mythos
I shoulda been fighting in some war
Studying H.E. and Cryptos
take things apart:
put ‘em together
I shoulda studied computers
I put things together
one by one
And pray it don’t get hit
by the looters
sick of imagining
a world gone sideways
sick of worrying
ever, always
I can’t believe I’m stacking up
another brick
I can’t even believe
that I am still this sick


Monday, April 14, 2014

2.1077 : 4/14/08 : Free Will! Free Will!

Holy shit!
free will is back
better wake up pay attention
it’s a sneak attack!
free will free will
it’s a strange estate
I think it’s an illusion
but still true:
and great!
Oh man I can’t decide
What I’ll do first
satiate this hunger
or slake this thirst
I’m looking some disheveled
I’m feeling slightly tight
but I’ll exercise my free will
and not stay up all night


Sunday, April 13, 2014

2.1076 : 4/13/08 : Sweet (Seventyseven: 81 of 81)

Don’t give me those sweet words
you’re not sincere
you’re not sincere
and no good comes of rhetoric
you’ll get no debate here
In your ivied halls of learning
wisdom is not found
The less I hoard the more I live
for everyone else the more I abound
Would you believe the universe
is here to help not harm us
The sage won’t strive with anyone
but rather dutifully charm us


Saturday, April 12, 2014

2.1075 : 4/12/08 : Small Country (Seventyseven: 80 of 81)

Oh for a small country
an island principality
no more of this modernism
Luddism will set me free
let us discourse by passing notes
content to be clothed and fed
is this old school life really simplicity
a place to sit a roof over your head
oblivious to the world next door
stuck firmly in the mud, nothing more


Friday, April 11, 2014

2.1074 : 4/11/08 : Stitched (Seventyseven: 79 of 81)

They stitched the great wound
of the great war
But still we knew
there would remain a scar

Who wanted that?
Nevertheless in my left hand
I hold the tally
and stand up to the demands
on me
But ask nothing of anyone
And as a man of virtue
no tax or fee from me
There’ll be no book no statue
Heaven serves only the all good
the all-God One-truth
Look at the sweet good I hold
in my left palm unclean uncouth