Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2.910 : 10/30/07 : Reaching

Reaching as usual
yeah choose what to recuse you fool
If I refuse to be your tool
I fear you’ll pull the plug
on this experiment
what heaven sent seven percent
point seven seven seven meant
I never know what I’d a’ dug
hep cat check that
name drop rap scat
call it my chic apparat
too clever well by half
credentials long gone stale
inhale regale a tale well past the pale
for want of one last coffin nail
I settled for a paragraph


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

2.909 : 10/29/07 : Steeping Tea

Steeping tea like any bronze age prince
My anachronisms cut my mind to mince
Projecting to and from and feeling really very dumb
thirteen thousand days give or take a thousand
lend me your ears for a purse I tell the sows and
smile at my own cleverness till I recall who I forgot to bless
If you could steep me in philosopher’s water
digitize my essence on a vector plotter
it might spit out a longer rant but what I know I can’t recant


Monday, October 28, 2013

2.908 : 10/28/07 : So Many Words

3,100 : 2 ?

I’ve got so many words to say
I feel I’ve got to say a couple every day
and when its down there in black and white
sometimes I feel exultant sometimes only tight
I’ve got no excuses I own every one
whether under the table or under the gun
what I just left behind cuts me to the quick
but I’ve got a few surprises left in me dick
so many words in combinations finite
thank god I beat the singularity by a thin night
I know I’ll feel regret close to despair
every time I remember there’s no there there
but I’ll do my duty, follow through
nothing in this world means more to me than you
and true there are two and I feel so fortunate
so smile to the camera put a coin in my hat
brevity is the soul of wit so everybody laugh
I’ll simply put a period on that last paragraph


2.907 : 10/27/07 : Triple Threat

I am the triple threat
thought word and deed
I don’t follow I lead
you saw that coming I bet
I can’t get stalled by cliché
or plagiarism
they also serve who only stand
and tilt the prism
refracted through envy
refracted through pain
Sometimes I tumble in
sometimes I abstain
I pull my head around
the rolling cipher of now
It scarcely matters, I remember
such a foolish sacred cow


2.906 : 10/26/07 : Rolling Farther

Time won’t stop it just keeps on rolling farther
If I’m doing anything I figure I’m ahead
I guess as long as life is all we know
I’m still golden still alive precisely not dead
I don’t see myself breaking through
So I’m doing it for love
that means it’s always new
I hope the latest conversation takes
but if it takes another thousand them’s the brakes
please listen just a moment just this once
because I may never say it again
just the moment just the moment
just the moment only now no then


2.905 : 10/25/07 : Brilliant Cycle #2(?)

I waited
I called my friend
every brilliant cycle
has its end
I improvised
I did what I could
and found I peaked too early
bet you guessed I would
I won’t catch up
not tonight
but if I live to see another day
I’ll live to see more light
that’s all
just a passing note
maybe you’ll
come back around
maybe by then
I’ll know it by rote


Thursday, October 24, 2013

2.904 : 10/24/07 : The Tubes

I had to be dragged to realize
the tubes were feeding me poison
a slick elixir of rhetoric and bile
getting a dark and hateful noise on
blurred line of words and moving pictures
a soup of ego and belief
It took me a minute to pry my hand off
the spigot but what a relief
I used to live with so little data
A little teevee and books
Even did time without the old boob tube
never dreamed of the tubes or their hooks
and I suppose they will pull me back
I’ll always swim against the tide
but swimming upstream is second nature
to me so I’ll take that ride


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2.903 : 10/23/07 : Dragging Ass

Dragging ass from the sickness
and the duty others abdicate
sick of all the inner chatter
feeling I just can’t relate
and falling behind always behind
like I just can’t overcome
never a half-stride ahead
always feeling slack and dumb
And the anger just deflates me
grinds my mind and smothers fire
how many hours wasted
turning the stiff crank of ire
how many hours wasted
they all seem wasted to me
and you seem plain indifferent
hope you’re not what you seem to be


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2.902 : 10/22/07 : Thorn

I can’t find that thorn
in my paw or in my side
I can’t seem to find the
magic spell to turn the tide
I can’t walk on water
no matter how he beckons me
I’ll end up where I belong
after the father reckons me
The mission of the lamb
seemed like a rose without a thorn
Down here evil persists
bred in the bone of each newborn
the scientists discovered
to the height of mortal irony
that sinning is innate
it’s fucking true so just don’t pile on me


Monday, October 21, 2013

2.901 : 10/21/07 : These Ravings

3093 : 27 ?

Foolish belief in justice
makes these ravings
seem like sense
first as last and
last as first
it burns mad and intense
dead bones that rise
and join and knit
with flesh and blood
mythos of form and void
of spirit breathed
into the mud
I’m not attached to
how it started or
exactly what it means
the nature of the
hosts or harbingers
in wheel in wheel machines
yet I believe in it
just after my own
I have to trust
even for me
there’ll be a mansion


2.900 : 10/20/07 : Foreplay

The fetish of gratification delayed
the pros and their wares on the bright stage displayed
the commerce of lust that dare not speak its name
it’s less than life or death but more than a game
foreplay till that rack is fit to get wrecked
a taste for the nexus I burn to inspect
and burning for juxtaposition sublime
and lacking for nothing God damn it but time


Saturday, October 19, 2013

2.899 : 10/19/07 : Impossible

Without motivation
something pushing
wait for the adjusters
men in gray suits
to tell you
what all’s plausible
another circle jerk
Zero equals work
always spread too thin
I got no towel to throw in
hear that black wind blowin’
here the fuck I go again


Friday, October 18, 2013

2.898 : 10/18/07 : Sensory Deprivation

I want specific blinders
for all news and information
a very special species of
sensory deprivation
I can’t afford to tune out
all reality
I’ve got to eat and after all
the little man is only three
but I could do without the war
or frankly the environment
it’s not like knowing made a difference
all those letters that I sent
that the center cannot hold
I don’t need to be reminded
I read that one years ago
so entropy let me be blinded
stop my ears to money news
like the market means dick to me
shield my skin from all the horrors
they talk about that stick to me
clasp my tongue inside my mouth
to just forget the bitter pill
and the stench of mendacity
it’s everywhere I know the drill
and I’ll go round my business
chipping at my little corner
be your canary nevermore
Your Cassandra your warner


Thursday, October 17, 2013

2.897 : 10/17/07 : Brave and Bold

I love the feel of a paradigm slide
when you’ve got nothing to lose
and even less to hide
watch the clinging of
the first becoming last
welcome to the dustbin
welcome to the past
I’ve got a feeling that
everything’s changing
power structures crumbling
classes rearranging
and I’m afraid of the
death throes
how bad how long
nobody knows
and it might seem like another day
of the same old same old
but still it’s coming
Whatever you say
and I am to face the new day
brave and bold


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2.896 : 10/16/07 : Time Carries Nothing

After losing his Messiah complex
the artist no longer knows
what he expects
and time rolls on relentlessly
and that’s all it does
he says to me
It carries nothing that’s all on us
it’s not a river or an
existential bus
it’s not a page that you can write on
it’s just a tide no one
can fight
and I’m losing predictably
the artist, no longer young
said to me
but I keep my spirits up with one thing
we all go to the next stop
carrying nothing


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

2.895 : 10/15/07 : Chasing Transition

3,086 : 20 ?

Chasing transition, transcendence
the same inquisition, dependence
on influx of data the witching hour
the players the haters the hideous power
I’m not on the track here not even close
I try to get back to the critical dose
that rap in the background I’ve heard before
a dismal upbeat sound an open door
chasing translation the upload trip
standing my station on the battling tip
no idea what form the fight will take
stay sharp and keep warm stay on the make
wait for the call superstition said
no plan at all but to keep my head


2.894 : 10/14/07 : Flyover Country

So many will be displaced
our history our destiny
I kind of like it
here in the middle
no threat of global relevance
testing me
in flyover country
Keep your New York City
Flatland heartland
Keep your L.A.
I don’t mind being nowhere
And it keeps the population low
I’m happy to say


Sunday, October 13, 2013

2.893 : 10/13/07 : Bees

Little thoughts like little bees
go circling and circling
and swarm around
perplex, confound
till every little quirk will ring
and clamor for attention from me
and oh did I mention one bee
is made of gold
and flies by antigravity
oh if I could just catch that bee

Guess that makes my skull the hive
but it’s not full of honey
it’s full of fear of world collapse
and thoughts of making money
the system’s shot
but Marx won’t do
just how bad will
the social fabric unglue
preparing for it’s useless
of that I’m very sure
and nothing would go better
if I kept myself so pure
the consolation prize I’m stuck with
cultivate my nest of bees
and daydream somehow
it could someday
buzz the titan to its knees


Saturday, October 12, 2013

2.892 : 10/12/07 : Alternate Track

Throwing rolling ciphers down a hill
I refuse to mark or observe
but I know you always will
If everything’s recorded in some fashion
it’s irrelevant if I conceal my passion
If every happenstance
occurs on some alternate track
then what’s the meaning of decision
drop another record on the stack
more stories that I’m not in
than I am it’s got to be true
more stories I’m alone than
I am with you
I don’t like it I don’t like it
I want change but I want things the same
I want it all to be serious
I want it to just be a game
I’ll pretend that I’ve somehow
collapsed probability
And I’ll pretend I’m
trying to the best of my ability


Friday, October 11, 2013

2.891 : 10/11/07 : Hope Land

Hope land on me tonight
convince me to do well and right
actually I mean to do good
change, disarrange I thought I could
get to the same point every night
push on when I can no longer fight
so what I’ve suffered through much worse
and end it on a hopeless verse


Thursday, October 10, 2013

2.890 : 10/10/07 : Reactivate

Reactivate the ancient sites
sinking into my radical rites
not much hope for recognition this time
figure what the hell
I can be free on my own dime
content to be reporting a revolution
certain problems still seem beyond solution
but that rising tide may yet raise all our ships
and as long as it doesn’t swamp us
I’ll quote my quips
just a little word of announcement
top it off with a bold pronouncement:
starting here I’m taking on the world
just me and my boy and my only girl


Wednesday, October 09, 2013

2.889 : 10/9/07 : Counter Intuition

3,080 : 14 ?

I’m having trouble parsing out
my counter intuition
I’m having trouble bringing
that world card oracle to fruition
I hear a lot of good talk
but I see a lot of stale walk
and I’m starting to consider
investing in real munition
I’m scared of world wide war
economic collapse
I ain’t got much
between the thought
and the synapse
I’ve got to make this quick
keeping the faith these days is quite a trick
and that’s even on the good side
of a bad roll of the craps


2.888 : 10/8/07 : Pro Forma

The dead minimum that I can get away with
has gotten me this far
I can’t imagine what force on Earth
could induce me to raise that bar
I’m doing this like time
nothing matters but line on top of line
pretend at some extremity
I’ll somehow reverse the decline
this pro forma racket doesn’t
much appeal to me lately
too damn many memories
swarm up that trouble me greatly
too many imaginary friends
with doppelgängers walking around somewhere
acting like real human beings
like things that eat and love and care
one extra hour of sleep
won’t make going through the motions seem right
neither the first nor second trump will come true
I’d bet on that tonight
change comes in long slow monotony
and never seems quite done
and if it strikes you as a dullish tale
you’re damn sure not the only one


Monday, October 07, 2013

2.887 : 10/7/07 : Real Poetry

the topic of the movie
is the content of my present
I couldn’t call it art
but it is simple
it is pleasant
and you could call it life
there is breathing waking sleeping
there are semblances of meaning
there is company I’m keeping
but I’m looking for real poetry
what I find seems so random
somehow smaller than a want ad
or the detritus of fandom
and I guess I’d sell it all out
and I wouldn’t think a minute
for a little pile of booty
it’s a hell of a note i’n’it?


Sunday, October 06, 2013

2.886 : 10/6/07 : Break Fast

How long will the fire flow
how long will the words last
how long will this go on
how long till I break fast
where will this train go next
following the damn tracks
armed with nothing but text
fighting only parallax
I haven’t got a blueprint
you can see there’s no plan
I can’t take the plain hint
succumb give up be a free man
seeing what cannot be unseen
no line not uncrossed before
still whatever I’m not clean
and I suspect I know what’s in store
one grim fantasy or another
yet another long goodbye
and as clichés go here’s the mother
I make book and don’t ask why


Saturday, October 05, 2013

2.885 : 10/5/07 : À La Carte

Nobody’s offering à la carte
take it all or receive not one part
just want a little of Caesar’s stash
Filthy lucre baby I want cash
but they say you got to get the career
always obligations never in the clear
I could chase after the long or short con
be the opposite of a paragon
I could dust off my alchemical stills
close my eyes to the time I can’t do or that poison kills
I’ve got no stomach for crime or fraud
But I swear the next straight gig’s gonna kill me by God
So until providence hands down my little part
I guess I’ll try to piece it bit by bit à la carte


Friday, October 04, 2013

2.884 : 10/4/07 : Process of Elimination

While the world delivers one wretched
one liner after another
And I scamper under the lash
of invention’s mother
I get the sneaky feeling
that all of creation
is nothing but a product of
the process of elimination
Garbage in and look
at just what comes in and out
Where the sun don’t shine
guess that’s what I’m talking about
I guess that you could guess
I think it’s all masturbation
or at best another pile of elimination


Thursday, October 03, 2013

2.883 : 10/3/07 : Nest of Eyes

I’m throwing firebombs
in the nest of eyes
sick of all the scrutiny
incensed by all the lies
Look at this you bastards
I am shaking every tree
until the real revelation
falls down on me
I said I’d turn my back on
all of you without goodbyes
And walk all resolutely
one time from the nest of eyes
but soon you found me
kicking dirt around the verges
lurking in the trenches
soon succumbing to my urges


Wednesday, October 02, 2013

2.882 : 10/2/07 : The Demiurge

What’s the matter with matter says I
Why do I get caught up in the game
You asked if I had considered I said yes I
thought a thousand times but it always came out the same
here I am again with the Demiurge
Fighting to determine the right approach
Here I am again on the cusp of a great purge
it seems there is no stage on which he doesn’t encroach
There’s no escaping I am part of it
Made of matter entropic and temporal
And that gets to the bleeding heart of it
Another day another oh God what’s this fresh hell
here I am again with the Demiurge
Battle of wits like a toothpick against a gun
I’m losing my faith in the martial surge
Maybe somebody’s born to fight him I ain’t the one
I don’t know who I’m really praying to
I accept these words may merely rattle in my skull
Nobody gets me I believe but I’m not saying you
Ought to buy what I buy ‘cause my dance card’s already full
And I may never shake the Demiurge
No I suppose it comes from being material
And one day I guess the whole thing will merge
And have to face the abstract alien Imperial


Tuesday, October 01, 2013

2.881 : 10/1/07 : The Bells Still

3,072 : 6 ?

The bells still hammering
in my skull money is yammering
and I find myself stammering
apologies to nobody
The plunge is harrowing
I can’t deny the options narrowing
this ain’t no tortoise shell or yarrow thing
oracles won’t make this less muddy
I clench my teeth wait till the bells still
How long can I still palm this hell’s pill
or cling to this slick infidel’s hill
before I just slide in the slop
Pretty sure it was me that rang it
Can’t recall why I would have dang it
If there’s to be blame well I’ll hang it
right round my own neck then just stop