Monday, October 28, 2013

2.908 : 10/28/07 : So Many Words

3,100 : 2 ?

I’ve got so many words to say
I feel I’ve got to say a couple every day
and when its down there in black and white
sometimes I feel exultant sometimes only tight
I’ve got no excuses I own every one
whether under the table or under the gun
what I just left behind cuts me to the quick
but I’ve got a few surprises left in me dick
so many words in combinations finite
thank god I beat the singularity by a thin night
I know I’ll feel regret close to despair
every time I remember there’s no there there
but I’ll do my duty, follow through
nothing in this world means more to me than you
and true there are two and I feel so fortunate
so smile to the camera put a coin in my hat
brevity is the soul of wit so everybody laugh
I’ll simply put a period on that last paragraph

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