Thursday, January 30, 2014

2.1002 : 1/30/08 : Center: Steel (Seventyseven: 7 of 81)

It all exists
independent of reasons
irrelevant to the
patch you scratch
the heaven and earth routine
so don’t get too attached
excuse me while I duck to the back
and hope the book got it wrong
I’m so pessimistic
I’ll be ashamed when I come out so strong
and a certain kind of selflessness
State stage for this reveal:
the pillar is myself:
The Pillar’s center: steel


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2.1001 : 1/29/08 : The Root (Seventyseven: 6 of 81)

The spirit of the fountain does not die
The feminine mysterious
Just how original am I?
The doorway
and the root
Oops it looks like
I put my foot
in it again - 
Lingering like gossamer
barely there
shimmering like the veil
between heaven, earth and air
Yet amazing spooling out
the more used
the more appears
you’ll be surprised to see
how quickly your
account’s out of arrears


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2.1000 : 1/28/08 : Straw Dogs (Seventyseven: 5 of 81)

People are things
and get kicked apart like straw dogs
For plenty of people that’s enough
to put paid to all the God talk
Good and evil alike
get sucked down in time’s bogs
Heaven is not sentimental
And earth is hard and dumb as rocks
And yet this living factory
Keeps churning out exquisite beauty
Beyond words without ado
And only found inside of you


Monday, January 27, 2014

2.999 : 1/27/08 : Using (Seventyseven: 4 of 81)

3,191 : 1 ?

Using only empties
it can never fill
hoping cannot fill the bowl
but working will
seems the vessel we’ve elected
is fathomless
united in one great need
finally more is less
blunt edge:
straight string:
one light:
and this hidden thing
the mother of the
whole wide world
scraping at the bottom
of the bowl we find it curled


Sunday, January 26, 2014

2.998 : 1/26/08 : Big Tent (Seventyseven: 3 of 81)

If the great table was round and
nobody got to sound off
first, we might get on better
If everything was free or
at most a penny well
we might come to see things as a fetter
All fed
all content
nothing to strive for
under one big tent
Desireless could we still evolve?
One more riddle
for the sage to solve


Saturday, January 25, 2014

2.997 : 1/25/08 : Beautiful (Seventyseven: 2 of 81)

Do you think it’s beautiful
Not everybody thinks it’s beautiful
But you you are so beautiful to me
This world has a funny idea of good
Do I embrace these opposites? I know I should
I’ll do it all without ado
to set my spirit free
and only left to teach silence’s lesson
and sure some other time
I’ll get my mess on
but right now I’m calling this one done
Give it another thousand brave forays
One thousand nights one thousand days
I say: end up with
another voyage begun


Friday, January 24, 2014

2.996 : 1/24/08 : The Eternal Name (Seventyseven: 1 of 81)

The eternal name cannot be written
argued with
revoked or smitten
it lurks always among us mortals
around corners behind portals
wherever there’s a gap to seeing
the eternal, named, unseen being
ever hidden always manifest
this eternal name is the best!
Ever hidden, the inner essence
Always manifest, the outer aspects
I stand by my perception of the original Presence
I stand by my reverence to certain Ancient Texts
both flow from the same source
though differently named
sign on to spirit of salt though
you won’t get gamed


Thursday, January 23, 2014

2.995 : 1/23/08 : Sea Change

Seeking the sea change in the same old thing
seeking a fortune in the dull brass ring
riding this plaster pony round and round
If I fall alone will I make a sound
So many tangents that my head will spin
Stand without so much as a star of tin
without authority but forced to act
no cash for bribery no time for tact

Look at this rut I’ve worn it ‘bout a mile
It’s a damn miracle that I still smile
but what the hell we only get one shot
to be only what I am to never be what I’m not
I’ll shyly say I am changing still
I still believe in the action of will
if not quite circular still still rolling
not always death that the bell is tolling


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2.994 : 1/22/08 : Without Reservation

Underneath I crave a raving
Chance to feel my rage
without reserve regret
or reservation
I know it’s bad, stupid, mad
to want to turn that page
tune in that station
fantasies of mayhem
fantasies of blood
haven’t I crossed enough lines
rolled in enough mud
been a john a thief
an addict
bad jones bad head
bad faith
bad dick
maybe it was all for rage
without reservation
better start to act my age
accept my situation


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2.993 : 1/21/08 : Scratch

I feel the scratch
knocking at the back of my throat
they’ve got a patch now
for that feeling when you’re in the same boat
With all the slobs and losers
that you saw in contempt
tweakers and boozers
the stupid fat and unkempt
not gonna do these
fly by night projects any more
the 24/7 tease
now I’m full-time searching for a door
I’ve got a bad question jones
I’m not sure I want to know
I’m feeling like in my bones
ain’t heard the last of it though


Monday, January 20, 2014

2.992 : 1/20/08 : Dick

This thing is just the kind of
greek tragedy I hoped to avoid
Dick and his gang I should be
outraged but I’m just annoyed
On some level some
rhetoric from the bullshit vault
I suppose my apathy makes
it all my fault
Maybe I just don’t buy
that it’s anything new
Power and its partisans
it’s always some thug crew
every hundred years or so some
nice guy gets to be boss
We got at least fifty years
before the next one goes up on the cross
So mazel tov Dick
you’ll be dead pretty soon
but this long train wreck
will be playing the same old tune
that dog won’t hunt
but it’ll do its same old trick
and dead or alive I’m sure
we’ll soon have some other Dick


Sunday, January 19, 2014

2.991 : 1/19/08 : Final Note

A final note another milestone
this one to be observed by me alone
end to the endless night
by virtue of the battery
don’t tell me I’m a genius
I’m immune to flattery
It starts right now
as soon as the page is turned
turn back all things that fell before
that rotted, shattered, burned
I execute the note and my result
is simply to empower my perfect cult
I’ll teach them all the secret
of the sleeping meditation
I will illuminate
the waking working recreation
And in a final note I’ll cop to every lie
brother rest easy while I get this beam out of my eye


Saturday, January 18, 2014

2.990 : 1/18/08 : Bleach

Pour the bleach down the drain
the shards of bone and bits of brain
another redhead with a past
I think I’ll venture out at last
perfect plans acid and bleach
those who cannot do must teach
It’s just a joke surely you know
those who cannot stay must go
Sure I will fall and fail again
the whole damn thing immersed in paraffin
for preservation and aesthetic punch
try to improve on it I’ll eat your lunch
murder by numbers and bleach by the gallon
my secret fate impaled on destiny’s talon
If I could just fade all these sad attempts
bleach them away but nothing is exempt


Friday, January 17, 2014

2.989 : 1/17/08 : Troll

Your stupid belief
your momma as well
I’m pretty sure that you deserve
to burn in hell
guess I’m a pretty
ordinary troll
that’s okay I’ve got a
real wide goal
Confess I am a real
waste of time
You’ll be surprised I can
Stop this shit on a dime
give up my trolling ways
become a nomad
I knew someday
my good thing would go bad


Thursday, January 16, 2014

2.988 : 1/16/08 : Catch Can

Catch can move and catch can groove
as catch can so can bust, reprove
what offers in this moment
gotta foment
What I can then home went
Chance have at you
glance, tip hat you sneak a fat view
anytime I’ve used all rhyme
I must recycle paradigm
And lift the ban and bang the pan
as I catch as catch can


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2.987 : 1/15/08 : Stupid Leaf

Stupid glued to the table
meant to turn it I’m not able
feel the hints of greater failing
screw it cashed check here’s your spike for impaling
watching the maverick eat a pig’s asshole
seems extreme hey hell it’s a cash hole
dreaming of being a cultist again
though I know it’s unethical know its a sin
but I don’t have time to go on and on
can’t worry about short-changing a song
covered the essentials and soon to bed
with the strange little ditty rattling in my head


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2.986 : 1/14/08 : The Numbers

I crunch the numbers and sigh to see
back to square one what a jerk’s estate
I lost the plot again feeling superior
Woke up to see I didn’t do so great
I’ll tear my hair out look at this jack
telling the teller’s tale yet once more
wanted to come to a cooler story
wanted to rock but I’m such a bore
like it is better to mock the numbers
like it is better to denigrate what is
it has its moments and what more can you ask
dig up what’s there and get on with your biz


Monday, January 13, 2014

2.985 : 1/13/08 : Lazy Monkey

Lazy monkey look no farther
than the next banana
Somnambulist no worries
I’ll get to that thing mañana
no need at all to swing
outside of this old tree
no need to seek, explore
I know there’s nothing new to see
Lazy monkey but then why
am I ever so restless
Surely there’s a scientific
explanation but my best guess
is I’m a monkey with my fist
inside the peanut jar
refuse to open my fist to escape
So I stay right where we are


Sunday, January 12, 2014

2.984 : 1/12/08 : Hump

Slight recovery not quite over the slump
I keep my pack on like an ordinary hump
staying off tobacco weed and keeping my nose clean
Slowly producing though these times are very lean
Look on my pretties ain’t it just a sight to see
I’m so slick and together as I drift away to sea
Absolutely no more time for this strange sick vacation
squeezing the last dregs out of my imagination
and as I listen to these synaesthetic lights
and tear up as I breathe forever matchless heights
I wonder what it is that keeps my nose against the stone
I guess I keep a slivered hope I pray that it can hone


Saturday, January 11, 2014

2.983 : 1/11/08 : Exhaustion

Whisper succumb to this exhaustion one more time
too much news too much economy
religion sex drugs and crime
they call it a society
I call it a God damn shame
if you’ll forgive my impiety
I’m well past halfway
on this so called axis
a downward slide seems as certain
as death and taxes
tomorrow seems as certain
as a tired cliché
but I’ll lay that rough brick
down again anyway
I just want to lie down
let it all wash over me
there’s a hell of a lot of Caesar
between God and me
And it seems like I’m just
going to have to pay
Every penny I pledged
every exhausted day


Friday, January 10, 2014

2.982 : 1/10/08 : Mirror to Mirror

Mirror to mirror
repetition back to a vanishing point
do I expect to see in that dark hole
what wasn’t there a thousand
nights before?
why should I feel bad
if the words don’t rhyme
or should I say
should I feel worse?
backtrack and change tack
but in reverse
nothing escapes
from the mirror to mirror


Thursday, January 09, 2014

2.981 : 1/9/08 : Intervention

I’m declaring an intervention
on the human race
I guess it’s just me
and you all
sitting in this place
and I love you so much
my God you know I do
but I don’t know
if I can keep living with you
if you’re gonna keep up
this wicked shit
war and slavery
disparity and all of it
I know in my heart
that you can change
surely there’s a program
that we can arrange
just admit there’s a problem
and you’ll meet me halfway
we can start a new life


Wednesday, January 08, 2014

2.980 : 1/8/08 : Altar of Aphrodite

Every sacrifice on
the Altar of Aphrodite
make me feel like such a man
make me feel so mighty
I think the temple minders
must be laughing at me
tough talking me high minded me
big head small fish fat me
making stupid eyes at all
the wine girls lithe and flighty
I’ll leave nothing but my cash at
the altar of Aphrodite
and anyway I’ve been paid full
and it’s a truth I heed
she took my offer it’s my part
to cherish my fine seed


Tuesday, January 07, 2014

2.979 : 1/7/08 : Can’t Hold Back

Can’t hold back anymore
oh my lord
anticipation and anxiety
is it a worse trap or
a way to be more free
I haven’t got the strength today
to navigate those waters
but in another day
I’ll be in up to my neck
oblivious to if it’s right
but what the heck
I’ve got to take this one
on the attack
So I’ve filled it to the top
and I can’t hold back


2.978 : 1/6/08 : All Too Much

It’s all too much
can’t stand the thrill
can’t afford the ticket
I will not take the pill
another lapse
for form alone
I cannot bring myself to care
I’m almost home


Sunday, January 05, 2014

2.977 : 1/5/08 : The Pox

Wishing it were not like this
wishing right down to my sox
seems unfair to have to fight
again to work it through the pox
better leaving well enough
hope to overcome it soon
the pox you know it comes it goes
see you again next afternoon


Saturday, January 04, 2014

2.976 : 1/4/08 : Vicious Cycles Forever

Forever sickness forever hate
brother against brother such a sad estate
vicious cycles forever turning up
the gasoline is overflowing in the burning cup
I feel depressed like nothing can change
one trouble for another forever exchange
Still we murder still we persecute
still we hand the keys off to some asshole in a suit
I no longer think my role is instrumental
These days I see this shell as nothing but a rental
no happier really but with more to lose
no wiser at all but still forced to choose
great more doggerel a, b, a, b
struggling to see the value of mystery
I only want to sing a clear note
instead I’m slogging these vicious cycles by rote


Friday, January 03, 2014

2.975 : 1/3/08 : Pattern

The pattern keeps emerging
foolhardy loops repeating
always saying next time
always words I’m eating
Don’t have an explanation
I haven’t got excuses
One hand to grip the railing
the grip that still refuses
to let go of the old stuff
to blow it out the spout hole
and move on with a fresh start
move on with a fresh goal
but this dead hour’s expired
And I’m about my mission
hoping next time won’t find me
in the pattern’s position


Thursday, January 02, 2014

2.974 : 1/2/08 : Terrible Gibberish

Ah this terrible gibberish
I’ve left sitting all over
The notion to monetize it
long since pushing clover
So why does it keep coming?
Why do I persist
how many times can I ask
what obvious thing I missed
better than the answer
there’s just nothing there
that this is all there is
disjoint beyond repair
If I could just give up
yes even for a week
perhaps then I could rectify
and finally truly speak