Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2.120 : 8/31/05 : Disposable

The old world was disposable
the new world is disposable
the fundamental difference seems
to be thumbs that are opposable
permanence was an illusion
self-deception and collusion
dreaming that we’re running things
we never dreamed fate’s next intrusion

What is the song of the day?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2.119 : 8/30/05 : The Advent

When the fifth candle got lit
every point of the pentagram
it’s dead ironic isn’t it
the rough beast born that was long predicted
the Advent of the next age and
the damage it inflicted
I’ve got a theory very hard to test
that it’s all been downhill
for most of the rest
of the suckers who believe what they get told
of the suckers that buy what they are sold
its arms are made of peasants’ toil
its heart an element fit the sea to boil
Its feet as always made of clay
It’s got no head at all it was designed that way
there’s a little treat behind every door
the strategy will make you beg for more
When you open the portal on the advent
dismay that day see what your God sent

What is the song of the day?

Monday, August 29, 2011

2.118 : 8/29/05 : Homeland Spy

2,208 : 66 ?

I’m not peeking round the curtains
I’m not snooping in the trash
this homeland spy is boldly watching
In plain sight there’s nothing rash
about my technique watching you
you’re all guilty in my book
you’re all surely up to something
that is why I always look
Haven’t seen a concrete plan yet
haven’t caught no terrorists
want to turn my neighbors in so hard
and see the bracelets on their wrists
want to inform on my buddies
want to drop dimes on my peeps
it would be so damn exciting
if everyone I knew were creeps
but for now I’ll look out the window
hoping to see something dark
other than these dullards who drive
cycle walk and sometimes park

What is the song of the day?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

2.117 : 8/28/05 : One More Number?

One more number question mark
Looks like the truck is stalled in park
and the song is only four lines long
Advanced like crazy playin’ pong

What is the song of the day?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

2.116 : 8/27/05 : Correction

Correction: last but one
then time for a counting
subtotal: anecdotal
recollections not to much amounting
tick a mark a last brief spark
out candle come now darkness
black as pitch, nine-saved stitch
dazzled by such austere starkness
recalculate first must clean the slate
begin with the tabula rasa
obey the will of the stupid pill
yessuh yessuh thanka massuh
No corrections call it the last one
call it set the time of departure
counted and sealed and none appealed
And one more yet to attain the art cure

What is the song of the day?

Friday, August 26, 2011

2.115 : 8/26/05 : Skid Marks

Skid marks the spot so many
mischance moments just an instant makes
a difference of a lifetime it can happen to any
of us the cuts fate takes
He slid the skid took him by surprise
no time for reaction
no time for anything his life flashed before his eyes
his kingdom for a little traction
skidding along the time track
down the cellular event horizon
from the outside I traced it all the way back
and there’s a little critical node I’ve got my eyes on

What is the song of the day?

2.114 : 8/25/05 : Quarks

Almost finished working on the quark gun
I got charm and strangeness up the yin yang
use it to construct the Dyson sphere
I got top and bottom up to here
the aliens are hiding behind Venus
it’s uncertain if they’ve really seen us
they haven’t poked their heads out for a century or more
the invasion plans are starting out on the ground floor
Almost ready now to get my quark on
Quarks and sparks and fundamental torque on
Sticking a lever into reality sideways
Wrench out a little vigorish to to do it my ways
the aliens are planning a fly by
to check our progress and our chances to defy
the planned and plotted occupation
the imposition of the alien nation

What is the song of the day?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2.113 : 8/24/05 : Many Weeks Ago

It was many weeks ago today
I was tuning up my trebuchet
Preparing to assail the wall
One more campaign now to win it all
And if I can’t remember that day anymore
Still I swear I opened up a door
It sucks to be laboring in the past
It’s sad to be persistently half mast
I need a pill man some kind of shot
I must have messed it up a lot
Wrapped up many weeks ago
Many weeks later down came the snow

What is the song of the day?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2.112 : 8/23/05 : Launch Date

2,203 : 60 ?

Counting the calendar marking with x’s
I tread on you and I will mess with Texas
I’ll bring you down hell yeah you know I’ll stop
thinking ‘bout tomorrow as I rocket for the top
I set the launch date there’s no turning back
I’m gonna shock you with a sneak attack
I’m coming fast and silent from behind
before you know what hit you I’ll flat blow your mind
You may of heard I traveled to the past
And rocked the cavemen with a sonic blast
you may have heard I’m writing from tomorrow
I’ll save you the prognostication, its attendant sorrow
sweet Pandora let me flip your lid
I’ll sort that chancy box out for you kid
I’ll dish the future up upon your plate
Hand you an invitation for my big launch date

What is the song of the day?

Monday, August 22, 2011

2.111 : 8/22/05 : Surprise

Still waiting still hoping
ready to not believe my eyes
still an optimistic glass
half overflowing
ready for the big surprise
still assuming that I’ll like it
if it ever comes
still willing still working
even dogs get their crumbs

What is the song of the day?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

2.110 : 8/21/05 : Dissolve

Slow dissolve
picture fades to white
flipside of the coin
the other side is endless night
and if I’m born not to delight
My morning comes it comes despite

Slow goodbye
credits roll up to heaven
beware the authorities
beware their leaven
one to two to three to five to seven
next step has to be eleven

Segues shift
fade out shift between scenes
soon to reveal what
what was foreshadowed means
My life projected to the silver screens
it don’t amount to a hill of beans

hear the music rise
all that light
that light projected into my eyes
And blinking back the tears she cries
she wanders out into the real surprise

What is the song of the day?

2.109 : 8/20/05 : Persist

A raised hand clenched in a fist
Asserts that some ideal will persist
A face peeking from a crowd
So frightened to see
what is not allowed
See them with their masks and clubs
grinding the resistance down to nubs
condemning all of us who slacked
and let what little was left intact
get stacked in the museum behind glass
an image of a dog attacking the mass
of those who had enough still left to lose
All of us who history’s pages peruse
I got no ambition to be a leader
try my best not to be a cheater
I must speak as it comes to mind
even if the questions leave me in a bind
Judge not but please go ahead
judge me with the blankets pulled up in bed
judge me hiding my head in the sand
judge me please don’t judge the band
only a session no significance at all
only an observation of a thousand things that stall
Merely a riddle left unsolved
Of the way the whole damn thing dissolved

What is the song of the day?

Friday, August 19, 2011

2.108 : 8/19/05 : Waste (Perfectly)

What a waste of a Perfectly
innocent blank page
What a waste what a mess we’ve made
Of the beginning of another age
Hell yes I remember
Seeing the collapse and fall
Didn’t know what it was
but I guessed what it meant
time to build another great wall
How dare I compare my problems
to disaster to that hideous
act of will
I will not defend myself
And I hope tomorrow
I’ll be more daring still
I remember my only reaction
was to note evil exists
who understands this sad refrain
the stain the stain persists

What is the song of the day?

2.107 : 8/18/05 : Unrealistic

It seems unrealistic to believe I will change
It seems naive to argue
that this world will rearrange
to suit any grand scheme
Peace on earth is just a meme
And if I think about the last two
thousand years it makes me want to scream

I am pessimistic but the facts are on my side
I don’t need to apologize for
not taking the ride
Politics is all a sham
And frankly I don’t give a damn
‘Cause in another thousand
years you know that not one stone will stand

You’d think that given all this I’d feel off the hook
of any sense of duty even if I had what it took
to save this world or fix it either
I’ve an excuse for everything I couldn’t be blither
What will be will and
what won’t can’t and me it’s either both or neither

What is the song of the day?

2.106 : 8/17/05 : Prepare Thyself

Prepare thyself: gird for battle
have one for courage
back in the saddle
time is fleeting
there’s not much left
hang one last petition
on a treble clef
Push up the mountain another time
compose an ultimatum
constructed of rhyme
just a placeholder
foreshadowing true
it’s a crazy thing I’m building
to you

What is the song of the day?

2.105 : 8/16/05 : Your Spirit is Free

Ah your spirit is free (what else what else)
And there ain’t anything else that matters
Flesh is bondage death is mandatory
And the great hand that gathers also scatters
So drift with it, flow my tears
Lying on the bed they trickle into my ears
Mind is an illusion don’t you know
Personality doubly so
Your soul will reach escape velocity
It happens every day
and though we find it painful
Left behind still find something to say

What is the song of the day?

Monday, August 15, 2011

2.104 : 8/15/05 : Freedom Bell

Who will strike the freedom bell
who will sound the stark alarm
who will call it like it is
Oh lady liberty you’ve come to harm
Has it always been like this
was it really worse before
some say we’ve passed the golden age
The like of which will come no more
I don’t believe that we can win
We let the snake grow far too large
I don’t believe we’ve got the will left
I can’t believe we put the snakes in charge
Who will strike the freedom bell
twenty times to signify
And once to call us all to see
the vestiges of freedom die
soon even the bell will founder
Everything will fall to rust
Freedom will be just a word then
In some old book collecting dust

What is the song of the day?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

2.103 : 8/14/05 : Freedom is a Trap

Freedom is a trap
Freedom is a trap
Freedom is a trap
Freedom is a trap
And once you gotta taste the spring goes snap
None are born free all depend on charity
And it’s no accident
My little jackanape
home is the first prison that we’re desperate to escape
For some the great grownup playground is sufficient
Others come to chafe at being just another pissant
Society’s got me under the thumb
Morality’s got me under the thumb
Destiny’s got me under the thumb
Gravity’s got me under the thumb
Always pushing me down on every floor
they say it’s essential but still I want more
freedom is a trap my son
And not even a tender one
It’s a rough mistress, it hides a whip
in its right hand so do not slip
The paradox cradled in my hand
Freedom’s an imperative with harsh demands
A banner that once taken up cannot be dropped
An anthem once raised cannot be stopped
and so be wary for what you ask
May look a gem it feels a task
And you may end my little sap
another wee mousie in freedom’s trap

What is the song of the day?

2.102 : 8/13/05 : Halfway There (The End of All Illusions pt. 5)

She said when you feel the wall
Brush up against your back
When you feel the creeping edges
Of the panic attack
When you cannot bear another
instant of it going on
When you think you’re going to scream
You’re halfway there so hold on

I can feel it grinding me down
failure forced out on the pages
thank god for obscurity
thank god for the tractless ages
thank god for the end of time
to wipe away all traces
the memory of all our wrongs
the slightest hint of all our faces

She’s not going to make it baby
that much I can say for sure
I’d love to be proven wrong
I’d love my motives to be pure
But as it is I guess for now
I’m going to have to fake it
another million dollar year
give it to me straight I can take it

What is the song of the day?

Friday, August 12, 2011

2.101 : 8/12/05 : The Real World (The End of All Illusions pt. 4)

Wow that guy is eating a bug
hey they’re staging an intervention
guess who’s hooking up tonight
this real world’s a lunatic convention
shall I pattern my life after this
Rome’s on the brink of a dark precipice

What is the song of the day?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

2.100 : 8/11/05 : The False Resolve (The End of All Illusions pt. 3)

Snow falls material static
Another chapter in the dance dramatic
A song that drills into my head
All I can say for sure is I’m not dead
But only as I write this verse
Someday it will be false the curse
Of every living thing
So nothing in my hand I bring
The false resolve of pushing on
another day another song
It doesn’t mean a single thing
So nothing in my hand I bring
But if the will to push on fails
for sure that ends these false travails
The question then in sharp relief
Is anyone more than a thief
with borrowed words on borrowed time
standing on the shoulders of giants of rhyme
Laid out like a patient on the the slab
I can’t expect to top it but I’ll take a stab
Can it be that I’m still not sick of this
Have I still not really grasped the trick of this
It just goes on not meaning anything
and nothing in my hand I bring

What is the song of the day?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2.99 : 8/10/05 : Insubstantial (The End of All Illusions pt. 2)

The case you make is circumstantial
Your evidence is insubstantial
If you think you’re going to fight it
find the fuse you need and light it
Gunpowder is a metaphor
And some still think it opens every door

Aren’t you still choosing the illusions
Ignoring tacit conclusions
Heed not your alliances
And whence come your appliances
And if you think it doesn’t matter
Just wait you will see the fanned shit splatter

Feel like ugly words are rampant
Feel like I’m just another pissant
I don’t hear you saying no
Guess that when it’s my time to go
I’ll queue up quiet with the rest
And watch my fools gold take
the fire’s test

What is the song of the day?

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

2.98 : 8/9/05 : Substance (The End of All Illusions pt. 1)

A substantial reward awaits
All who choose to clear their plates
And queue up in the line once more
The myth of substance yet persists
the standard of the separatists
Who cite our failure to fall through the floor
The illusion was revealed in the night
every solid thing is composed of light
Bound and fixed by an event horizon
And change is really just reflection
the direction of the sky creates the lie of direction
God palms the coin but it’s the cup you’ve got your eyes on
If the thing you ever wanted doesn’t really exist
If the clarity you thought you saw dissolves into mist
What then will you call a firm foundation
a rock’s revealed by the sand’s erosion
So I’ll dare to build my house right next to the ocean
solid ground beneath me is the closest I’ll get to an explanation

What is the song of the day?

Monday, August 08, 2011

2.97 : 8/8/05 : Parliament of Owls Brigade

2,188 : 46 ?

The Parliament of Owls Brigade is
Kicking ass and storming Hades
Kicking through the membrane proxy
invading the real and getting quite foxy
Armed with plows and pen-sized swords
The nastiest work in this world’s done with words
Hell that don’t make us bulletproof though
Still we’re gonna raise the roof, yo
Word to yo mamma word to sis
the new sensation baby sounds like this
Every color of bird that flies
A few that walk and a few that dive
Are represented by our faction
At my call spring into action
Armed with nothing but keen keen sight
O baby can you feel my might?
The king of the Lizard People’s ‘round the bend
He always acted crazy but this time it’s not pretend
Our army must grow larger we’re recruiting from the fold
well behind the cannon fodder’s a good place to get old
Of course I’m joking, we’re on the front lines
screaming for your right to mainline
anything they can fit into a tube
Pretty glad we showed up, eh rube?
No need to raffle or take up a collection
we got private funding for the insurrection
we got some venture capitol hey who knows
If it flies we might just drop it on an IPO
so check the label website for the master plan
These days message is irrelevant and medium is brand

What is the song of the day?

2.96 : 8/7/05 : Trip City

Let’s take a trip to the city fantastic
Let’s roll through the badland passage
let’s build this machine out of steel not plastic
And load it up with flash not baggage

Trip City portal to the starry heavens
Spaceport haven outlaw zone
The party people are all sixes and sevens
The business people are all on the phone

Dog star better start where you are
better start with a backbeat and a drone
tune up the upright bass and guitar
Don’t forget to give your spare keys to your clone

Because we’re all headed down to old trip city
There is a gathering of wireless heads
Beyond the music the colors so pretty
There is a word that is being spread

Such a thin line from here to there
Such a twisting route oh down
And you may truly stop and stare
When you feel the wave that’s swept this town

And when the convolution’s ended
Everything’s different and nothing’s changed
Though the colors shift and beauty got blended
And the thoughts we had got rearranged

All will disperse and spread unseen
Trip City now all but deserted
There is a whisper of what it might mean
A rumor of disaster and how we all flirted

What is the song of the day?

Saturday, August 06, 2011

2.95 : 8/6/05 : Everybody’s Got One

We’re not impressed that you
have an opinion
everybody’s got one
Like an asshole like a tongue
Like a plague that
tears around the globe
and burrows in your frontal lobe
I would be more exited
If you had come uninvited
without one idea in your head
It’s so dull to hear what people think
in a world that changes in a blink
Just think the living and the dead
switch places every other day
or so the statisticians say

What is the song of the day?

Friday, August 05, 2011

2.94 : 8/5/05 : Scrivener

Hi there! hey there!
Scrivener ya handsome sailor
Weigh there! Hey you old scoundrel
Well you’re still raking muck
still I think I’d rather duck
what’s been flinging
and keep singing
My old song
Hi there! Hey there!
Scrivener you handsome sailor
Weigh there! Hey you salty matey
I surely miss my chums
every time a chanty hums
through my brain
and leaves a stain
of my old salt tears
oh Scrivener you fisherman
Still straining out what e’er you can
to make a hasty mulligan
If society’s a burning house
You’d best be scurryin’ out you mouse
A-draggin’ every bauble
you can auction

What is the song of the day?

Thursday, August 04, 2011

2.93 : 8/4/05 : It’s Rome, Baby! (Intro)

Never once in all my years did I believe
The future could turn out so great
We’ve got heavy metals in our water now
Irradiated pork chops on our plate
Who can tell the difference between god and war these days
Who escapes the blind eye of the screen
The problem with big brother was he thought too small
draw aside the curtain let me show you what I mean
Oh, yeah:
It’s Rome, baby!
It’s Rome, baby!
It’s Rome, baby!
Look at all the shining people those that really count
Look at all the slaves the press stamps out
Look at all the red ink that we’ve drawn onto account
Look at how they make the rabble shout
For blood as they all scream out
It’s Rome, baby!
It’s Rome, baby!
It’s Rome, baby!
And the future’s looking brighter every single day
As we throw another idol on the fire
As we raise another idol on the pedestal of fifteen minutes
As we send another detonation impulse down the wire
As we build another tower to replace the ones that fell
Babylon our fair city ‘tis to thee
I raise my mixed metaphor soliloquy
celebrating our clay footed deity
It’s Rome, baby!
It’s Rome, baby!
It’s Rome, baby!

What is the song of the day?

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

2.92 : 8/3/05 : Brilliant Psi Kill

The eyes are blank and silver disks
the mind is geared to desperate risks
the power’s undeniable
the origins are pliable
From far outside the continuity
by way of transmission from you to me
the latest exposition of the magic pill
culminating in a brilliant psi kill
the program of eugenics is long established
the architect who then repented so was banished
the final representative of that rare race
did seven years in lock up then vanished from the place
he reappeared in the mountains of Tibet
accompanied by some old mystic monk he met
who taught him secret techniques of the old resistance
thus set the stage for him to seek his own remittance
he traveled over the world and into space
there to meet his nemesis now face to face
the blind striking the blind in a strange arena
the antichrist versus the child of Athena
If there’s a new mythology this isn’t it
it always falls back into a recursive fit
it passes a little time and fills another page
attempting once again to set the charter of the age

What is the song of the day?

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

2.91 : 8/2/05 : Audio Blast

2,181 : 39 ?

Audio blast - uh!
Uh huh! Blasting so hard
it will blast your ass back
rock the coliseum
rock the Love Shack
Rock around the planet
and the solar system
If they come and ask about us
tell them that we missed them
Cause the words don’t matter anyway
nobody could care less about what I say
Everybody just wants the audio blast
cause it makes the future perfect
and the present past

What is the song of the day?

Monday, August 01, 2011

2.90 : 8/1/05 : Slogger

The hop, the hop, the horrible hop
The curse of the beats that never stop
The ghost of Daniel Boone’s coon cap
Is rooting in your garbage and stealing your crap
You just lay down any crazy thing
It’s the only way it seems to seize the big brass ring
a metaphor I fear is used already
but I’ll steer it to dock if my hands stay steady
Throw your hands up let it all flow
let it all dangle and dabble and grow
the gold is always hidden in the ore
that’s what this crazy machine is for
Two by two by two is eight
no matter how I slice it it all sounds great
probably not top ten, probably not a hit
but even you have to admit you can dance to it
So that’s how it started, beginning of the end
It yet might navigate an unexpected bend
Still I’ll keep quiet and let it be
the hop and the stop and the one two three

What is the song of the day?