Thursday, August 11, 2011

2.100 : 8/11/05 : The False Resolve (The End of All Illusions pt. 3)

Snow falls material static
Another chapter in the dance dramatic
A song that drills into my head
All I can say for sure is I’m not dead
But only as I write this verse
Someday it will be false the curse
Of every living thing
So nothing in my hand I bring
The false resolve of pushing on
another day another song
It doesn’t mean a single thing
So nothing in my hand I bring
But if the will to push on fails
for sure that ends these false travails
The question then in sharp relief
Is anyone more than a thief
with borrowed words on borrowed time
standing on the shoulders of giants of rhyme
Laid out like a patient on the the slab
I can’t expect to top it but I’ll take a stab
Can it be that I’m still not sick of this
Have I still not really grasped the trick of this
It just goes on not meaning anything
and nothing in my hand I bring

What is the song of the day?
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