Wednesday, April 30, 2014

2.1093 : 4/30/08 : Conservation

Grim in every socket
got no back up in my pocket
I am naked in a violent land
my once sharp mind
my stark right hand
do you still think
the pen is mighty
the man still runs things
check me, whitey
I suspect that
as a mass
we’re just a mindless
dumb morass
filling up our
shrinking pond
devouring every
tender frond
failed conservation
of our minds
soon replaced by physics’
brutal kind


2.1092 : 4/29/08 : Blame God

I’ve been blaming my woe on God
well it’s kind of a no brainer
If you accept a broader definition
Still I guess I’m a complainer
why not blame the devil for it
call the whole thing chance
Call it a metaphysics game
I choose to do my little dance
but there’s just far too much
I can put firmly on my own back
I swear that I can feel it now
the crushing sloppy stack
right now there’s just one answer
close my eyes breathe deep
give it up another day
give it to almighty sleep


2.1091 : 4/28/08 : Supposed Vacation

Supposed vacation
well who could really tell
a strand of rogue DNA
put me under a spell
it’s pouring from my vessel
this business ain’t magic
it’d be melodramatic though
to call the affliction tragic
It’s all of a piece
and I must take what comes
even if it seems all random
no the big wheel turns and hums
I’m just glad that I’m still here
that I’ll fight another day
apparently I guess you know
God willing anyway


Sunday, April 27, 2014

2.1090 : 4/27/08 : Of Form

I could be called a fool
to labor for these trifles
over a matter of form
I seem to be to me
weaker than ever bent
in the eye of this ordinary storm
there’s nothing wrong with brevity
or introspection
it’s not like anyone’s out there
offering rejection
And hell all I can think about
right now is getting warm
in silence and darkness
free from all this form


2.1089 : 4/26/08 : Faster Faster

I need sleep
pray somebody
the whole damn thing to keep
tomorrow’s going to be
a bitch on wheels
and I’ve got nothing
to pay back
what time
this steals


Friday, April 25, 2014

2.1088 : 4/25/08 : Heal As Fast

If I could heal this body
as fast as I can write
I’d be back in fighting trim
before my head hit the pillow tonight
but the conditions of reality
are harsh and unforgiving
and leading me to a question
just what kind of life I’m living
the techno guru said that I
needed a thousand
here’s me shooting for a million
minions at my right hand
go ahead and laugh but
pray I’m no prognosticator
cause if it ever came through
I swear I’d get to your ass later
but just now it’s all moot
and the plan’s all shoddy
and I’ve got no magic formula
to heal this body


2.1087 : 4/24/08 : Sacrifice

I have been oh so clever
Could I be oh so pleasant
the frying of my synapses
creates for him a pleasing scent
if it will all be consumed
then all my sacrifice is for naught
and how many would laugh at that
seeing all I’ve got
sick of trying to wrap my head around
poles of justice and security
fearing both are illusions
and nothing’s really up to me


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

2.1086 : 4/23/08 : List Them

There are so many places
that I’d rather be right now
there are so many ways
that I am not free right now
I could list them all out
from debt to gravity
habit to indecision
and of course doomed society
and just how many vectors
are competing for my brain share
how many are flat useless
who to complain to that it’s not fair
and what a wretched record
So many scrawled out words
a fraction of what’s left in my skull
milling like vast feline herds


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

2.1085 : 4/22/08 : Tax

I conceived the blank,
beginner’s mind
get mindful with a jelly bean
justice ain’t all that’s blind
Hey I’ve got zero concept
what it might look like after
I’ll just vow to be perfect from now on
And I’ll ignore your cruel laughter
If I could strip out every
feint and dodge and false climax
loosen up on nine things of ten
don’t forget to estimate the tax


Monday, April 21, 2014

2.1084 : 4/21/08 : A History of Tales

Whatever thought was slashed short
in the midst of who knows what
there is record of the latest final date
was it another shallow cut
I saw the evidence I left
a knife a glass to feed the sink
and all these lines I left unwrote
some signs of shrapnel on the brink
I could tell tales of nostalgia
a sort of exercise of will
and of a history of tales
that I may well get round to still


2.1083 : 4/20/08 : Always Something

Always something; ain’t it always something
I heard they used it in a proof
that God was real and not aloof
Don’t know about that: logic isn’t my thing
Never really saw it like that
relegate me to the dunce hat
I’d love to think tonight I’ll get my cake and eat it
but fear that at a second take
I’ll find I don’t have any cake
And all will be for naught, like ever, always, useless
What an awful way to see it
someday I’ll think better and be it


2.1082 : 4/19/08 : How Long Ago

Now I see the DNA
of all the late nights
every day
or almost
and how long ago
how long ago?
how long ago?
I know I did it all for cause
vice I pursued
at every pause
I saw a ghost
another way
but not tonight
but not today


Friday, April 18, 2014

2.1081 : 4/18/08 : Doctor Memory

Doctor memory
recollect the negative world
white and black
and inkling that shivered and whirled
So much I cannot place
moments lost in time
And I’m not saying it so well
but what the hell it’s my dime


Thursday, April 17, 2014

2.1080 : 4/17/08 : Zapped

If you feel a little zapped
if you’ve already snapped
who knows if it will matter or not
you think the brave act would get stale
day dream about a crust and pail
it could be so much worse
You should give thanks for what you’ve got
It’s not really complicated
it’s not rocket science
it shouldn’t take a slide rule
or some modern appliance
You should be tired of spouting off by now
when you’re a farmer every tool looks like a plow
Oh I guess some furrows
won’t be the straightest
but don’t let that make you feel like
you’re not the greatest


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2.1079 : 4/16/08 : Normal

You’ve done the stream of consciousness
the in jokes written large and small
I was surprised by how quick the ancient wisdom
ran out and I didn’t feel enlightened at all
back to normal whatever that means
sure the hell not what it means to most
I can’t call it genius now can I
but hell I am productive though I don’t like to boast
think I can call this normal for me
twelve lines twelve hours twice a day
It’s nothing new it’s ordinary
Make no mistake though I’m here to play


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2.1078 : 4/15/08 : H.E. and Cryptos

Well it’s a pretty bunch
of worthless crap
compared to the great mythos
I shoulda been fighting in some war
Studying H.E. and Cryptos
take things apart:
put ‘em together
I shoulda studied computers
I put things together
one by one
And pray it don’t get hit
by the looters
sick of imagining
a world gone sideways
sick of worrying
ever, always
I can’t believe I’m stacking up
another brick
I can’t even believe
that I am still this sick


Monday, April 14, 2014

2.1077 : 4/14/08 : Free Will! Free Will!

Holy shit!
free will is back
better wake up pay attention
it’s a sneak attack!
free will free will
it’s a strange estate
I think it’s an illusion
but still true:
and great!
Oh man I can’t decide
What I’ll do first
satiate this hunger
or slake this thirst
I’m looking some disheveled
I’m feeling slightly tight
but I’ll exercise my free will
and not stay up all night


Sunday, April 13, 2014

2.1076 : 4/13/08 : Sweet (Seventyseven: 81 of 81)

Don’t give me those sweet words
you’re not sincere
you’re not sincere
and no good comes of rhetoric
you’ll get no debate here
In your ivied halls of learning
wisdom is not found
The less I hoard the more I live
for everyone else the more I abound
Would you believe the universe
is here to help not harm us
The sage won’t strive with anyone
but rather dutifully charm us


Saturday, April 12, 2014

2.1075 : 4/12/08 : Small Country (Seventyseven: 80 of 81)

Oh for a small country
an island principality
no more of this modernism
Luddism will set me free
let us discourse by passing notes
content to be clothed and fed
is this old school life really simplicity
a place to sit a roof over your head
oblivious to the world next door
stuck firmly in the mud, nothing more


Friday, April 11, 2014

2.1074 : 4/11/08 : Stitched (Seventyseven: 79 of 81)

They stitched the great wound
of the great war
But still we knew
there would remain a scar

Who wanted that?
Nevertheless in my left hand
I hold the tally
and stand up to the demands
on me
But ask nothing of anyone
And as a man of virtue
no tax or fee from me
There’ll be no book no statue
Heaven serves only the all good
the all-God One-truth
Look at the sweet good I hold
in my left palm unclean uncouth


Thursday, April 10, 2014

2.1073 : 4/10/08 : Weak as Water (Seventyseven: 78 of 81)

Soft as water
weak as water
I’m aiming at your weak spot
like a vector plotter
You know how things go
you know how it works
but you refuse to walk the walk
You bunch of jerks
While you scramble in calamity
I am the lord of dirt
And all you fancy princes
going to lose your shirt


Wednesday, April 09, 2014

2.1072 : 4/9/08 : Superabundant (Seventyseven: 77 of 81)

Will you not hand me
aim straight for your heart
like a great bow
where you take
I’m giving
when you sleep
I’m living
You might as well give it up easy
Don’t you know
That nobody else can
put these superabundant
riches to the service of the
right way?
My superabundant vision
it will sneak up on you
And you won’t even notice
that’s just how I play


Tuesday, April 08, 2014

2.1071 : 4/8/08 : Dry Stalk (Seventyseven: 76 of 81)

Why do I bend so
because I’m alive
when I am gone
I will be so hard
like a dry stalk
seeds rattling in my head
don’t tempt me to
turn over that card
I’ll be with the living
not with the firewood
my army travels
quiet and light
harvesting what is
ready for the axe
be wary and exalted
we will come tonight


Monday, April 07, 2014

2.1070 : 4/7/08 : Strife (Seventyseven: 75 of 81)

Why are we starving?
the taxes you levy
why are we revolting?
You all stand too heavy
Why do we mock death?
You cling so to life
But we who have nothing
must laugh at our strife


Sunday, April 06, 2014

2.1069 : 4/6/08 : So Bad (Seventyseven: 74 of 81)

It could get so bad
we won’t fear death anymore
anything for a window
anything for a door
cannibal nation
generation of thieves
usurping God’s work
bringing in the sheaves
You want to swing that axe
you better watch your hand
there’s a lot of gimps between here
and the promised land


2.1068 : 4/5/08 : Daring (Seventyseven: 73 of 81)

Are you brave enough to
get killed in daring
are you brave enough to
hesitate: and survive
As one harms and one
something even heaven hates
but nobody alive
knows why
even I am perplexed
Heaven does all so effortlessly
Silent but you answer next
we come not knowing why
heaven following it’s great plan
without haste it casts its vast net
Near ephemeral catch as catch can
Not a single thing
Slips through
look now because tonight
I think I see it coming for you


2.1067 : 4/4/08 : Afraid (Seventyseven: 72 of 81)

If we’re all so afraid
I’m afraid we’ve got a long wait
coming for a greater power
They’re up in our houses
they’re taxing us harder
Growing wearier by the hour
I know me
but you won’t see a thing
I love who I am but don’t expect
me to whisper a word of it
I just keep looking deep within
for what is perfect


2.1066 : 4/3/08 : White Hat (Seventyseven: 71 of 81)

All I know is that I don’t know nothing
and so I’m noble
To call this ignorant estate
knowledge is a low blow
And we’re sick in the head
and until we’re sick of that
we’ll stay sick; but baby I know better
So I’m wearing my white hat


2.1065 : 4/2/08 : Fewer Disciples (Seventyseven: 70 of 81)

Could I say it any simpler
could this yoke be lighter
but the world looks back bemused
and I know I’ve got a fighter
on my hands
The ancestor and Lord
of these words I say
I know you stupid humps
misunderstand me every day
just understand
the fewer disciples
the better in all respects
I wear coarse peasant clothes
but he may find who least expects
jade in my hand


2.1064 : 4/1/08 : Step (Seventyseven: 69 of 81)

I step back step back
I step back and lead you on
I roll up my sleeves, not threatening
and sing my prisoners this song:
my words have an ancestor
My deeds have a Lord
I wield the knowledge
like a terrible swift sword
I know just how strong
my enemies can be
My army’s grieving so hard
that our tears are like the sea