Monday, August 08, 2011

2.97 : 8/8/05 : Parliament of Owls Brigade

2,188 : 46 ?

The Parliament of Owls Brigade is
Kicking ass and storming Hades
Kicking through the membrane proxy
invading the real and getting quite foxy
Armed with plows and pen-sized swords
The nastiest work in this world’s done with words
Hell that don’t make us bulletproof though
Still we’re gonna raise the roof, yo
Word to yo mamma word to sis
the new sensation baby sounds like this
Every color of bird that flies
A few that walk and a few that dive
Are represented by our faction
At my call spring into action
Armed with nothing but keen keen sight
O baby can you feel my might?
The king of the Lizard People’s ‘round the bend
He always acted crazy but this time it’s not pretend
Our army must grow larger we’re recruiting from the fold
well behind the cannon fodder’s a good place to get old
Of course I’m joking, we’re on the front lines
screaming for your right to mainline
anything they can fit into a tube
Pretty glad we showed up, eh rube?
No need to raffle or take up a collection
we got private funding for the insurrection
we got some venture capitol hey who knows
If it flies we might just drop it on an IPO
so check the label website for the master plan
These days message is irrelevant and medium is brand

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