Thursday, August 17, 2017

2.1932 : 8/17/10 : Ants

Like ants that work all through the night
labor to consume a poison bite
but I can no more burn that oil
another hour I cease my toil
A metaphor to make your skin crawl
become an ant to have it all
but nothing in that state possess
except to give the all-one its yes
fear we are not built for it
running on greed and guilt and shit
like that the dimwit metaphysics
run like wired up paralytics
just a daydream that I had
a different way though it seems sad
we can't reclaim our roles as giants
guess we'll leave it all to the ants


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

2.1931 : 8/16/10 : The Continuity

Is there anything left driving this
besides the continuity
am I still letting dumbass
optimistic daydreams screw with me
I don't see myself
debuting this one on the stage
I don't see much I'm
optimistic about in this new age
Up from the oh's and on
into the tweens and teens
I fear a nasty adolescence
is imprinted in this century's genes
maybe the symbol that I
cling to like a holy grail
if I prop up my sad continuity
maybe the system will not fail


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

2.1930 : 8/15/10 : Butterfly Wing

If I could travel in time
it's tempting in a way
What I could find to fix
but that's the old cliché
In almost any day
the butterfly wing
If I can't keep it all
I guess I wouldn't change anything


Monday, August 14, 2017

2.1929 : 8/14/10 : This is Why

This is why persist:
because to persist is human
feel it in you blood and humors
bile and albumen
there is an ending
and it brooks no dispute
what is there in the face of it
except to be resolute
this is why we ask
because the questions haunt us
so we must be restless, eager
in the face of fears that daunt us
if you are reading, writing
that end hasn't happened yet
so you must persist in this
because there is no other outlet
another day
another try at starting
persistent but with no illusions
this is wisdom I'm imparting


Sunday, August 13, 2017

2.1928 : 8/13/10 : Thirteen

Do I believe n the song of the day?
And here it took me thirteen years to say
Yes I believe but I
don't know what it means
is it a choice I made or
something buried in my genes
God hit it over the head
with a shovel
drove it to the middle of a field
in the middle of the night
and buried it desperately
feverishly in the glare
of the headlights
and who died and made me the cops
the detective supposed to
follow the elusive trail
track it down
air it out
and dress it up like a holy grail
Who am I to
believe in anything
a nobody but still
butter fed and soft
but I have to believe in myself
nothing else is going to
keep this strange balloon aloft


Saturday, August 12, 2017

2.1927 : 8/12/10 : Dikes

Dikes are failing
right and left
and I don't know what's next
lately I don't
have the energy
to even get perplexed
And I don't have
the wherewithal
to try and plug a hole
I'm just trying to
locate the smoke
to track down my burning coal


Friday, August 11, 2017

2.1926 : 8/11/10 : Stone

If I can't let my grip up
on the obdurate stone
I've got a real bad feeling I am
going to hit that wall alone
I haven't got a ritual no more
I'm in free fall
and though it's self-fulfilling
I keep thinking of that wall
seems a whole big lot of people
see it going bad to worse
seems we're all feeling that feeling
getting passed by by the hearse
and the duty that is calling
feels like running to stand still
as I watch my restless scramble
trying to gather up my will


Thursday, August 10, 2017

2.1925 : 8/10/10 : Painkillers

Waiting for the painkillers
to kick in
waiting for the smooth ride
to begin
Good to take the edge off
it's okay
I've been good and it's been
a hard day
try to puzzle out the
riddle of pain
Does it prove god's a
delusion in my brain
is it just part of
a complete life
should I get a little more
at the tip of a knife
Well tonight I needn't
be so bold
if these old painkillers
just take hold
rock me to a deep and
silent sleep
pray to the God of pain
my whole to keep


Wednesday, August 09, 2017

2.1924 : 8/9/10 : Secret Worlds

These secret worlds that swallow me
aren't even cool
plagued by petty phantoms
the kingdom of a fool
lead to petty vices
lead to wasted hours
running from the obvious
stopping to smell the plastic flowers

Looking for a breaking point
looking for a breaking peak
that shatters every secret world
and frees my frozen tongue to speak
the answer could be anything
but nothing seems to stick
could it be that after ten long years
I'm still not sick of being sick


Tuesday, August 08, 2017

2.1923 : 8/8/10 : Mr. Genius

Mr. Genius
what a slick idea
do the same thing as before
act as if this time it'll free ya
put aside the work now
put aside regret
whatever it comes down to
it's the best you're going to get
and always there's another
until someday there is none
it goes against the principle
shall I hope this is not the one


Monday, August 07, 2017

2.1922 : 8/7/10 : Sad Discovery

Sad discovery
sadder still it's no surprise
days have little failures
that meet newly opened eyes
days have bigger failures
Unseen and coming down
appear and seem predictable
and here's the little frown
don't worry about tomorrow
you'd say that is the theme
can I get away with it tonight
and hope for nothing in a dream


Sunday, August 06, 2017

2.1921 : 8/6/10 : Disconnect

Trying to repair
the disconnect
between thought and expression
if you'll allow the paid respect
feeling disconnected
want to plug back in
hope the worries and cares
don't haul another stack in
hard to change gears
especially in these days
all the adversity
smears into one haze
but time will not stop
and free moments are few
think I'll take my chance at rest
and then wait for you


Saturday, August 05, 2017

2.1920 : 8/5/10 : Nice Work (If You Can Get It)

A joker and an artist
got an apartment in the sticks
played games and scribbled comics
I guess it beats throwing bricks
Now they've got a little empire
courtly soirées and a teevee show
making the circuit and doing good works
and still it just seems to grow
nice work if you can get it
nice story wish it were mine
nice work if you can get it
yeah I think it would suit me fine


put on your flaming hat

The inaccurately named "Enough" finds us at the end of Songs of Days volume 2.11, Black n' Red. Forthwith we march on to volume 2.12, Nice Work.


Friday, August 04, 2017

2.1919 : 8/4/10 : Enough

Enough and there will
be no ceremony
I want a million dollars
I want a fucking pony
I want my youth back
I want my health
and mastery and power
and time and wealth
enough there are you
done whining now
you look so stupid there
you stupid pining cow
enough of loving sloth
enough of crazy shouting
put on your flaming hat
let's off for a special outing
please just ignore it all
it's just me acting tough
and trying to get at least one thing right
I guess that has to be enough


Thursday, August 03, 2017

2.1918 : 8/3/10 : As for What I Am

And as for what I am
what shall I say and
what am I to tell
Some days it seems you've
woken from a long and
dreamless magic spell
to look around
bewildered wondering
just how it came to be
yet all the history is
there and you are there
as well and me
yes what of me
I haven't said much
thinking of the likes of great men
wondering if there's any
future like that
at all waiting for my pen


Wednesday, August 02, 2017

2.1917 : 8/2/10 : How Early

How early might the rise be
how late the night
if I made a little chart today
I might start getting it right
Hard not to imagine
every terrible road
and that since nothing can stay still
something is bound to explode
I know there's gotta be a better way
but I don't know what it looks likes
When I feel like I'm on the downhill
when I feel like I'm on the third strike
I saw the looks of sad contempt
well they don't understand
we just can't ever do things halfway
here in the good old promised land


Tuesday, August 01, 2017

2.1916 : 8/1/10 : Knock Out

Knock another sucker challenger
out with one punch
hope it bored you to the core
and now I'm going to eat your lunch
I don't care about nothing
but the counter's click
running up my numbers
I'm that kind of sick
Did you stumble to your feet
for another round?
almost feel bad knocking you
over with the big sound
I'll see you swept right up
with yesterday's trash
while I'm shining up my knuckles
Cause my shit's so cash


Monday, July 31, 2017

2.1915 : 7/31/10 : Cheated

If you think you feel cheated
hey think about me
and if it gets repeated
well I guess it just will be


Sunday, July 30, 2017

2.1914 : 7/30/10 : Or Get the Fuck Out

Answer now
answer now
or get the fuck out
will you deliver
or get the fuck out
You got got your gospel plow
Oh get the fuck out
but can you cross the river
bro get the fuck out
will you show me your reasons
get the fuck out
why it's all such a chore
hey get the fuck out
at the mercy of seasons
that get the fuck out
and swing like a great door
while I get the fuck out


Saturday, July 29, 2017

2.1913 : 7/29/10 : Month

Barely aware as the
moon swells and shrinks
barely believe
a man's not what he thinks
but the thinking just so
has got something to do with it
whether he founders
or follows right through with it
thirty days
thirty one
not very scientific, son
some anniversary
that doesn't mean a thing
gone to weeds
all the ground
I try to hear the surf pound
two thousand miles away
to the month's mistress they sing


Friday, July 28, 2017

2.1912 : 7/28/10 : Backed Up Against

Backed up against
the ever present fence
doubting my capacity
and surely my sagacity
poor lolling vacant mind
pretend the tide is turning
and those days are already behind


Thursday, July 27, 2017

2.1911 : 7/27/10 : Revision

Revision and remission and
the fusion of the vision
that could make the disparate parts
all sing out with the same commission
And where I once craved total peace
I've gone for plainer fare
And if you would see the land Revision
It happens I can take you there
Injunction and induction and
the restless forms of function
and the nights I lost unwinding
in the old absurd reduction
you can't pick it apart
though you might pick any point
the unraveling all ravels up again
articulate, all moving joints


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

2.1910 : 7/26/10 : Mr. Stupid

Mr. Stupid wants to be optimistic
but he's working with real bad material
Mr. Stupid gets worried by the smallest stuff
but the problems are a scale imperial
Mr. Stupid is glad that the missus
decided to keep her maiden name
because she doesn't deserve the title
because she doesn't play that stupid game
Mr. Stupid knows perfectly well
that this stupid night is a stupid dodge
a putting off of something inevitable
having to deal with the stupid messy hodgepodge
Maybe on some day not too distant
he'll get to once again feel like Mr. Smart
he can't quite give up though it's tempting
he has to pretend this is a stupid start


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

2.1909 : 7/25/10 : Prism

Refracted through the prism
I captured what I could
I lived the vital moment
I did what what I thought I should
It hurts to know it's partial
we only capture some
but I do it fully conscious
and am not deaf or dumb


Monday, July 24, 2017

2.1908 : 7/24/10 : Capture

I have to capture
the moment that occurs
and if it is messy
and hard to record
that is just the real
and in this moment
I truly feel
if you have to interpret
it is not so bad
the moment occurred
and I was glad


Sunday, July 23, 2017

2.1907 : 7/23/10 : Unfair

Unfair I say and I refuse
to be ruled over and
run around by arbitrary rules
and cruel imaginings
and stupid phantom thoughts
Move along these are not
the paranoids you sought
I need a better system
but for now I'll just cheat
at a contest no one cares about
where there's nobody else to beat
and I suppose if I'm the only one
who cares about this grind of mine
it's all the more a reason
that I have to walk that line


Saturday, July 22, 2017

2.1906 : 7/22/10 : Stellar

No thank you I refuse to sing that
no matter how true it is
or how much sense it makes
Let me tell you a lie about joy
and adventure around the corner
and a wild bet paying crazy stakes
Let me tell you a lie about change
it took exactly one day and
it stayed that way forever
there were no backslides and
there were no concessions
and it was just as easy as pulling a lever
feeling great and every day getting better
started out stratospheric
now you'd have to call it stellar
Yeah I'll sing that it couldn't hurt
any worse than another session in the cellar


2.1905 : 7/21/10 : Trains

The warm sound of trains
Northeast side
I can dream all I want to
but I'll never take that ride
And I can't say I feel bad
I've got obligations
that firmly preclude
riding the crazy stations
what are dreams worth
are they worth a nickel?
I don't even want to try
to cut that pickle
still something has to change
well something always does
and it pans out in its own way
just like it always does


2.1904 : 7/20/10 : Sufficient

What is sufficient?
I really need to know
So that I can prosper
So that I can grow
I guess things have been moving
but my God it's slow
will I figure out a damn thing
before I go
truly what's sufficient?
I must figure it out
why I'm still around here
what that fact's about
I'm trying to stay positive
trying not to pout
I fear the army's massing
and it's going to be a rout


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

2.1903 : 7/19/10 : Crash Come

If we all gave up
how much faster would the crash come
what if i just gave up
fixed my eyes on the cash and grabbed some.
maybe I'm just afraid
what if I sold out but no one was buying
back to being good but it doesn't matter
Christ what is the point of
Whatever you might think
the crash is not a delusion
though what it means nobody's sure
and its way is made straight by your confusion
if it feels inevitable
why do I have to toil toil in futile resistance
is it the off chance or some  principle?
I've still got no measure of the point
of persistence


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

2.1902 : 7/18/10 : Every Night

Find there's how it goes
the same way every night
there's how you get the
feeling nothing's going right
and if you think you'll find
the answer in a minute's work
in a few random scribbles
wait until you feel that jerk
the strand that snaps you
back into reality
And now you see it: the same old night
and every night you see
a little vision but it's
just not quite enough to deliver
that one swift kick
and so you settle for your sliver


Monday, July 17, 2017

2.1901 : 7/17/10 : Spirit Brother

I wonder if you saw me brother
my little shout hello
I wonder what your weather's like
could be rain or snow
sometimes it's nice not to
choose not to know so much
just that another brother's on the road
fill the world with songs, your special touch
I imagine my presence might offend you
I've been there if I might be so bold
I hope it's just my dumb mind again
hope you're better than me, not so cold
I sing a song for my spirit brother
really we are on the same side
maybe someday we will share a glass
raise a toast to the long strange ride


Sunday, July 16, 2017

2.1900 : 7/16/10 : What if Nothing Happens

What if nothing happens for a reason
what you did before was simply wrong
or you were born unlucky out of season
born to false turns, singing the wrong song
If there's no plan, is that freeing
no more preconceptions, right
no fate to be chasing or fleeing
nothing but me in the long night
I keep looking for the middle
cliché land between my brain and heart
such a dullard's pain, yeah life's a riddle
and I mostly stall before I start
Maybe nothing's really worse or better
Always just been same old ebb and swell
Maybe I could knock off one last fetter
And hey presto all is well


Saturday, July 15, 2017

2.1899 : 7/15/10 : Shame

It seems a shame, to be
stuck in this foolish loop
feeling hard pressed to help it
feeling mired in the soup
the little things are piling
and I it seems unequal
don't think that I can afford
to wait out for the sequel
I don't have a plot to pick up
I'm right down to scratch
I've felt cornered many times
but still this is one rough patch
but it isn't going to help me
to settle down at shame
I guess I have to try to believe
stand at least behind my name


Friday, July 14, 2017

2.1898 : 7/14/10 : It Still Sickens You

It still sickens you to see
each way we've failed
in the land of the free
what the news doesn't say
is almost as bad as what it does
and maybe worse some days
your prognostications were mainly true
You usually got things right
but you sure didn't hint what would happen to you
I guess it's likely you didn't know
there was always a lot of smoke with you
and you'd hinted you might up and go
I sort of hope you're someplace far
reinvented, sharp again
the better aspect, acerbic and bizarre


Thursday, July 13, 2017

2.1897 : 7/13/10 : These Nights

These nights
have got a lot to answer for
but I can't get into it now
Failed on most points
Made it on a couple
not much excuse
for taking a last bow
better than nothing
just doesn't cut it
out there on the floor
I guess I'll be back
pray a little better
but I don't expect much anymore


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

2.1896 : 7/12/10 : All Night

Up all night
only to fail of the morning
look upon the sad
story as a warning
this shaky platform
can go up or down
for the best of everyone
I think I should conceal this frown


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

2.1895 : 7/11/10 : This Is It

How do I feel if this is it?
That is the question I chew in the pit
Is it this that makes me suffer
Full exposure, no kind of buffer
Is this it? the moment eternal
pulsing through an act of the theater internal
It is this that I'm forever returning
to see all that it it it forever churning


Monday, July 10, 2017

2.1894 : 7/10/10 : The Nothingth

What feels like the first
is really the nothingth
because I violated
time or something
far less interesting
than it sounds
and even tough I don't get to count t
consequence abounds
I had a terrible dream
that it was genetic
and the way I tried to
dodge the blame was just pathetic
and all I want to do
as a result today is nothing
If could just lie face down
on the floor it would be the thing


Sunday, July 09, 2017

2.1893 : 7/9/10 : Good Story

Could I still tell
a good story
for myself
nobody else will
I suspect
but how I doubt
that could be
and what I expect
is another and another
and oh God those
same old same old songs
and is it just
lack of acceptance
The misery
the fool prolongs


2.1892 : 7/8/10 : Bad Path

Hear feet slipping on a
bad path, going down
already blew a bunch of things
bad thoughts go to town
maybe halfway through
at best
and feeling nowhere nowhere
I see the escalator down
and I don't want to
go there
has it been this
dark before
and does it matter
I wish someone would
lead me from
this bad path


Friday, July 07, 2017

2.1891 : 7/7/10 : The Screw

The screw turns deeper than expected
revealing what was long suspected
The error is a broken heart
or some more esoteric broken part
the error is bad analogy
the screw was in the way I couldn't see
Which seems now rather fatal to the test
and hard to protest that I did my best
and if i saw that plan again I'd burn it
but when I see that X i have to turn it
I'm not sure what it is breaking into now
but I have to learn to live with
the screw somehow


Thursday, July 06, 2017

2.1890 : 7/6/10 : Drowning

The dream is of drowning
and who am I fooling
deep down in my innards
ambition is pooling
and turning to something
tar black and disgusting
and all that I'm hating
and all I'm distrusting
just put that away
because it's not the night
to cease upon midnight
and fight that good fight
say maybe tomorrow
just like everyone
but then sometimes it is
by the sword, by the gun


Wednesday, July 05, 2017

2.1889 : 7/5/10 : Smokescreen

Deployment of the smokescreen
and similar techniques
Sometimes the moment merely passes
and sometimes it speaks
I'm going to try to get on track
and hope my good luck peaks
and maybe someday far ahead
I'll tell the tale to all my freaks


Tuesday, July 04, 2017

2.1888 : 7/4/10 : Fault

Ten years fly
nothing much changes
oh what a lie
all of reality rearranges
but there's still a fault
and it isn't just appearances
I'm not the sole one drowned in red ink
or banking on too many chances
Everyone believes in the fault
but never really thinks the quake will come
isn't it our way so predictable
so thoughtless and so dumb
out of words out of ideas
out of justifications
for persisting absent evidence
it's anything more than prostrations
before the dumb altar of a dead deity
something more I once thought I had
I guess I knew it was no easy ride
I really didn't think it would get this bad


Monday, July 03, 2017

2.1887 : 7/3/10 : The Long Goodbye

I'm not ready to let go
but there's no time for speaking
And I guess I better leave
before your poor eyes get to leaking
sometimes there's not a word to say
And yet you stare as the moments fly by
oh how you beg for just one more
day to drag out the long goodbye
sorry something's got my tongue
oh baby something's in my eye
and we both look like a mess
Well it sounds like the long goodbye
In the morning when you wake
something dragged you through grit and sand
Imagine I can barely smell
the dying perfume on my hand
think of arguments ten years old
a fight fought so long past
If I'd known then it wouldn't be settled yet
dear me I'd be aghast


Sunday, July 02, 2017

2.1886 : 7/2/10 : Patchwork Revelation

It turns out there are five elephants
and every one is blind
And sister you will not believe
The mess that riddle leaves behind
it turns out we're all chained outside
and all the good shit's in the cave
You can stitch a patchwork revelation up
if you've got years and years to slave
what to call one who never succeeds
and still refuses to stop
is it worth it staying up
waiting for the cosmic shoe to drop
if you've got enough pieces
if you're really desperate
you'll end up with some crazy quilt
lurid and intemperate


Saturday, July 01, 2017

2.1885 : 7/1/10 : Ultra Worm

Ultra worm the great purge
the twisting screw begets an urge
Pray to heaven for good news
'Cause lately I feel like the Devil stole my shoes
Oh great worm towering a mile
will you reset the clock, make me smile?
One more straw could bury me
What the hell Lord please stop scaring me
the small pain supplants the greater
something from long ago left a crater
a hole through the center of the doughnut
I'll be someplace else tomorrow this time no but
While I wait for the medicine to come to term
what can I do but offer thanks to the ultra worm
And get by like I always do
never quite what I imagine but I've still got you

Friday, June 30, 2017

2.1884 : 6/30/10 : Tomorrow

Worry not for tomorrow
is a hard lesson
And few have learned the trick
or so I'm guessing
I get it for a minute
every now and then
next thing I know I'm worrying
about tomorrow again
and I'd like it to be better
and I'd like it to be soon
but life keeps on intruding
till you all think I'm a loon
to be up again and writing
What I found written on the wall
blindly believing in tomorrow
that the sun will make his usual call
tomorrow take care of yourself
just one night you'll be fine
maybe when the next tomorrow is today
it will be the one that I make mine


2.1883 : 6/29/10 : Anxious

Little anxious ditty
too many anxious days
I got a bit of fear on
I got a bit of craze
a little bit of good news
not enough to pull me out
just trying to hold on
and figure what the rest's about


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

2.1882 : 6/28/10 : 4.5 Days

In four and a half days
I hope I'll start a smooth ride
after some probably not smooth moves
take a look at what's inside
maybe could have prevented it
bought a dozen years
hey it's a few thousand songs
listen then if you've got ears
I plan to rock that four point five
I plan to do it by the book
and if you've heard a few of mine
you know I plan to make it cook
So take my hand love once again
and tell me everything's all right
in just a couple thousand words' time
You will thrill how we take flight


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

2.1881 : 6/27/10 : Ideas

Out of ideas
nothing new on the stack
I guess I always find more
I guess they must grow back
how many times can you go
back to the empty well
write a song about how it's empty
eh what the hell
yeah what the hell
story of my life
or at least of tonight
and examples are rife
and the wrap up what a joke
nature of the beast
hope that I get better soon
or no worse at least


Monday, June 26, 2017

2.1880 : 6/26/10 : Unsure

Unsure of the
of the path I've chosen
free of notoriety
but impecunious
dare I say austere
Can't even pay to hire
some kid to call me sir
put it all together
you could say I'm doing fine
but I see so many paths
and the world's only one's mine
but if I am unsure
I am resolute
I feel so very ready
to be fired out of the chute


Sunday, June 25, 2017

2.1879: 6/25/10 : Old Rules

Old rules: day doesn't end
until you sleep on it
Stay up all night: create a
paradox that's a perfect fit
but you can't hack that heat anymore
and the thought of worst cases
freezes you to the core
and really only God
knows just what's in store
and the old rules still make sense
the old rules still apply
and if you're looking for a visionary
I must confess that I'm your guy
So don't say anything contradictory
why not just jump on
this bandwagon is rocking now
About to get its volume pump on
Why not rock the night away
you and me baby don't need no pay
Because the big sound is here to stay
and where would we go anyway?


Saturday, June 24, 2017

2.1878: 6/24/10 : My Big Routine

To you who has been so long suffering
unknown observer
I present my big routine
dancing tigers, elephants and fireworks
dragons and dark arts
all who see will marvel at my smarts
So much practice
I must be perfect by now
observe the wand, the cup and ball
the majesty of the sacred cow
scared of the future
my big routine is all about the past
but that is over soon
and I stand by
to reveal this grand repast


Friday, June 23, 2017

2.1877: 6/23/10 : Mount the Needle to the Hammer

Mount the needle to the hammer
then bring the hammer down
Mount the needle to the hammer
then bring the hammer down
Mount the needle to the hammer
then bring the hammer down
no you never heard anything
hit like this sound
wrist is the fulcrum
I will smash your hokum
Shatter every platter
better get down search for your crumb
diamond on the needle
needle on the hammer
if sick beats
 were outlawed
I'd be in the slammer
Mount the needle to the hammer
then bring the hammer down


Thursday, June 22, 2017

2.1876 : 6/22/10 : Stay Warm

I suppose
this again
no need to tell me
I can see
I'm boring you friend
but I've got my orders
it's got its form
you've got to hustle
just to stay warm
but that's quite enough
no need to overdo
thanks for the report
now back to you


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

2.1875 : 6/21/10 : Imperfect Backup

Blame imperfect backup
for the state the wisdom's in
Caught twelve years in a loop
waiting to feel ready to begin
whoever was supposed to have my back
did not come through
but I'm still here and that is something
just between myself and you
I coulda lost a lot more
coulda got a lot more done
But somehow gets me to this point
decision made and damn your fun
Pray the new system
is a good deal more robust
for now leaves the imperfect backup
and I'll use it if I must


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

2.1874 : 6/20/10 : Vicious Viscous

Vicious viscous
time destroyer
supreme annoyer
cut some slack
in recognition
of my blameless
false position


2.1873 : 6/19/10 : One Eye

One eye clean
one eye mean
excuse me sir I am
enmeshed in the machine
I built it myself
I was my own only
Santa's elf
and this is the mark
that will show
the break: clean
filled with strange delight
I won the
wrongly chosen fight
and I will call
my perseverance
if it might end here
for once I'll try to make
it clear
the best I've got:
the portion
of the Sphere


Sunday, June 18, 2017

2.1872 : 6/18/10 : The Game

The game sucks! it's full of fail
It's petty ruleset is beyond the pale
are you satisfied? Are you entertained?
I tried I squinted till my eyes strained
First rule of the real game
is stay up all night
Second rule of the real game
is get into a fight
last rule of the real game
is lie down and die
Pray to God you don't let
everything in between pass you by
I'm waiting for the real game
I'm patient i know my name
five hundred forty, three thousand twelve
they must satisfy themselves
while my core plays the real game
baby nothing will ever be the same


2.1871 : 6/17/10 : Bent

Time seems all bent out of shape
and disarranged
stuff that went down a few days back
I already feel estranged
hey that guy isn't me
that doesn't reflect my views
in light of the developments
in context of the news
I'm already against that joker
up there in the future
he's forgotten where he came from
the cheap pathetic moocher
If I had it to do again
whoops I guess I do
I'd tell them all to get bent
and wait oh so patiently for you


Friday, June 16, 2017

2.1870 : 6/16/10 : Human

You want to gauge the human condition
you don't have to go out on a search mission
It's all on the line these days
And not much worth the look anyways
Only a human could be so vile
there's a higher state but we're off by a country mile
still fighting wars and messing up the atmosphere
don't buy it? Gee man do you live here
Plain as our stupid shocked faces
There is that who sees all hidden places
Into my dark heart my bleak bottom
Oh the angels are out there, you just have to spot them
And me, only human, will at last expire
And still with no idea who lit that fire


Thursday, June 15, 2017

2.1869 : 6/15/10 : Threshold

I can't even step across that threshold
If I don't want to meet a beast that's so old
That room I've been in so damn many times
From back when quarters were packs
and calls were dimes
And with nowhere on earth else to go
just standing here I guess I know
that I crossed it before I even thought better
and will awake soon at the jerk of the fetter


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

2.1868 : 6/14/10 : Terrible Thing

You know that God could be
a terrible thing
so terribly aware
and you -
you don't know anything
keep smacking into that
window, fly
one thing you can say for God
we all eventually
get to die
I didn't say it
but it bears consideration
we may be nothing but
divine recreation
You can't deny
that it explains
a lot of terrible things
and I'm terrible for saying it
even so hope
eternal springs


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

2.1867 : 6/13/10 : Black Out

At times I day dream of a blackout
that doesn't end
if you don't think it could happen
to this society friend
you must not be paying attention
or perhaps you just prefer
not to heed the ugly options
what's the point of raising a stir
soon the batteries would run out
Soon we couldn't pump our gas
Generators getting scarce
who knows what would come to pass
I think about it when the lights go
well it always turns out right
So I suppose I'm like the rest
think nothing to turn on the light


Monday, June 12, 2017

2.1866 : 6/12/10 : No Markers

You become aware of time
as looped and seamless
no ends of weeks
no hours no days
no vacations
no days off for sickness
no markers, no point in displays
awake or sleeping
lucid or dreaming
conscious or unconscious
independent of all thought
or so I theorize
as my life burns before my eyes
proceeding inexorable
toward an apparent nought


Sunday, June 11, 2017

2.1865 : 6/11/10 : Weakness

The weakness will not
leave the body
the weakness will not
leave the mind
I could tell you just
what I think of you
but I was brought up
not to be unkind
it's time to accept
a much lesser lot
but I'm starting to think
I just don't know how to
And if I accept that
where the hell does it end
what ugly idol do I
have to bow to?


Saturday, June 10, 2017

2.1864 : 6/10/10 : Nadir

Nadir, that's the bottom, yo
bad news, probably not
but I'll pretend it's so
the thing about
the shape I'm in
is it's well beyond
motivation or sin
and however ready I felt to begin
the dice roll how they roll
attrition takes its toll
and the nadir could be lower
than I can bear to contemplate
and I just have to swallow that
because it's almost early it's so late


Friday, June 09, 2017

2.1863 : 6/9/10 : Came Back

I came back just to say
that all day and everyday
I'm down begging on my knees
show me the better way

I don't want to be rich
just to crawl into the black
Don't think I'm fit to save the world
just want to give a little back

You wouldn't think such mild
aspirations would be such a fancy flight
but in an abandoned and forsaken world
I guess they just might


Thursday, June 08, 2017

2.1862 : 6/8/10 : No Rest

No rest
no true rest
I don't believe it's meaningful
don't believe it's a test
but I don't have to
bow to it
though I can't shake free
I don't have to contribute
in that tiny way I'm free


Wednesday, June 07, 2017

2.1861 : 6/7/10 : The Great Leap Forward

The great leap forward
powered by the battery
oh let me daydream for one night
oh let me dabble in self-flattery
If I really believed
If I really had faith
If Grace is truly limitless
as it is written, so sayeth
This could be the Great leap forward
ending many false trails
Starting many great tales
Free of so many false grails


Tuesday, June 06, 2017

2.1860 : 6/6/10 : Backwards

Everything is getting backwards
finding all the frayed dropped threads
a maze of splintering loose ends
because ofs mixed with insteads
try to put a marker on it
hold my hand remembering
been down that line this line the other
backwards I guess must be the thing
habits that are not making me stronger
I know what I have to do but
retracing the steps is hard
harder than staying in the rut
but I just have the day to mind
poised on the hour between one, another
help me father help me mother
help me wife, son, sister, brother


Monday, June 05, 2017

2.1859 : 6/5/10 : Songs

Songs, jams
Krog thank-you-ma'ams
we cooked up a few for sure
rise, fall, paracetamol
there was something in it, pure
there's no need to fret
or hedge any bet
do it right the first time
rise, take control
do a deal for your own soul
I'll sell it to you for a dime
no shtick here. pure noise
and if its clean line annoys:
remember to breathe and shut your eyes
it doesn't wrap like you suspect
it's maybe a little perfect:
a thing forgotten remembered, then: surprise


Sunday, June 04, 2017

2.1858 : 6/4/10 : The Latest Weekend

The latest weekend
the latest song you've got to sing
post structure
post reaction
post-ism, post everything
if you la la la
if you coo coo cuchoo
You know it's out there
it's going to find you
no more ists, istics or izing
the possibilities are paralyzing
but you latest weekend kids
you've gotta move move move
you dance all thought away
nobody to approve
co-opt or package
nothing's for sale
and there's a hole
in the bottom of the pail


Saturday, June 03, 2017

2.1857 : 6/3/10 : Your Are Here

You are here, and nowhere else
can't build experience from nothing but yourself
can't change the past, take a thing back or add
what you missed you missed and will be unsatisfied
I am here, and it's all what now what now
The joke is when I get that I'll be swallowed up in how
but something has to change, and something has to give
It's hard enough to get up, hard enough to live
This is not the change, this is not the shift
this is not the sign of the cloud about to lift
no harbinger of change, no changes in the wind
nothing at all on which to get hopes pinned
just a blurry map
an X marked you are here
And whether I get up or sit
will take its own sweet time I fear


Friday, June 02, 2017

2.1856 : 6/2/10 : Condition

If a name has been given
to the condition
the treatment is known
but is kept from fruition
this can't be dismissed
as a phase of contemplation
it is its own condition
a unique creation
the lists have been made
the search completed
Still day after day
the resolve is defeated
still day after day
the conviction remains
obscured though it is
by the layers of stains
I've got nothing to say
it's all been said before
one more day, one more day
staring at the black door


Thursday, June 01, 2017

2.1855 : 6/1/10 : In the Bone

This poison this cancer this bell that tolls
Some black humor bred in the bone
these back water pest holes
hours I spent sunk in alone
how many times did I pray for release
how long how long how long
never once did the poison's flow cease
another day it seems just as strong
I'd like to promise a turn of the page
Lord knows I've done it before
Can't seem to buy into a new age
guess I better hoist my bones off the floor


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

2.1854 : 5/31/10 : Same Dream

Every day fail to balance on the beam
every night every night the same dream
or maybe only similar
It's all sure as hell familiar
Whatever I say tomorrow it won't mean a thing
No matter how long I push the pendulum will swing
And the same dream or similar harasses me
Every night I have to fight to let sleep happen to me
Every night I fight the same stupid little battle
Every day I sigh and climb back up into the saddle
Will this storm stop for a while now or just get worse
Is there any good damn reason for this curse
do I have the right to piss and moan just a little
you seem to have time
to listen to me rhyme
while you saw that fiddle


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

2.1853 : 5/30/10 : Crazy

We keep doing what we're doing
expecting a different result
someone said that that was crazy
But I say it's not our fault
Because when you run out of ideas
what else are you going to do
it doesn't matter if you know it's crazy
You can't stand to do nothing so you have to
do it all again and just feel crazy
do it until every reason's hazy
the sides the speeches the fighters and teachers
the acts and manifestos oh we're crazy creatures
way too late I think I see a different way
some other organization, no icons no leaders
who do I think I am just another crazy
how many have tried unseen unheeded
You can't change human nature
Which is crazy so we're doomed
concluded so went away and the
same old same old resumed


2.1852 : 5/29/10 : Waste

Here it goes again
and it's going to waste
miss another chance
to declare a place
as the landing strip
or the turning point
or the launch pad
or the cursed joint
So set by the way
tapping out and down
no chance of wrestling the future
to the fucking ground
hang that fucker up
Say you've seen his game
Say it makes no never
say it's all the same


Sunday, May 28, 2017

2.1851 : 5/28/10 : Dark Path

The dark path again
the hard math again
I could say my head was spinning
but really nothing's moving
Unforeseen blank again
Back in the tank again
New fears still beginning
nothing here worth proving
going up then down
shake my cup in town
could you spare half a penny
brother are you getting any
lost the thread it's gone
drag this bed along
that I've left unmade
lie in dirt instead


2.1850 : 5/27/10 : Brief

State your case and make it brief
You'll not be asked again
the judge will render unto you
a reason for how when
You thought you were on the edge
of something like success
bad luck and more bad luck came
another crazy mess
there do you feel better now
with reason in your hand
no better off no real response
but leave the witness stand
the line is stretching out the door
they all want to state
their cases to the authority
we're sure you can relate


Friday, May 26, 2017

2.1849 : 5/26/10 : No Marker

No marker this time
no true count
no way to know or guess
the actual amount
is that a gimmick
some kind of trick
Regardless I'm just hoping
this time it will stick
So many so many
So how to believe
that I might still have
a surprise up my sleeve
one day and another
burn each bridge so carefully
leaving back no line or marker
what remains is only me


Thursday, May 25, 2017

2.1848 : 5/25/10 : Throwaways

Having learned not one thing
from all the other throwaways
I hang the shame I'll wince at
in a couple thousand days


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

2.1847 : 5/24/10 : Power Trip

No defeat
I want a rising beat
and something to get
So many people on their feet
a tongue's slip
is it really just a power trip
Say you want to liberate
or just to have them in your grip
So hard to believe
with so many dead dreams to grieve
like it's going to fall together
when all the flesh starts to heave
hey I just want a little show
nowhere special, a dozen go
no power trip, talk right
over me after all what do I know


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

2.1846 : 5/23/10 : Bow

Tie every loose end
in a neat neat bow
throw the bottle far enough
hope you catch the undertow
I want every ending
to be happy, not sad
every little thing good
Why not? nothing bad
we get tons of realism
in this life
mountains of cold pragmatism
buying strife
I'll take a happy ending
when I'm feeling low
pack all up neatly and
deliver with a bow


Monday, May 22, 2017

2.1845 : 5/22/10 : Evidence

Cover up the evidence
of continued wasting of life
throw up a front, spare no expense
poke it and dig around with the knife
so full of venom
so full of rage
so empty of the wherewithal to fill another page
tick on like an old spring clock
I don't know what the hell is winding me
mulling over, taking stock
you're taking your damn good time finding me
one in a million means so little down here
means lost among the thousands
and one thing's clear
you've got to cover up the evidence
try to look important
it will mean nothing fifty years hence
So let's not talk about the elephant
standing by in this small room
also don't mention it's a tomb


Sunday, May 21, 2017

2.1844 : 5/21/10 : Days

What is the story
of all these days that get away
doing something wrong I'm sure
but do not know what else to say
the story of the moment
to the moment is compelling
but when I try to justify
it just feels like I'm selling
and really who is buying it
anyone besides me?
selling a number
a title, some fantasy
the lone creator
the genius in his toil
praying something worthwhile
sprouts out of this base soil


Saturday, May 20, 2017

2.1843 : 5/20/10 : Shameful

Too many reminders
of shameful little ditties
Why blazoned in capitals
the stupids and the pretties
any story of what it's for
crashes on the evidence
of random words and lines
that do not make a lick of sense


Friday, May 19, 2017

2.1842 : 5/19/10 : Status

Everybody's checking the status
It seems to be okay
knock on wood for now
check a little deeper another day
not what I expected no
Guess that it never is
always these reminders
Not my time, all His
Thank you for the status check in
thanks for asking after
hope in not too much time
I'll refer to it all with laughter


Thursday, May 18, 2017

2.1841 : 5/18/10 : Suspend

Tonight I will not
suspend my disbelief
that it matters what
I pull out of the teeth
of grief
or the eternal thief
Tonight I'll take
Whatever I can get
and if you're the type
to place a bet
I'd caution you to let
your better judgement favor any debt


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

2.1840 : 5/17/10 : Recursion

Feel the pull of recursion again
its the nature of the universe
of life itself my friend
iterate, reiterate to no clear end
and speaking of endings, maybe
that's missing the whole point
the process is the whole show
no terminus or joint
Does that mean I'm fine?
Does that mean I'm a success
does that mean there's a silver lining
in this God-forsaken mess
Go over it and over it
ten years, ten more
soon a strange recursion of a young man's
knocking on my door


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

2.1839 : 5/16/10 : Monster of Impatience

I want to name this monster
of impatience for you so bad
my finest little friend
Because it will be too long
until you can finally
I look for answers
in books and prayer
these days I'd try to
seek it anywhere
and I swear I will
get better
at making the monster tame
and until then I can only
remind you
it doesn't really
share my name


Monday, May 15, 2017

2.1838 : 5/15/10 : Cries

Everyone cries
even tough guys like me
all those billions and billions of tears
filled up the great salt sea
the world is so sad
and there's so little we can do
and asking why won't get you anywhere
that's something I know is true
Everyone cries
kings and presidents
Queens and parliaments
it makes no matter
they cry over movies
they cry over our graves
cry for the ones that nothing saves
over pages tears spatter
I cry when I need to
I cry when I must
but I often can't when I want to
I guess something to do with trust


Sunday, May 14, 2017

2.1837 : 5/14/10 : Ghosts

I feel the ghosts of graves and guns
ghost of old pains
through my channels it runs
I said please make it easier
So you make it harder
honestly do you think
this ordeal's making me smarter
Because I don't feel smarter
I feel dumb as a spike
that got pounded on the wrong end
a good fifty strikes
and these ghosts swirling round
they aren't telling me squat
least of all who the hell's
bad luck I caught


Saturday, May 13, 2017

2.1836 : 5/13/10 : Bright Side

Does your
two headed penny
have a bright side, bright side
heads you win, heads you win
which is my side?
reviewing past performance
I may not have been so great
at looking for the bright side
what would you say
has made me strong?
What would you say has made me well?
What makes me sick and weak and sad?
What makes this sour dust taste
What makes a prison cell
What makes us feel that we've been had?
Does your
two headed penny
have a bright side, bright side
heads you win, heads you win
which is my side?


Friday, May 12, 2017

2.1835 : 5/12/10 : A Word

Could I have a word with you
you Lord
if that's the word
for something that seems
only to wield silence
or a sword
the thing is
I can't make this
math work out
and this cheap postcard
I got sent seems
to smirk, pout,
sneer, disappear
Sorry I guess I can't remember
what the word was
and the answer always
seems to be just because
so it doesn't seem much worth it
to remember or say


Thursday, May 11, 2017

2.1834 : 5/11/10 : Break Out

Break out today though some
bars I'll carry with me
some new some old I'm
hoping for renewing
of some old dreams dry dreams
stale and choked with dust
that nasty jolt we hit hurt
but it shook off some rust
no doubt there will be time
For the bright talk to lose its shine
but I'm used to the ups and downs
I can tell which voice is mine
and it's good enough now
to see the bright side in beating this bout
and getting up and getting home
and breaking out


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

2.1833 : 5/10/10 : Nomad Middle

In this nomad middle, a field
of dreams
some interesting some so dull
though sent in on the same beams
the nomad is me a solo traveler
of arid seas
and the middle well
this middle here
is the forest I can't see for the


Tuesday, May 09, 2017

2.1832 : 5/9/10 : If This is What it Takes

If this is what it takes
to slow me down enforce a break
I guess I'm learning it
If the medium's the message
and the message is to stop
I guess I'm learning it
Well I didn't think I
would be quite so dense
I would wait so long
to get off the fence
but if this is what it takes
to lose a little control
I guess I needed that
Oh I recall so many
early warning calls
I wish I'd heeded that


Monday, May 08, 2017

2.1831 : 5/8/10 : I Would Say

I would say
this day has not
ended for me yet
and I did not
suspect even a
fraction of what I'd get
I will take my
free pass on this
small matter
not enough
to pain or
make my thoughts scatter
it's an experience
I can say that much for sure
not what I'd ask for
but you can't say it's not pure


Sunday, May 07, 2017

2.1830 : 5/7/10 : Phone

Bitch shut off your phone - bitch shut off your phone - bitch shut off your phone: bitch please shut off your phone - just turn the damn thing off if you want to be left alone - just turn off your damn phone - bitch turn off your damn phone
If you look you'll find a little button on the top
Just hold it down and all those calls you're hating on will stop
And put it in your purse now that wasn't hard you see
and also on the plus side it will save your battery
Bitch shut off your phone - bitch shut off your phone - bitch shut off your phone: bitch please shut off your phone - just turn the damn thing off if you want to be left alone - just turn off your damn phone - bitch turn off your damn phone
hawking products in your videos makes you a whore
they may call it new burlesque, it's grinding on the floor
nothing at all there someone didn't do before
more hype more ads more clothing bads I thought there would be more
Bitch shut off your phone - bitch shut off your phone - bitch shut off your phone: bitch please shut off your phone - just turn the damn thing off if you want to be left alone - just turn off your damn phone - bitch turn off your damn phone
there's a button on the top that'll make it stop, turn off your goddamn phone
there's a button on the top that'll make it stop, turn off your goddamn phone



Saturday, May 06, 2017

2.1829 : 5/6/10 : The Hole

Not feeling like suppressing
all the hate tonight
It's flowing fully freely
and I feel great tonight
prone to no vices
Yeah day zero again
I'm hammering on the gates
motherfucker let me in
Could I feel smaller
Sir, no, I could not
While you pull your force majeure
on one other's battle fought
to you sir is my deepest bow
my forehead hits the floor
and crashes right down through it
sorry I can't offer more
but the hate will keep me occupied
my hands from idle work
my eyes from seeking out offense
until I feel the jerk


Friday, May 05, 2017

2.1828 : 5/5/10 : Could Be the Start

This could be the start
of something good or bad
end up feeling like a King
or feeling I've been had
trying to take a step up and another
trying to take my own advice
just trying to find something that's good enough
I'd want to do it twice
It looks so much like the old
hard to convince myself it's new
it could really be the start
if I believed that was true
trying to take a step up and another
trying to take my own advice
just trying to find something that's good enough
I'd want to do it twice
I wrote the rest already
in a vision or a dream
though it seemed so much better there
such things are never as they seem
trying to take a step up and another
could be the start up to the top
just trying to find something that's good enough
that I never want it to stop


Thursday, May 04, 2017

2.1827 : 5/4/10 : Slower

Harder time
is always slower time
I can almost appreciate
still the work chime
goes off constantly
and I am dragging see
as I try try try
to go about it patiently
couldn't be sweet, easy
and go slow too
another long turn around
another day is through
gone past in slower speed
stuffing in so much need
and I am the bullet now
only one voice I heed


Wednesday, May 03, 2017

2.1826 : 5/3/10 : Situation

I can't retreat I cannot stand
I can only sit here with a clenched hand
this situation what a mess
I should stop watching the news
and reading all these clever people
with their clever views
I try to do right I try to be just
but all around me all I hear is
must must must
they tell me what's necessary
it just doesn't seem right
and the situations been
keeping me up too many nights
I can turn off the box
I can stop the Reed
I wont' change anything anyway
maybe I get my chance to need
it doesn't quite satisfy
and it's sure no vacation
isn't that just like
the situation


Tuesday, May 02, 2017

2.1825 : 5/2/10 : Specifics

I'm ready to give up
on the specifics
I'm dreaming oh God
of the Pacific
That chance is gone
and it might be so long
before the creed
of possibility
sings me the next song
I should be happy
What the hell, I am
my daily quotient
of come-ons and spam
I'm not going to complain
or whine, or cry
I'll just stand up
and weep
'cause I'm a stand-up


Monday, May 01, 2017

2.1824 : 5/1/10 : The Rats

In anticipation
of a quick collapse
stockpiling procedures
while the gentry claps
I suspect the system
can't adapt near fast enough
and you'll see the rats' abandonment
when it gets rough
some say we've got
comeuppance coming
doing the black tails
when we should be slumming
Well I just shrug my shoulders
and I shake my head
we've got our sins and privileges
but still we all wind up dead


Sunday, April 30, 2017

2.1823 : 4/30/10 : What Is/Maybe So

What is life?
It's a chemical reaction
maybe so
it's a series of retractions
maybe so
What is why?
it's a meaningless oration
maybe so
a vapid exclamation
maybe so
What is love?
it's a series of decisions
maybe so
it's a lifetime of revisions
maybe so
maybe so
or maybe not


Saturday, April 29, 2017

2.1822 : 4/29/10 : Aspire

Do I aspire to this grim profession
Scrivener, scribbler
might make an impression
on some callow youth
inspire in them an outburst
The balance in the bankbook though
traditionally thus cursed
remembrance of
you peek a boo past
like a head in a vice
with your foot in a cast
in ten more years
they might call it art
while I watch a little more
of the world fall apart


Friday, April 28, 2017

2.1821 : 4/28/10 : Later

Later man I wished
I learned and then I fished
Ignorant of depth
or the ways, or the tides
I tried so hard to do it
without choosing sides
and when the stranger advised me
to switch up for one last cast
I did as I was told
but I could think of nothing but the past


Thursday, April 27, 2017

2.1820 : 4/27/10 : Cheat

Hell yeah I'll cheat
Why not? You do
with your heads I win, tails I lose
crackerjack voodoo
considering the
shape that I'm in
You can take the rules and
shove them in your exit bin
like any of it matters
five years or ten
or the reason some dim night
I chose to start up again
While the true quill always
comes and goes
You push me one inch more
I swear we'll come to blows


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

2.1819 : 4/26/10 : Any More

What exactly are you looking for?
I don't really know why
I ask that any more
it's obvious not a thing makes sense
and expecting reasons
makes me sound so dense
I don't eve have a right to complain
still it's real trouble
and real pain
and if I stop looking for
things to signify
I guess I'll just push on
until the day I die


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

2.1818 : 4/25/10 : The Corpse

No rush to destroy
the house though it is dead
and flesh is falling off the bone
while we go on living in the head
the eyes are windows now
where lips were is a gate
no tongue lies ready
this is the corpse's grim estate
I pray that it goes slow enough
I pray we can hold on
though its fate waits
for all of us
and finds us all no matter how far gone
the corpse is the reminder
the corpse is the retreat
this gross estate we fester in
the fate of all dead meat


Monday, April 24, 2017

2.1817 : 4/24/10 : The Question (Ten Years On)

Ten years on
the question comes
long after the answer is forgotten and gone
the bottle broken
the ammunition damp
the vestiges gone off
on some great Cosmic tramp
pretend that it's a riddle
and not just some damn mess
a pig's still a pig
If you put it in a dress
Still it's neat to have the question
something tough to chew
while I wait and wait
and wait
to be told what to do


Sunday, April 23, 2017

2.1816 : 4/23/10 : Nice Planet

Well it seems like a nice planet
still despite all the stuff
these days
that temperature thing
all the concrete everywhere
so many of us
and the theory that crime pays
fast as we're cooking
it goes so slowly
we'll all be dead
and hardly even see
our crazy extent
I try to stay positive
despite it all imagine
some solution state
all of us
under the big tent


Saturday, April 22, 2017

2.1815 : 4/22/10 : Expecting Death

Expecting death
is not pessimism
and in that simple horror tale
is the root of the death of -ism
and yet to dwell on it
is to poison what is sweet
in life and little as there is
it's a shame to waste the tender meat
Expecting ends
ages, civilizations
deaths of economies
and media and occupations
the only solution
that I've ever found
is to be here now
feet on ordinary ground


Friday, April 21, 2017

2.1814 : 4/21/10 : Box

Maybe the box has gotten too small
no more experience to mine at all
the worm turns and chomps its tale
I try to look up and out but I fail
I tell myself not to get angry but I do
I'd happily blame the whole thing on you
bitter protests from inside the box so small and plain
So I'm shallow and a whiner but it's a real pain
And it's catch 22 to be in it
I want to escape but can't find the resources to begin it
nothing to write about nothing to sing
nothing to build on don't have anything
that's so untrue but the box steals my breath
and it's so hard in here not to dwell on death


Thursday, April 20, 2017

2.1813 : 4/20/10 : Needle

There's only one needle: it's a diamond tip
There's only one vein: rests in a vinyl grip
heard about your junkies
and the hypoderm
there's no spot in my lexicon
for such a term
There's only one needle: it's a diamond tip
There's only one vein: rests in a vinyl grip
drop it every hour, always throwing
the tech is obsolete but it just keeps going
There's only one needle: it's a diamond tip
There's only one vein: rests in a vinyl grip
a vinyl valley, an exquisite groove
been around so long there's nothing left to prove
Just the only needle, the diamond tip
resting so delicious in its vinyl grip


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

2.1812 : 4/19/10 : Fried Egg Chili Chutney Sammie

Fried egg chili chutney sammie
and if you get the reference
hey you're my man, see
thanks for the memories
all you who remember
Some April, some May
Some July some December
there's a perfectly reasonable
explanation for everything
and if I can just recall
well then how I'll sing
I feel satisfied
I'll suffer later
take a nap then
and hell with the haters
and leave it like that
just let me take one last square
from my silly hat


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

2.1811 : 4/18/10 : Wondering

If I can't figure out the math
and I know I can't
if you're the great space station
to my tiny little ant
then if I could just ask for
one thing today
would you please make
all of this wondering go away
I don't believe in it at all
I know it's all wasted thought
I better just feel lucky
pray to keep what I've got
between the rising sun in space
and the great sea thundering
I don't see why I can't just
give up all this wondering
tell me it's all for a reason
tell me you've got a plan
Why bother trying to grasp
the greatest greater than


Monday, April 17, 2017

2.1810 : 4/17/10 : Doing Right

Doing right
but I still don't
feel like I'm winning
not enough
this rope I'm hanging on
is thinning
get through this
get through that
just more comes down
and I guess
it's time to give up
on this ghost town


Sunday, April 16, 2017

2.1809 : 4/16/10 : Situation

Asked to choose fame and fortune
or the world's salvation
well nobody believe's that's possible
it's a bad situation
and the whole ball of wax is just fantasy time
my usual grandiose dreams
I've got my little row to hoe
while I pick over my hopeless schemes
how many years how many years gone past
since I thought I saw I though I saw the wave
and just when I decide to give it all away
I look around and can't find one thing to save
the world doesn't want it, people don't want it
and I don't have it so really what the hell?
It's a strange world coming and I'm in it up to here
just another dupe with no principles to sell


Saturday, April 15, 2017

2.1808 : 4/15/10 : Enough Again

Maybe tomorrow
tomorrow and tomorrow and
but today I've had
enough again
and more to come
and no master plan
maybe no plan at all
no original fall
only luck no direction
So I think in my dejection
maybe tomorrow
the big big deal
the more than enough for once
the advent of Is Real


Friday, April 14, 2017

2.1807 : 4/14/10 : For Old TImes' Sake

For old times' sake
I'll fly old colors
nothing of strength
nothing of valor
could be harder
but that's no comfort
gotta be strong soon
and defend the old fort


Thursday, April 13, 2017

2.1806 : 4/13/10 : Pull

Something flapping madly in the skull
something tapping in the chest
and a furious pull
No vessel to delivery this
angry rant
no cleric to receive this
disappointed chant
But if I don't spill it out
pull the plug somehow I'll spout
it scalding on the wrong wrong
How I wish there were
a handy devilish cur
here to get my curse on
I get nothing but
22 grey lines on a page
and seven minutes while I
Sit and feel my body age
and can't even use up what I've got
nothing to do but pull out and leave it to rot


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

2.1805 : 4/12/10 : You Call This a Mission

Maybe I was unclear
I wasn't on a hunt for more bad luck
I wasn't looking for another chain to bolt on
If fact I was hoping to get unstuck
You call this a mission?
Is this your sense of humor
I don't think I like you so much anymore
not sure I want to be your consumer
You call this a mission
you call this a mission
I'd be better off burning trees
and vegetating on the television
you call this a mission
well I've got a new deal
stay out of my damn way
what you won't give I'll steal


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

2.1804 : 4/11/10 : Middle

What in the world to call a story
that begins and begins
always waiting for a middle
for a mission for my sins
I trust the end to care for itself
strange as that might seem
but this restless churning of beginning
cracks me like a fever dream
and a the moment of decision
once again I jumped the gun
but I will not agonize
it could occur to anyone


Monday, April 10, 2017

2.1803 : 4/10/10 : Gut

Hey the next remark
comes down to the gut
are you confused?
focus: eh, what?
cultivate a crop
harvest at the right time
if you want it, age it:
this time's dime
not this year, perhaps
the next
if you are confused, perplexed
look back
and remember
the next chance
will be NEXT


Sunday, April 09, 2017

2.1802 : 4/9/10 : Dumb

Feeling so dumb as moronic vice
tries to suck me in
if I've paid that piper twice
I've paid him ten
resistance so half hearted
it will be a miracle
If I net one step past the place I started
the zero empirical
tired of feeling like there's two
of me stuffed in here
and though I shouldn't rely on you
it makes my path less clear
to be up late here on my own
to wrestle with ideas
whose dark sides seem to have daily grown
and never ever free us


Saturday, April 08, 2017

2.1801 : 4/8/10 : Offense

Taking offense too easily
by people suffering far more than fools like me
and then again is it so hard just not to be vile
but I'm sick, my meter's off, I've lost my style
a good offense, a big stick, better a gun
I feel it getting personal, but you're not anyone
to me, a stranger
sad facts thin, strung on a long line
and me with bigger fish to fry, humping up this incline
So leave it unresolved and sitting on the fence
and if I never glance your way again
please do not take offense


Friday, April 07, 2017

2.1800 : 4/7/10 : No Credit

No credit for you
this is all me
no reflection on me
I'm not strong or mighty
I guess I'll follow through
on the promise so dull
and pray on my way down
something can breach our hull
but if it sinks or rises
no credit for you
you float way up there uninvolved
just like you always do


Thursday, April 06, 2017

2.1799 : 4/6/10 : Decision Double Standard

You've got a nice double standard
when it comes to decisions
Well it's not just decisions
I suppose
I fail it means everything
succeed it means nothing
well I'm well acquainted
with these emperor's clothes
but failing doesn't fix it
it still isn't worth it
such a nice system
tails I lose
and it all ends the same
nobody wins the game
So why in the hell
do you force me to choose?


Wednesday, April 05, 2017

2.1798 : 4/5/10 : No Entrance

Less concerned with getting out
than finding some way in
whatever once seemed clear a while
is drowned out by the din
the noise of pain the clamor
of what shouldn't matter
what people I don't care about
will think about the dust I scatter
It isn't starting now
I feel it in my very bones
searching for something
that nobody sees and no one owns
wanting to be unique
look where it's got me so far
it isn't nothing but
by God it is a low bar


Tuesday, April 04, 2017

2.1797 : 4/4/10 : Up

Up indeed and try to cast
that anxious searching feeling off
ignore the mass of tentacles and eyes
that lingers with a polite cough
there is yours and here is mine
and truly never shall the two meet
I only hope we can be cordial
when passing on a dark street
they say it's all going underwater
they say the desert is on the rise
they say the comet could hit any time
sneak around Jupiter, catch us by surprise
they say the radicals will have a nuke soon
they're gonna blow our asses up
and you say nothing, pointedly eyeing
my grim half finished cup


Monday, April 03, 2017

2.1796 : 4/3/10 : Little Kite

Hey flimsy little kite
made of cheap flimsy stuff
still flies with all its might
hangs tight on winds so rough
you will not last too long
you will get smashed apart
if you were only strong
made with a stout heart
hey little kite up there
don't you know you will crash
don't get used to the air
so soon you'll just be trash
little kite cannot hear
flies up there anyway
and though its end is really near
acts like it's way up there to stay


Sunday, April 02, 2017

2.1795 : 4/2/10 : Good Friday

Radical this and radial that
everyone thinks he as a real great cat
Every Good Friday I say my piece
and pray vainly for my fortunes to increase
ugly pictures of ugly things
that point in the night where the truth stings
maybe it was all crazy just mistakes
maybe all a waste but them's the breaks
but I'll pass these days
and more will come
and it'll make a little sense
not all
but some


Saturday, April 01, 2017

2.1794 : 4/1/10 : 3 Ice Cubes

3 ice cubes can
define a moment
broken promises
a glorious foment
the most important time
I describe the final rhyme


Friday, March 31, 2017

2.1793 : 3/31/10 : Chaos

Chaos reigns in the small hours
chaos reigns in the ivory towers
I dream of an idea that transcends
in a crazy universe where nothing ends
make your movie make your novel
it won't mean much in this hovel
I dream of a day free of obligation
but I don't pretend, I've learned my station
whatever has been sent in the past
tomorrow's open, empty, ho, avast
I'll translate it when the moment comes
I won't remember the context or the sums
that add up to a final reckoning
and I hear the wild calling beckoning


Thursday, March 30, 2017

2.1792 : 3/30/10 : No More

No more
I'm not
the one
it is not
it will not
I've had
I've had
it tough
it isn't
but consider
my state


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

2.1791 : 3/29/10 : Apropos

It would seem to be apropos
that despite knowing exactly where to go
I keep pointing my nose at
where not to
as if by some compulsion
I've got to


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

2.1790 : 3/28/10 : Affect/Effect

No affect: no effect
one last time
this defect
one last time listen to me
if it wasn't so typical
it might be funny
I get a little bit
of my affect back
I need a little bit
of weight off my pack
I can't sustain one more
failed pass
guess I better pray hard
for you to save my ass


Monday, March 27, 2017

2.1789 : 3/27/10 : Vile World

Excuse my belief
in this vile world
it is unjustified
beyond reason
I try as I might
for what it's worth
to fix what I can
in its season
I know you're frustrated
I know how it looks
and I can't show you
and you can't see
I've nothing to say
no excuses here
I do as I must
so secretly


Sunday, March 26, 2017

2.1788 : 3/26/10 : The Path

Irritated by the path I'm set on
dreaming of some other train to get on
knowing it's a dream and a sham
How long can I keep falling for my own scam
I just want to feel it in my bones
And make it happen but I don't have the stones
Am I willing to scratch and beg?
to get the goose to lay a golden egg
If I tried to map the path out would I get it
Maybe it all happened and I chose to forget it


2.1787 : 3/25/10 : End of Lent

The end of lent
end of the fast
I didn't really stick to
whatever: that moment passed
and here comes another
early as it can be
a week to holy Thursday
The final commandment:
Thou shalt be
I haven't got a sum up point
a final online slide
I'm making it up as I go along
I'm taking the dividend
out of my hide
So easy to spin out the verse
so so hard to claim it
I've got another
habit to attend
then I'll come back and
tame it


Friday, March 24, 2017

2.1786 : 3/24/10 : Early Start

Let's get an early early start
on this new deal
All you've got to have is heart
all you have to do is feel
In the middle of the night
I will be peaceful, gone
And while I'm still out of sight
you will hear my song
singing la la la la
la la la
la la la la la
One morning can't make it
not a month and a week
if you're really going to break it
at its terrible peak
It will be a game of ages
of years and years
hope I store up enough pages
for when it crashes 'round my ears


Thursday, March 23, 2017

2.1785 : 3/23/10 : Close Out

Close out to get this
messed up funk
now get it if
you dig this junk
tomorrow allow
stock will change
will turn completely
can't be this one
can't be that
can't seem to find
a well fitting hat
still the picture I saw
was clear as a bell
I've got a heavy damn bag
of flowers to smell


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

2.1784 : 3/22/10 : Windmills

Quixote wasn't fighting the power
or speaking truth to the man
fighting inanimate objects
Is not such an impressive plan
Maybe I will learn this time
to really set down the lance
to really stop tilting the windmills
to really join the real dance


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2.1783 : 3/21/10 : Hit It

The target's small so is the ball
I can't seem to win my baby
anything at all
I can't hit it, hit it
Why won't I quit it?
Screw the ball and give me a bat
and I will hit that
that carnie's staring at me
with his big ass bear
I think I'd like to set fire to his greased up hair
I can't hit it, hit it
why wont' I quit it?
screw the ball and give me a bat
and I will hit that


Monday, March 20, 2017

2.1782 : 3/20/10 : Stupid Windmills

Stupid windmills just won't come down
a good attitude makes no difference
Whether I believe or not doesn't mean a damn thing
either way out thing down here won't make sense
either way everyone still thinks they're right
everybody's got an answer but me
arguing with everyone who isn't there at all
and why to really bother is a mystery
why to really bother that's a slippery slope
whatever you believe or adhere to
Once upon a time it was so damn simple
all I really wanted was to get near you
Stupid windmills go ahead loom over me
Just another thing that's way beyond my scale
how dumb I used to think I had it all in hand
throw that one on the big heap
for the
fire sale


Sunday, March 19, 2017

2.1781 : 3/19/10 : Turning In

At the moment of humiliation
I see your eyes turning in
Going into a secret place of shame
the end of a road you chose to begin
I'd like five minutes with the guy
that put you in that position
the self-indulgent myth of equity in blows
at least it would be a mission
I can't help anyone so I'm turning in
sorry to whoever across the trackless gulf
I'll pray you aren't consumed by self-hate
and manage to dodge the next wolf


Saturday, March 18, 2017

2.1780 : 3/18/10 : The Wall

No getting over it
it goes to the top
no digging under
it's a hell of a drop
if you punch through the floor
needless to say
there's no door
it is there to stop you
the wall without break
and it stretches 'round the world
and Lord know what's at stake


Friday, March 17, 2017

2.1779 : 3/17/10 : Counterfeits

Comparing fine distinctions
between competing counterfeits
and getting stuck in gloomtown
and hoo the place is the pits
I tell myself the same thing everyday
hard to believe but the alternative's worse
left thinking nothing will ever change
that it is fate or a kind of curse
the rhythm isn't right but I'm stuck with it
at least for a few more lines
I ain't no kind of pretty jungle boy
swinging in on any vines
How can I believe this is the real one
and not some stupid counterfeit
How can I be sure what's happened so far
When you get right down to it


Thursday, March 16, 2017

2.1778 : 3/16/10 : Not Following the Rules

Letting stupid imaginary
people rile me up
sip sip sipping nervously
on the overflowing cup
not following the rules
not sticking to the chart
and carefully avoiding
every impulse to start
it's year after year now
after week after week
don't know what rollercoaster
I'm waiting to peak
taking on water
gladly suffering fools
playing dumb and slow
and not following the rules


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

2.1777 : 3/15/10 : A Digest

Let it be what it is
a digest of missed chances
or some example of
some second fiddle dances
I get these big ideas
then the nights get so late
and I wouldn't have come through
and so soon flows the hate
If you couldn't make me good enough
at least you could have
made me less smart
Shown me less
given me less heart
this digest is depressing me
and now it's there forever
laugh at me using that word
for this forced little


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

2.1776 : 3/14/10 : Will I Remember

Heaven forbid I be back here again
It would be a grim shock a mortal sin
One last wilding
Over and out
a night or two
with K and stout
will I remember
will it matter
will I make this
glass ceiling shatter
Can't tell now
story's not begun
get on with it
at rising sun


Monday, March 13, 2017

2.1775 : 3/13/10 : Push to Close

Get in the middle
and push to close it
the break been and gone
the snap that froze it
it ain't much but
it just keeps coming
someone else keeps strumming
as I push to close the case
and close the book
be done but still
not off the hook


Sunday, March 12, 2017

2.1774 : 3/12/10 : Run Up

Run up run down
push it all and all around
Far behind another day
close enough to plug and play
not so thrilled but
getting there
see all the excuses
Laid bare
waiting for the time to run up
hope I'm dead asleep come sun-up


2.1773 : 3/11/10 : Runway

Drop all your New York references
you were in Georgia just a month ago
Look at this robot with bad alchemy
Look down the runway watch the 15 minutes blow
Dear Lord preserve me from ending up on the runway
well you've done great at that so far
too old too short too fat
too inflexible to bend for any bar
when it gets harder than pulling someone else's teeth
You have to wonder why keep pushing
no reward and the product is unpleasing
and always this feeling something's crushing
probably making something simple complicated
could wrap it up in a New York minute
I can't be happy with succeeding every day
Pretty typical of me now innit


Friday, March 10, 2017

2.1772 : 3/10/10 : The Paradox

This live in the moment paradox
can't it just be an excuse for every bad thing
I guess you turn up with what you've got
but then does the principle mean anything
no matter how I play it will it be wrong
and nothing will really change
hearing the pathology recite that song
guess it's been too long since I felt the real exchange
I need another method very badly
I need a path I can make sense of
I need it obvious need one upside the chops
struck hard and straight with a dense glove
All kind soft things you think you understand
turn out to be all inside out
And the paradox face sure sure draws you in
but behind it's just a yawning pit of doubt


Thursday, March 09, 2017

2.1771 : 3/9/10 : Exit Sign

There's far too little of
every thing that comes to mind
and if I can't see the exit sign
I must be blind
but I've been on that
road less traveled, its bunk too
and the terrible temptation
is to give he paradigm one more act two
want want want and try to
convince myself that's the problem
by the time I face up to the decision
the better windows flew by, I missed them
what a wretched specimen
embarrassed but it's done
And I can't even tell if I
learned anything from this one


Wednesday, March 08, 2017

2.1770 : 3/8/10 : Paradigm

Run in my trick in my book
and still come up short
waited well beyond too long
this time to press abort
I miss the old diary
at least it didn't all have to rhyme
if you want to call on me well
call me the paradigm
what comes next
well it's predictable as hell
at least until tomorrow
guess I'll just pray it turns out well
what a foolish tale
of what redlined my frustration
it's not so complicated
I just need a damn vacation
but all I'll get is
this paradigm revisited
One last time I guess I'll claim
I'm sure the suspense will keep you riveted


Tuesday, March 07, 2017

2.1769 : 3/7/10 : Coattails of March

The lightest possible rain
on the coattails of March
as it breezes through the doorway
thinking I best ingest more starch
and stiffen up for the challenge
having been asked to lead
please be careful what you ask for
for I have a fearsome need
to be a benign dictator
hope you laugh to read the words
how I'll spread the word by silence
led by phalanxes of nerds
we'll create it in our own image
and if it looks like a cartoon
consider please the laser beams
reflecting off mirrors on the moon
reflect we can do anything
reflect we have the power
to ascend the heights of history
and make now our own hour


Monday, March 06, 2017

2.1768 : 3/6/10 : Forgotten Realms

I thought it would be easy
to reverse the flow
from seeming to meaning
from stop to go
I guess I've been so foolish
let so much slide
a thousand flabby verses
from my flabby hide
You know that they spend millions
making shady films
how hard we sweat trying to
bring alive forgotten realms
how I love to daydream
about my perfect bloodless coup
I better tighten up my game
I'm hardly supporting you