Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Let's begin again

Newcomers might prefer to read the briefer, friendlier introduction to Songs of Days, located here.

(revised 9/20/11 - archive of original introductions and explanations here - visit here to support)

Songs of Days Project 1 were posted from July 18, 2006 through January 5, 2011

The Interim Project songs were posted from January 7, 2011 through May 3, 2011

Songs of Days Project 2 are being posted now: posting began on May 4, 2011 and will continue until September 18, 2038, or until I falter, or perish. Whichever comes first.

Songs of Days Project 1
Between April 11, 1998 and January 5, 2001 I wrote 1,001 lyrics over the course of 1,001 consecutive days. My goal was to write a song each day. Some days I missed: these songs had to be written later to catch up. The majority of songs were written on the day for which they were assigned. I posted these songs in the order I wrote them. Most of these songs were posted exactly ten years after they were written. Each post title includes the numerical order of the song and the date for which it was written.

The Interim Project
I began posting the second Songs of Days project lyrics on the 6th anniversary of their composition. This left a few months gap after I'd finished posting the first project's songs. In between I posted other lyrics I'd written outside of the daily projects. Further explanation of the interim lyrics can be found here.

Songs of Days Project 2
Following a hiatus of over four years from daily songwriting and for the most part from writing lyrics altogether, On May 4, 2005 I started the second song of the day project with a goal of writing 10,000 consecutive songs. This work is ongoing. As with the posting of the first project, post titles for these songs include the numerical order of the song and the date for which it was written: to distinguish these songs from the first project, for the second project song number "n" is noted as 2.n (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc.).

On most Mondays I post a short graphical status report on my current songwriting project that looks like this:

926 : 1 ?


: These Icons indicate if I'm running a song backlog and if so how much (see key below)

926: Number of songs written in the current project

Note that I discovered in early March 2010 that I'd made a number of errors in the song count throughout the writing of these songs, so the all the figures for numbers of songs written that I posted prior to January 25, 2010 are off slightly. A longer explanation can be found here.

1: Most recent number of songs written consecutively without missing a day (resets to zero whenever I fail to write a song on its assigned day. My current record for continuity is in the low one hundreds)

?: links to this explanation.

Icon Guide

Songs are current. There is no backlog of work to do.

Songs are less than a week behind schedule.

Songs are between one week and a month behind schedule.

Songs are between a month and three months behind schedule.

Songs are more than three months behind schedule.
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