Tuesday, August 09, 2011

2.98 : 8/9/05 : Substance (The End of All Illusions pt. 1)

A substantial reward awaits
All who choose to clear their plates
And queue up in the line once more
The myth of substance yet persists
the standard of the separatists
Who cite our failure to fall through the floor
The illusion was revealed in the night
every solid thing is composed of light
Bound and fixed by an event horizon
And change is really just reflection
the direction of the sky creates the lie of direction
God palms the coin but it’s the cup you’ve got your eyes on
If the thing you ever wanted doesn’t really exist
If the clarity you thought you saw dissolves into mist
What then will you call a firm foundation
a rock’s revealed by the sand’s erosion
So I’ll dare to build my house right next to the ocean
solid ground beneath me is the closest I’ll get to an explanation

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