Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2.721 : 4/24/07 : Wind Blow My Love Across the Sea

Say you say you will he be true
They say a sailor can’t be faithful
they say they’ve got a girl in every port
And if you have them when they’re in yours
be grateful
I say I say my love is not that way
he is bold upright and true
I pray I pray to the wind each day
that it carries my love across the world to you
wind blow my love across the sea
then carry my love back home to me
Each moon that waxed and waned
I swear our love stays still unstained
oh wind blow my love across the sea
the life of the sea is harsh and hard
and he faces peril every sunrise
And I surely pray morning new and night
the next dawn will bring him before my eyes
but though I wait and though I pine
I do not fear his leaving
I know he stays true to this day
and his faith I’ll never be grieving
wind blow my love across the sea

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