Thursday, November 15, 2012

Support the Little Kitchen Food Shelf!

Please note this campaign is open through the end of 2012 - Please consider a donation to fight hunger in Minneapolis.

Donate to the Little Kitchen NE Minneapolis Food Shelf's 2012 Fund Drive

I want to introduce you to The Little Kitchen Food Shelf: a no-boundaries, no-restrictions food shelf serving Northeast Minneapolis and beyond.

What does that mean?  Most food shelves have geographical or other restrictions, require ID, paperwork, a waiting period, etc.  This is a necessary component of how they perform but it leaves a hole for families in sudden emergencies, those outside their typical region for whatever reason, homeless and highly mobile people who lack ID... A no-restrictions food shelf serves a community need for people who are often at that point among the most vulnerable and desperate in our society.

About half those served by our food shelf are children and youth.

My church supports the operating of this food shelf as a community outreach ministry.  This ministry is about feeding people: it is not a place to proselytize, evangelize or question people about their personal religious adherence or lack there of.  Our sole mission in the Little Kitchen is to serve the need of hunger.  Our church, through the donations of its members and other avenues of support, houses the food shelf in its facility, manages the food shelf through the work of its staff who are paid through the church's regular operating budget, and is operated with the support of an amazing team of volunteers from all across the metro - churches, schools, tenants in our building, other non-profits all pour their free work into keeping this food shelf open.

What all this means is that 100% of your monetary donations that we receive will go into the purchase of food and supplies to support our hungry neighbors.  NO donations you make through this campaign will go to support the church itself, or any of our religious activities.  Your donation pays for food, period.

The food shelf is also engaged in innovative programming to increase people in needs' access to fresh fruits and vegetables.  We operate a community garden that produces food directly for the food shelf.  We have been involved with programs like Fruits of the City and Gardening Matters' Gleaning Task Force which access underutilized, growing fruits and produce sources.  We arrange donations of produce that would otherwise likely go to waste from the NE Farmer's Market, and have many other community partnerships that are making this food shelf a model of innovative response to hunger, food access and food justice.

I know there are a lot of requests out at this time of year. I hope you can consider a donation in ANY amount that works for you, and share this email if you wish. You could also visit this campaign's Facebook page and like or share the link there -

The growth in need during these tough economic times has been enormous. Thank you for checking it out.

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