Sunday, June 29, 2014

2.1153 : 6/29/08 : Year Vow

The year vow was postponed
another brittle flaw condoned
pushed so so far past sense
Who’da guessed I’d be so dense
I used to be a rising star
I used to sing and play guitar
but I never learned just how
to hold the line and carry through
the year vow


2.1152 : 6/28/08 : Happy Place

Everybody’s got a posse
Everybody’s got a face
Everybody is dying
to get with me at my happy place
if you’re smelling like failure
if you’re dying onstage
spend an hour in my happy place
I carved it out of solid stone
jade and alabaster
I carved myself a hidey hole
a hedge against disaster
I’ll grow a carapace
and if that doesn’t work out
I’ll pull the roof on top of me
and hide out in my happy place


2.1151 : 6/27/08 : Onion

Peel that onion
I’ve got my whole life
when I get to the middle
I’ll switch to a knife
cut the heart out of it
hold it in my hand
the beating pulse of all my life
this happy brother’s band
it smells so delicious
frying in the pan
I know I will not sleep
till I’ve got this one in the can
the message of the happening
is every layer counts
and I’ll be lost among them
till I balance my accounts


2.1150 : 6/26/08 : Briefly

Briefly: fell behind
So much always
on my mind
vow forgotten
two days hence
no I’m lying
on the fence
no use trying to
just take this item
from my hand


2.1149 : 6/25/08 : Segue

I gotta find a segue in here
somewhere man
This hill is very fucking steep
and I don’t even think I can
If you don’t believe in the change
If you don’t believe in what you want
If you think it’s uniformly bent
and fate is one sadistic cunt
And another hour is
fading by the same old way
and another can of tired ass gripes
how far past your welcome will you stay
And I get lost in daydreams
of striking gold or running away
as I look desperately
for my segue


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2.1148 : 6/24/08 : Unplug Blues

Unplugged cut off
brain drip shut off
silence darkness
get up park less
unplug blues are
like a new star
hold tough one hour
set at stun power


Monday, June 23, 2014

2.1147 : 6/23/08 : With Your Life

Maybe there’s nothing you’re meant
to do with your life
maybe we’ve all been fooled
into twisting that knife
burn all the books
sink every ship
let every mission
and principle slip
how much worse could it be?
it might even get better
all the what should I? What should I?
turns out just a fetter


Sunday, June 22, 2014

2.1146 : 6/22/08 : Double Down

Take your risk
lay your card
maybe feeling lucky
maybe thought real hard
double down
stake your bet
maybe it really is
as good as these odds get
double or nothing
this time around
nothing might be something
dreadful deep underground
I’ll take my chances
rather be done
pushing two steps past
the setting sun


2.1145 : 6/21/08 : Threads

So many threads
however many I may drop
always plenty more to pick up
and it seems no way to stop
I heard of a man who was given
his vocation at age five
it seems a strange world so uneven
hell but we’re both still alive
his thread not mine my thread not his
no common thread it seems like
And I can’t even figure if I’m
on my third or second strike
Look for the thickest or the brightest
look for the thread that’s gold?
just a story of a too late night
so what, the story’s told


2.1144 : 6/20/08 : Anticipate

Anticipating a desire to get out from under
and for maybe just one night
to merely sit and wonder
I’m closing every window washing every plate
I’m enthusiastic I think
it will just go great
I’m hearing alarming noises
but I’m going to let it pass
the news is bumming me out
but what will be is what will come to pass
no fixing this fiasco
might as well enjoy the ride
grim advice for any victim
but hell I’m no one’s shotgun bride


2.1143 : 6/19/08 : Gold

I’d like to break the hold
of the color gold
In the day in the night
it’s a curse it’s a blight
I’m hooked on this dull illusion
I’d master all with its collusion
just for color just for gold
hold off being weak and getting old
how can I chase the lie I know
why can’t I can’t I let it go
alternatives come hard and thin
nowhere to look except within


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2.1142 : 6/18/08 : Trend

The trend cannot be sustained
despite the vow the impulse remained
When I’m facing it again looks like twelve years from
maybe push it down to five if I keep my vow:
Whatever, what will I be thinking then
and where will I be
pushing paper?
preaching zen?
there’s no way at all to see around that bend
So I keep swimming upstream
and bucking the trend


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2.1141 : 6/17/08 : Ghost Life

The aggregators
the communities so called
the ghost life in the content farms
this motherfucker’s stalled
they called it an addiction
disease of modernity
pretending I’m on some last trip
it seems like an eternity
since I lived without stimulus
nor matter how the window’s closed
will bear the tag gratuitous


Monday, June 16, 2014

2.1140 : 6/16/08 : Camp

3,330 : 21 ?

Camp and vamp
watch me mug through another
pratfall brother
almost hard to credit
and it would bum me out if I let it
but I won’t
So just don’t
point out the obvious
just fold it up without a fuss


2.1139 : 6/15/08 : Rip Off

Another rip off
and I am feeling not so well
was it the sandwich
or lack of sleep
this low class jack
Can go to hell
turn it off
turn in and find out
whether some small vertigo
will make me hurl my mind out


2.1138 : 6/14/08 : If I’d Known

If I’d known then
what I know now
say it a thousand times
maybe will click, kapow
dark in the heart of
the same old slaughter
heaven help this son of
Adam’s daughter
In a heart of darkness
Information must be lost
transgress artificial boundaries
seems free but it extracts a cost
you do it without thinking
or you’d never go outside
this road leads to a place I’ve known
feel free to come along for the ride


Friday, June 13, 2014

2.1137 : 6/13/08 : Rorschach, Acid, Litmus

Stare at the inkblot
project your preconceptions blind
dropped on an acid test
refracted through the unredacted mind
The litmus test is
how hard you come, how hard you fall
I passed so many tests
but cannot find the biggest one of all


Thursday, June 12, 2014

2.1136 : 6/12/08 : Hindenburg

Damn I’m gonna send this thing up
like my own personal Hindenburg
An unnatural disaster baby
blow up all over this dying berg
Well I don’t know if it’s what’s inside
or what’s outside that really counts
All I care is that it’s gonna fall fall fall
and there isn’t going to be no bounce
wouldn’t you like to get on board
You better jump we’ve got limited space
looking up there’s going to be a hell of a show
When I torch off the carapace
When the shell is gone and burned away
only ephemeral skeleton remains
my spirit Hindenburg will drift to space
and some new bird will rise from the flames


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2.1135 : 6/11/08 : Cluster

Stuck like a cluster
plucked from the muster
the thing didn’t get done
they say the spots have left the sun
but the result is much the same
behind another hour in the game
should I try to write the epic
teach this poor old dog a new trick
if I could I would be doing worse
a vandal and a cutpurse
maybe not but I’m not being strong
stuck in the cluster all along
and cut the live feeds one by one
another day without the sun


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2.1134 : 6/10/08 : Intervention

3,324 :15 ?

Chalk a foolish lapse
up to intervention
wise despite yourself
figure out your real intention
nothing to stop your
reversing it
As long as you don’t mind
being dumb as spit
I should be thanking God
I should be on my knees
I should be asking for more of the same
yes begging pretty please
It can all start now again
It can’t really get better
by definition, intervention
Fate leads you if you let her


2.1133 : 6/9/08 : Standup

How long will the standup guy pose last
how long will you forget me
I used to blame the world in the past
Piss and moan that you didn’t get me
I’m no comedian I’m no one’s star
As per usual I’m torn what it’s about
I’m embarrassingly over the par
And still what I’ve got, I’ve got to let out
I like to think there’s room for freaks like me
I guess as long as I don’t ask for much
I can’t imagine what would be strike three
nothing but old boneyard bill’s last touch


Sunday, June 08, 2014

2.1132 : 6/8/08 : Fine Romance

Begin with love
so obvious
my persistent weakness
make me cuss
but the next day comes
and the one after
and every day I learn something
and every day there’s laughter
every day I try to rise
try not to throw down the glove
every day there’s chances
every day there’s love
I should be goddamned ecstatic
I should give peace a chance
And I swear this one
could be a fine romance


Saturday, June 07, 2014

2.1131 : 6/7/08 : Endings

Endings are so foolish
but it comes like a compulsion
sweep up the deck of whining fragments
Feeling vague repulsion
Good for nothing little sapling
the rot already apparent
the structure uninspiring
the flaws grossly transparent
If I was looking for an end
to end all lies to end all wars
the world it will not go away
and those are coffin lids not doors
I’ll end it on depression
hopeless hope that’s nothing new
but it ends and that’s a start
and it does build like 2 + 2


Friday, June 06, 2014

2.1130 : 6/6/08 : False Positive

Saturday I thought Saturday was Friday
five minutes later it was Sunday
False positive double disappointing
and I’m hell and long gone from the one day
Keep rolling but what the fuck’s it matter
So inadequate I’d like to vomit
If I could guarantee I’d be right in the fucking bullseye
shit I’d pray we’d get hit by a comet


2.1129 : 6/5/08 : Wretch

I’d love to stop talking about myself
but I’m too big of a wretch not to
Another night sucked into the tubes
Wondering where the years got to
Another night fighting to fight the good fight
another round of begging please please more light
it’s easier to believe we all are doomed
but is it really better?
I know my sure love would tell me
to hang in there baby if I would let her
I shouldn’t let the bastards get me down
but it’s hard when you’re such a wretch
And maybe tomorrow I’ll surprise myself
but five before the witching hour it seems a stretch


2.1128 : 6/4/08 : Fragments

6 fragments
let you know when it’s done
thoughts from the teevee
are we having fun?


Tuesday, June 03, 2014

2.1127 : 6/3/08 : Dolls

Sure dolls that dance
sure playing banjo
Well that’s just silly
so who’s the man Joe
better than guns
sure better than war
I prefer the circus
but world needs bread more
Make believe won’t do it
we’re not feeding dolls
Should I grow wheat or bake bread
or keep climbing the walls


Monday, June 02, 2014

2.1126 : 6/2/08 : Pitiful Existence

3,316 : 7 ?

Pitiful existence
grinding’s not optional
another rough cut
before the flood, after the fall
should talk about the silver
should talk about the gold
Should talk about the girl
What the hell I’m too damn old


2.1125 : 6/1/08 : Every Little Thing

What getting there might mean
I don’t know but
I guess it doesn’t mean getting
every little thing, eh what?
I’ll get it on the edit
what a laugh
I’m always straight on
to the next paragraph
always putting it off
till the last damn gasp
terrified that my reach
finally exceeded my grasp
but it’s something, that’s something
isn’t it just though?
do your thing, such a shame
that we all must go


2.1124 : 5/31/08 : There

Without looking without noticing
without working I looked up and
found that I was there
So many possible solutions for
the equation I smashed it up
and scattered it to the air
I can’t explain the way
the thing flies around only
landing every once and a while
I took the name in vain again
but got there anyway just like
I swore I would, with a smile