Friday, November 30, 2012

2.576 : 11/30/06 : Not One More

Not one more
not one more
graceless end run
I do not
accept the status quo
when it includes
the kind of shit I know
just happens
every day that passes
no choice
but to exploit
the masses
I got another way
but my voice is so tiny
I get flustered my voice
gets high
tight and whiney
the prose gets shrill
sound like a shill
feel like I better
So I think I will


Thursday, November 29, 2012

2.575 : 11/29/06 : Codebreaker

35 college non-drop-out
Up to now
See how dull it all spells out
another project
another probe deployed
had to take a minute there
to change a diaper
never used to think I’d take
that plunge but I’m a lifer
I only brought it up
to answer the inevitable
questioning after the code
Now you know
hey in the afterglow
do you feel lucky
hip deep in my motherlode


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2.574 : 11/28/06 : No More Bridges Road

No more bridges
So simple
henceforth since this day:
No more worries about
burning them
or if the ropes and rotten boards
begin to sway
All straight line
all over land
magnetic navigation
an anchor in
my hand
So I need not to fly away
cause I feel so high
from giving up
bridges today
henceforth next
abyss I come up
I either pitch headfirst
in or
turn tail bum up


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2.573 : 11/27/06 : Trinity

Elucidate the math of a mystery
try to make it into an equation
try to turn a story into history
try to use the mess to rule a nation
Ask me if I believe in the trinity
ask me if I believe in one birth
I haven’t got all day to explain what it means to me
And I really can’t see what it would be worth
I stand with the rest and profess trinity
Father son and ghost of a glimmer
of apprehension forced into a book you see
behind my eyes the truth will always shimmer
dancing and elusive just beyond my reach
popping up in long forgotten dreams
Pulling me to the forest or my perfect beach
then dropping me bewildered so it seems


Monday, November 26, 2012

2.572 : 11/26/06 : Lady Superhero

2,763 : 90 ?

Lady Superhero
fill me up with hope
make me tell the truth
tie me up with your magic rope
Fall in love with my hero
like Firestar or Trinity
It might take just a second
to remember what
you do to me
When that evil rock and roller
cast his spell you know I felt
A funny new sensation
tickle me below my belt
make me feel that way again
Like a lady superhero
Fill me with that power
bring me up all ways from zero


Sunday, November 25, 2012

2.571 : 11/25/06 : Pair of Twos

Tossed off lines
about days and dues
nothing in my hand
but a pair of twos
if I’ve talked bold
and acted sure
just an act of hope
while I searched for a cure
no will to push it
just wrap it up
if I spot a vague notion
I’ll snap it up


Saturday, November 24, 2012

2.570 : 11/24/06 : Leftover Blues

Got a plate of unfinished bizness
Lord I got them leftover blues
Whole lotta trouble in my fridge
Lord I got bad leftover blues
I promised so so much
yeah how I gotta pay those dues
I’m running out of tinfoil
and tupperware to boot
oh my goodness soon
I’m gonna need my funeral suit
I got a heap of mashed up worries
Yeah I got those leftover blues
If you’d faced the meal I did
man you’d sure be
standing in my shoes


Friday, November 23, 2012

2.569 : 11/23/06 : Thanks

I give thanks for what I have
and I know I’ve got a lot
I give thanks and try hard not to
dwell on what I haven’t got
what good is thanks anyway
Sure I seem a jerk to ask
So rake me over coals
take me hard to task
I just do what comes naturally
Though without thought to why
It seems a very human thing
to send our thank yous to the sky
if I just could make a habit of it
being thankful always
I’d be a better better man
and make much more of all days


2.568 : 11/22/06 : Advice

The easiest advice to give
is live to love to love to live
say seek your heart
forget necessity
don’t worry about anything
just leave the rest
all up to me
I mean but I wonder
just how well I’ll hold my end up
Wonder just how well
you listen to the prayers I send up
Please don’t ask the questions
just believe in my advice
I’m praying one more time
that I won’t have to give it twice
I’ll bet as many gold coins
as I can hold in my hand
that if I squint and turn my head
I’ll make just what’s to be
a promised land


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2.567 : 11/21/06 : After Thought

The action or expression
that comes after thought
The shadowy impression
the climax fraught
with mystery and intrigue
with a furious sound
knew I was out of my league
So I went to ground
I always want to give
every little thing
each conflict that I live
more and more thought before I bring
myself to taking action
but it’s a mistake
while others find their faction
I’m stuck in a double take


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2.566 : 11/20/06 : The Wheel

2,757 : 84 ?

The wheel may turn turn turn
explicating the jewel in the lotus
I want to be like that wheel
endless revolution my standard modus
I’m sick of aspiration
I’m tired of pushing the stone
I’m tired of looking for the savvy angle
And always ending up going it alone
Can’t I just stick to my turning
Can’t I just keep spinning my wheel
I know it isn’t exactly prime time
but you can’t deny a certain appeal
that’s enough I’ve said it a thousand
times before but damn I mean it
I’m sick of turning this particular wheel
this slate’s full and it’s time to clean it


Monday, November 19, 2012

2.565 : 11/19/06 : Circumstances

I went up to the church
but the church was closed
a circumstance not a sign
or so I supposed
I don’t blame it on the devil
or the media
or the societal attrition
that keeps bleeding ya
it’s just the circumstances
always coming up
like a bad card in a crooked deck
death between the crown and cup
I understand it’s a symbol of change
some earthly transition
I try hard to believe that
it foretells the transfer of my mission
but deep inside it feels
like just more disorganization
a failure to plan well ahead
a failure of information


Sunday, November 18, 2012

2.564 : 11/18/06 : Junk

Junk is junk I’m not enough of a punk
anymore to try to score
so I better spelunk
dive into the depth
pull out gold
some epic poem
some magic tale I told
sometimes it seems
you gotta wait for it
and make your way
sometimes you ain’t for shit
so it goes and
qué sera
I’m deep ambiguous
like Desiderata
it ain’t nothing
fine aspirations
nothing can replace
that 99 percent perspiration
because not all work
bears fruits
And you gotta chew
through a lot of
new recruits


Saturday, November 17, 2012

2.563 : 11/17/06 : The Nature of Information

The replication of information
bears no relation to an act of theft
It is the nature of information
to shatter artificial boundaries

I refuse to call this property
even if the one who wrote it down is me
I appreciate a statutory recompense of cost
but the balance versus freedom of expression has been lost
in the name of Mickey Mouse Immortal
we slammed the door on public domain’s portal
like Bob Dylan’s opinion matters
more than information and all the illusions that it shatters

The replication of information
bears no relation to an act of theft
It is the nature of information
to shatter artificial boundaries

in the end only the information truly persists
evidence that some consistent energy exists
someday they’ll laugh at our pathetic showing
as we thrash around pretending we can control its flowing
like Jack Valenti’s opinion matters
like Universal Vivendi’s
opinion matters
I’ll laugh today and watch
as this false paradigm

The replication of information
bears no relation to an act of theft
It is the nature of information
to shatter artificial boundaries


Friday, November 16, 2012

2.562 : 11/16/06 : Failing Another

Failing another easy distraction
forced all unwilling back into the main attraction
Never cared for freak shows not a bit of it
all the less so now that I am part of it
Livid at this dream I can no longer believe
of some gift or revelation I’m about to receive
Failing inspiration and failing strength
failing another test of depth and length
climb back on that horse
the one on rockers in the lobby
try not to feel remorse
at my suspicion that it’s just a hobby
Still none can deny I really stick to it
penance now for all I was
too quick to quit


Thursday, November 15, 2012

2.561 : 11/15/06 : Lucre Lucre

Lucre lucre
lascivious lust
treasuring the food of moth
the fodder of rust
I can’t help that Caesar’s
into me for so much
I can’t help the world I’m born to
the midas touch
what do you do when
you know better
but still feel the same
what do you do when
no matter what you do
you find
that you’re still in the
Lucre, lucre set me free
of your hold
And grasping after
that I can never hold

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2.560 : 11/14/06 : Willing But the Flesh

Willing but the flesh to
step up
Will to blow it all the
heck up
what is strength no
really what now
what is discipline
that sacred cow?
I know hunger
what that feels like
all I know for sure
Still it seems not
quite enough
perhaps my poor
aren’t quite pure


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

2.559 : 11/13/06 : Setbacks

Beset by setbacks
can’t believe
this return to diarism
is all I’ve got left
up my sleeve
rather read my book it’s true
rather play my game
rather surf the net
so much diversion
that’s all so the same
why do I keep coming back
why do I keep trying
why do I keep fucking up
this noose I’m always tying
to string these foolish fancies up
to free my soul for barter
I guess old habits do die hard
I guess that dreams die harder

Monday, November 12, 2012

2.558 : 11/12/06 : Recovery

2,749 : 76 ?

Why does a word for getting back
mean to conceal again
it is something about debt
or the forgiveness of sin?
the recovery proceeds
and hope to God it is complete
because I’m very very tired
of being off my feet
and it all shall heal
and it all shall pass
and one day each particle
will be vaporized to gas
but for a day more I guess
Consent to being on my back
I swear to God when I regain my feet
I’ll try another tack


Sunday, November 11, 2012

2.557 : 11/11/06 : Havelock

The other white bread
mainstream, orthodox
amazing the diversity
that fits into that box
Havelock Township
out there boondocks
the Outpost with its
satellite dish on concrete blocks
rarely there but
still seen in dreams
the other half of
father’s work
an aspect of the
Trinity it seems


Saturday, November 10, 2012

2.556 : 11/10/06 : This is a Bomb

This is a bomb
on a long slow fuse
all made of words
a secret I’ll use
butterflies of poison
darts of fear
no doors no windows
no here here
total annihilation
nothing but a gate
the crush begins
all power and hate
call me powerless
watch me come on hard
slipped right in between
when you let down your guard


Friday, November 09, 2012

2.555 : 11/9/06 : The 100 Percent Solution

Turning the symbolic deck
Forcing fate confused as heck
trying to nail the tipping point
a spike in time
peak to anoint
refusing dogma’s absolution
seek out the complete solution
Hail the one hundred percent
solution that high heaven sent
concealed in a game of chance
a tale for one this flatland dance
tell myself it means everything
change of season wind on wing
the no wall seems reversed and spent
I click the one hundredth percent


Thursday, November 08, 2012

2.554 : 11/8/06 : Enough

What will be enough
what could ever be enough
in this system in this mayhem
in this philosophy
money god theocracy
I tell myself a thousand
and I’m selling out
I tell myself a million
to go walkabout
will I ever really
stop thinking about
If I could marshal
my spirit
it could be a rout


Wednesday, November 07, 2012

2.553 : 11/7/06 : Poor Thanks

It seems a poor sort of thanks
a rush to catch up
shoved in sideways
shake dice in the cup
and toss anything
take whatever comes
vague promise tomorrow
will yield more than crumbs
will offer up more than
a moment aside
will offer the moon then
and offer the tide
Give thanks that are potent
give thanks that are well
and draw it all higher
well that’s what I tell


Tuesday, November 06, 2012

2.552 : 11/6/06 : Bucket

2,7423 : 70 ?

After the flood
buckets of mud
a growing galing tide
a pound of blood
before the dawn
stretch and yawn
try to shake the feeling
that I’m just a pawn
try to let go
let the wind blow
admit a thousand times
that I just don’t know
In time for the drought
a bucket of doubt
did I ever believe
I’d get it all worked out


Monday, November 05, 2012

2.551 : 11/5/06 : Try All

Try all possible
methods of inquiry
try all possible
the only thing between us and the void
is human industry
and there’s no way
to cover our tracks
how dull to try so little
politics and the church
how foolish when you need to chop
to only whittle
while you whistle in the dark
it all gets left in the lurch
try harder try
something different
make it new make it real
make it now
Otherwise it will all
pass with little incident
silent with a graceless


Sunday, November 04, 2012

2.550 : 11/4/06 : Or Deal

Should I try to go
the solo path
or deal with
the fury no hell hath
or deal with
the big machine
So many deals I made
sight unseen
I’m not a hermit by nature
though some might look askance
at my small assertion
that I’m trying to give
cooperation a chance
just wish I had a mentor
and a fellow on the march
to remind me of the


Saturday, November 03, 2012

2.549 : 11/3/06 : Pop

I never thought it would be
such an illusion
I never thought I’d be defined
by my confusion
I never thought it would
feel fit to pop
I never guessed it would be
So hard to stop
I can’t tell smart from dumb
any more
or come up with a decent reason
to get off the floor
I can’t decide if I should pop it
before things get worse
I can’t recall if it’s just bad luck
or a gypsy curse


Friday, November 02, 2012

2.548 : 11/2/06 : The Position

The position I staked
on the subject of jake:
One month nine days Free
not from today
don’t ask it’s crazy
I sacrificed all I had to art
and whatever spark
was left in my heart
gloves off teeth bared
anything not lost shared
I’ll hold my position
and spin until I’m dizzy
he isn’t such an easy
mark anymore is he?
And I assume
the position with a smile
feeling deep down
I have found
the miracle mile


Thursday, November 01, 2012

2.547 : 11/1/06 : Efficiency

With the efficiency of
a cyanide shower
none of the evil
all of the power
I’ll slash slash through
the evidence of my disaster
stumble through the trials
like an august die-caster
It’s never really mattered
if it’s good or bad
when the yahoos figure that one out
they’ll know they been had
but when that shoe falls
I’ll be long gone
barefoot, hungry
still going strong
So don’t bother asking
what it’s for
I’ll just whip you up another
and tomorrow one more
maybe it's genius
or deficiency
but none can question
my efficiency