Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2.99 : 8/10/05 : Insubstantial (The End of All Illusions pt. 2)

The case you make is circumstantial
Your evidence is insubstantial
If you think you’re going to fight it
find the fuse you need and light it
Gunpowder is a metaphor
And some still think it opens every door

Aren’t you still choosing the illusions
Ignoring tacit conclusions
Heed not your alliances
And whence come your appliances
And if you think it doesn’t matter
Just wait you will see the fanned shit splatter

Feel like ugly words are rampant
Feel like I’m just another pissant
I don’t hear you saying no
Guess that when it’s my time to go
I’ll queue up quiet with the rest
And watch my fools gold take
the fire’s test

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