Friday, August 05, 2011

2.94 : 8/5/05 : Scrivener

Hi there! hey there!
Scrivener ya handsome sailor
Weigh there! Hey you old scoundrel
Well you’re still raking muck
still I think I’d rather duck
what’s been flinging
and keep singing
My old song
Hi there! Hey there!
Scrivener you handsome sailor
Weigh there! Hey you salty matey
I surely miss my chums
every time a chanty hums
through my brain
and leaves a stain
of my old salt tears
oh Scrivener you fisherman
Still straining out what e’er you can
to make a hasty mulligan
If society’s a burning house
You’d best be scurryin’ out you mouse
A-draggin’ every bauble
you can auction

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