Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2.727 : 4/30/07 : Reel Spin

Reel spin the clash clatter
if it hits that fan
that shit’ll spatter
If you’re still convinced it doesn’t matter
take it on the chin defiant
as long as the data’s compliant
you’re the little man now
I’m the giant
Everything you choose
is optional
This routine will
leave you with a cop to call
still helpless to stop the fall
Still spin reel wait breathless
dreaming of the
life that’s deathless
cornered but so
very restless


Monday, April 29, 2013

2.726 : 4/29/07 : Trip

2917 : 1 ?

Trip city the elevated pretty
the innovation of the essence of ization
metaphorical mack
rise up and dump the stack
Now play it back
What was that station
we’re on a trip to an amazing
turn up the afterglow
while our eyes were glazing
over the moon bright airtight
alibi the born to die will
pass us by while eye to eye
we tear the sky
a new rainbow
on the trip topside
abstractionless revolution
it’s all co-evolution


Sunday, April 28, 2013

2.725 : 4/28/07 : Narcissus

Narcissus narcissus bending over water
Narcissus bending over the pool
He says I am so fine I am so fine
Reminds me of a boy I had
when I was a fool
I count one narcissus I count two
I count iris and daffodil in bloom
I say I am so wise now I am so wise
for I stay well locked
up in my room
He brings me dandelion
he brings me daisy
He brings me clover purple and white
Oh you wonderful boy you wonderful boy
oh radiant lad so full of light
narcissus narcissus
bending over water
narcissus bending over the stream
He says I am so fine I am so fine
reminds me of a boy I had
but now that’s just a dream
reminds me of a boy I had
but now that’s just a


2.724 : 4/27/07 : The Fifth Dimension

The fifth dimension
is life and will
the magic trick looks
so dull from above still
Hear the quaint phrasing
the foolish refrain
of the rookies who chant
wretched cant while I abstain
were you taken aback?
did I come off as kind?
when I lay down my ace
did the snap blow your mind?
Can I take you to task?
Can I offer you tea?
Do I sound like a toff?
Does it make sense to me?
All I try is to see
at right angles to time
keep some kind of beat
and stick close to the rhyme
all I ask is a minute
in an ocean of thousands
to share my sly insight
pipe by tripe like a


Friday, April 26, 2013

2.723 : 4/26/07 : Hyper Extension

They say the root cause
is that everything takes space
the vector between
a brick wall
and my face
Hyperbolic parabola
hotly bisected
the asymmetry
twist deep in my face reflected
Extension but what if
the extension is hyper
what if all is a code
what if I am the cipher
I’ll play my plain space
at the back of the chorus
and swear not to lose
sight of the trees for the forest
settle content into
my fifth dimension
And dazzle your face
with my glowing intention


Thursday, April 25, 2013

2.722 : 4/25/07 : Purged

Something made me sad yesterday
turns like a worm but
I forgot it anyway
But the same old situation
turns my rotten head
and it comes out bad
in the end instead
I love my fun my puzzles
and my little noms de plume
and I say a hundred prayers
for every flinch I did inhume
I will never catch up on my sleep
or work out every woe that I submerged
and while it all went to hell
the system rang a bell
then purged
It could all be something simple
just a nasty bit of cheese
all the hours on the couch might have
just been a nap if you please
I have got a lot of patience
even after all these years
but if you want to talk about
you’ll find out
I’m packing heat between my ears


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2.721 : 4/24/07 : Wind Blow My Love Across the Sea

Say you say you will he be true
They say a sailor can’t be faithful
they say they’ve got a girl in every port
And if you have them when they’re in yours
be grateful
I say I say my love is not that way
he is bold upright and true
I pray I pray to the wind each day
that it carries my love across the world to you
wind blow my love across the sea
then carry my love back home to me
Each moon that waxed and waned
I swear our love stays still unstained
oh wind blow my love across the sea
the life of the sea is harsh and hard
and he faces peril every sunrise
And I surely pray morning new and night
the next dawn will bring him before my eyes
but though I wait and though I pine
I do not fear his leaving
I know he stays true to this day
and his faith I’ll never be grieving
wind blow my love across the sea


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2.720 : 4/23/07 : Cheating

Robbing Peter to pay Paul
Left hand keeps right hand in the dark
I’m not half so clever as I look
but my bite is much worse than my bark
Looks like I’m cheating my bottom line
knowing it never can work out
Guess that the totals come out okay
Guess you can’t quite count this jerk out
Maybe I’ll push to an early rise
Get a step ahead of the game
Knowing it never amounts to much
Such a slim stack I’ve got to my name
Maybe never will there be rewards
medals awards recognition
word on the street is I won’t persist
I’ll lose the plot crash and burn
I’m telling you better hedge that bet
you might just see this worm turn


Monday, April 22, 2013

2.719 : 4/22/07 : Rest

2,911 : 6 ?

No rest for the wicked
here’s your shit
where you can stick it
What I’m asking
I won’t get it
look at that
yea man I’d hit it
I need rest
why am I scanning
hacking typing
Should I vow to do my best?
leave me alone
I just want rest
A day was set aside
not this one
no one remembers
ask anyone
I remember
every grim night
let it rest
die die you brief light


Sunday, April 21, 2013

2.718 : 4/21/07 : It Is Not Hope

It is not hope I have
about the future
the fact is I do not believe
in the future
they always say
it’s coming every day
but it always turns out in the end
to be today again
it’s true I don’t believe
the end is nigh
it’s true that I believe
we are reflected
in God’s eye
but that don’t mean
that shit ain’t coming down
the thing you see
I don’t believe
that faith is a noun


Saturday, April 20, 2013

2.717 : 4/20/07 : The Only Way

The only way is ceasing waiting
so many promises
with every breath I’m baiting
I’m still tired
and the moment persists in absence
Can’t you just
Cut the flowery crap
and make sense?
It isn’t much but
tomorrow there’ll be another
hardly rates
but day after he will have a brother
I’ll never match the stars
or the children of man
the only way is to do
anything you can


2.716 : 4/19/07 : Timing

The essence of the essences
timing, timing, timing
the reason for the
all the
and the
I try so hard to get better
sometimes even think I am
still each day
proves to be a struggle
chipping wanly
at the dam


Thursday, April 18, 2013

2.715 : 4/18/07 : Theodicy

There’s no excuse
there’s no theodicy
for all this pain
no adequate theology
So what’s this God
seething inside my mind
Is it delusion
metaphor or blind?
Not once did I submit
to make excuses
for what I can’t accept
for all seeming abuses
it doesn’t matter
crazy evil or both
just push through all regardless
call it growth


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2.714 : 4/17/07 : Stone

Aging like a stone
everyone will die alone
I’ll set my feet to pick this bone
running like a stream
forgot the whole thing in a dream
what rose up in me was not cream
the profound visions of the sage
my only goal to turn the page
one two, one three, a golden age
I’ll dine on bleeding hearts of dove
the sin that fit me like a glove
my heart a stone
it still feels love


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2.713 : 4.16.07 : The State of Things

No desire to talk about
the state of things
within or without
No time to think up something fresh
so typical
Weakness of the flesh
so small compared
to wicked fiends
so ethical
obsessed with ends and means
so much the same
as every other
helpless to help myself
my brother
sick of praying
at a wall
sick of signs
sick of it all


Monday, April 15, 2013

2.712 : 4/15/07 : Heretic

2,904 : 1 ?

Pile heresy atop apostasy
ask why have you forsaken me
It isn’t how it seems I swear
I still believe You’re everywhere
Act who knows of the culture wars
we’ve all become infernal bores
there’s no civil conversation
to be had in this petty nation
Still what appeals to my deepest heart
is just the same as at the start
So I ask you kindly to forgive
and suffer this poor heretic to live


Sunday, April 14, 2013

2.711 : 4/14/07 : Black Hole

How I waste away my time
on these little drops
and drizzles
How I fuss and fool around
with harps and
bows and whistles
the oracle has decreed
a battle for my soul
I know I know I’ll find
my fortune
inside the black hole
why be crushed by
the extremity of gravity
when a heavy rock
will suffice
Why do I have to learn
every lesson five times
every time lightning strikes twice
I just need a million years
a million pounds
a mother huge lump of coal
or failing that
I’ll throw my good eye
into the black hole


Saturday, April 13, 2013

2.710 : 4/13/07 : Pod

When will the pod fly through my window
I’m waiting for my replacement
I’ll take the wife and kid and move out
I’ve got a nice space in my basement
All I need is a good doppelganger
Take the day job the mortgage the lawn
take the world over who the hell needs it
I’ll feel so free in my new dawn
I’ll frolic with my lady and little boy
while you pod fools bring home the bacon
I’m laughing all the way past the bank
I’m laughing till my sides are aching
Take the car the bank account too
I’ll be fine with the clothes on my back and God
Where are you body snatchers
Where the hell is my escape pod


Friday, April 12, 2013

2.709 : 4/12/07 : World Builder

The writer quoting the writer
told me why I was
such a bad writer
I should have known
I should have seen it
Give me the damn slate
I’ll damn well clean it
I’ll build a world then
just in my mind though
fuck all the critics
just my own kind yo
I’ll be the master
I the world builder
Hand paint each slum
highlight every wilderness
Watch how I focus
with my tongue poking out
freed from meaning at last
free to see to my own sprout


Thursday, April 11, 2013

2.708 : 4/11/07 : Futility

Futility it tells me
is its name
crashing into
hidden obstacles
and plunging into shame
trapped in elevators
stranded between floors
desperate for a mentor
who could sort out
all these floors
no one dies a thousand deaths
we all receive just one
and no one said
it would be easy
no one said it would be fun
but building character
it seems
should point to some end
but I just crash
and fall and fall
but I just bow
but I just bend


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2.707 : 4/10/07 : Rash

Rash rush to judgment
throw away the plan
Desperate to hit a jackpot
Stick it to the man
pining for the house of cards days
pining for the ivory tower
even though I’d never give up
what I have even for an hour
guess that that should mean something
that it should wake me up
before you die of thirst
you better finish that half cup
before you test the Lord your God
you better check your back
the word among the serpent set’s
it’s gonna be a sneak attack
I was rash to rush unheeding
into just another trap
still it’s my brick wall I’m beating
my own head that takes the rap


Tuesday, April 09, 2013

2.706 : 4/9/07 : Writ Down Under

Ephemeral as
exposed to the sun;
the dream
almost all
still exerts a call
beheld my heart
staked on a stick
so much for tough
for being a dick
a harder way
has been writ down
under my furrowed brow
and frown
requires I smooth
my face, exhale
and slip resolved
beneath the veil


Monday, April 08, 2013

2.705 : 4/8/07 : Hide

2,896 : 11 ?

Writ down every thought I had
drew a line marked good to bad
and stuck a pin skewed to one side
and said I’ll take it out of your hide
dancing just as fast as I could
said you must you said you would
confess I took that one on faith
On evidence thin as a wraith
I’ll put my hand down on the block
bite on the belt wait for the shock
of shedding that which doth offend
and there my debt to you will end
I listen to the reeling prose
Some poet I’m not one of those
I made my way by rhyme alone
pledged my troth to contention’s bone
I said if there’s nowhere to hide
nowhere to run except outside
if there’s no path at all but up
if there’s no filling of this cup
if this is all the life I get
and no song but this minuet
I’ll lay my hide as well as stakes
and bluff however long it takes


Sunday, April 07, 2013

2.704 : 4/7/07 : Dream Denier

I am rightly taken to task
for my pessimistic slant
though you can’t deny that I
am justified in seeing scant
evidence of any realistic
chance of cutting loose
from this dread social inertia
that drags like a lead caboose
Still it’s wrong and I should not
be so quick to piss on the fire
of thoughts and fantasies unchained
rebuke me as the dream denier
Dream on dream on speak your mind
I’ll keep my mouth shut it’s the least
that I can do to compensate
for my Pharisee’s unclean yeast
maybe I can be surprised still
by a doorway unimagined
prove it to my silent heart
unveil to me
this life’s rich pageant


Saturday, April 06, 2013

2.703 : 4/6/07 : Correction

Is it correct to steal a moment
Solely for expression
Can I justify the notion
anything’s at my discretion
If I’d never signed my name
or shown my papers to the man
would I be more firm, correct
upright, on the narrow straight plan
I require a course correction
I’m in need of mentoring
I’m ready so where’s the teacher
stand on the cement for rain
that falls down upon this flower
turn my face to heaven’s gate
find a source from which more power
steel my spine and seal my fate


Friday, April 05, 2013

2.702 : 4/5/07 : For Art’s Sake

I left the ivory tower
for art’s sake
Said what I could not
learn there I’d have to fake
And I’m bemused
at where I find I’ve landed
I couldn’t call it fate
and your technique
seems underhanded
And do I trust too much
And leave too much to chance
and do I work too little
fake it with a little dance
and will I ever learn
to only live the day I’m in
and will I ever stop
waiting for the signal
to begin?
And will I ever stop
wondering what it’s like
On the take
not as long as I toil
in this holy field
for art’s sake


Thursday, April 04, 2013

2.701 : 4/4/07 : Mandate

Every other law has been
tossed to history’s dustbin
equality is not all
it’s been cracked up to
I’d love to have
exceptions to
your mandate you delivered
cause there’s plenty who
deserve to be smacked up too
I’d love to have been given
liturgical justification
but it’s fairly clear
you meant no codicil
so I am left with knowing
I am one of many
Called not chosen
left here waiting
leaning out
over the windowsill

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

2.700 : 4/3/07 : Indefinite Hiatus

All the best teams
are broken up now
what’s left seems
so frail somehow
it must have been
a spirit of another age
all that we’ve got now
it seems
a spirit to disengage
really what’s so bad
about being second fiddle
the benefits of following
surely aren’t such a riddle
I’d love to be somebody’s foil
rest easy in their shadow
let them take the spotlight
let the the public pressure
press them flat, oh
but but those days
it seems are done
you’re no one or
the chosen one
and I know which boot
fits this foot
and just which place
that steel toe will be put


Tuesday, April 02, 2013

2.699 : 4/2/07: Iteration

Another iteration of
the same old situation of
the action of creation
by a man who won’t accept his station
I am not a plutocrat
and though I’ve voted Democrat
I’m not partisan like that
the head’s too big for my hat
I’d like to put the world on trial
and hold mankind’s fate in a vial
evidence of who touched the dial
got buried in the pentagon file
leaving me but to iterate
the fine line between church and state
but if I give up clean the slate
I know it would be little too late
So I pile another stack
keep my counsel, plan attack
and pray that someone has my back
and God will make up what I lack


Monday, April 01, 2013

2.698 : 4/1/07 : Accustomed to Desire

I am accustomed to uncertainty
and impotence is known to me
and I have labored over ages
to attain serenity
I have writ ten thousand pages
I have earned a servant’s wages
but I do not have a slave’s heart
and my freeman’s blood still rages
I pull the thread from craft to art
insist I’m ready now to start
become accustomed to desire
before these chains pull me apart
and cast me to the watchman’s fire
that waits for me beyond the wire
inevitable undying pyre
sole thing to which I can aspire


2.697 : 3/31/07 : This Is Your Brain

I beg forgiveness
for another bit of business
that goes south
from the start
right out the gate
begins to fall apart
I took my chances
on a thousand random dances
From this side
seems not so bright
oh drop a hook
the chance is I’ll still bite
this is your brain
on fucking crazy
this is the force
I know you’re convinced
you caught me being lazy
but your evidence
is not admissible
this is the end
that sounds like the beginning
the inexorable logic of timing
I know it sounds
like I’m lost, but I’m winning
that’s the victory bell
you hear chiming