Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2.1246 : 9/30/08 : Long March of the Early Riser

Early riser far ahead of dawn
His long march his unfortunate
slide back a day, two gone
his broken pledge his selfish debt
I’ll grant you an hour more
pushed back among the quiet hours
to dream of oceans dream of forests
dream of chasms dream of towers
someone may come look at this
I’m sorry for my horrid scrawl
I’m sorry for the world we made
I’m sorry, sorry for it all
but I’ve got plans and must
away I still plan to surprise her
by stepping up one special day
so hey the long march
of the early riser


Monday, September 29, 2014

2.1245 : 9/29/08 : Write the Poison

3,436 : 9 ?

Are you going to try to write
the poison out of you
better write in blood
with all the rot you drank
well everything is
just as clear as mud
I’ve got no cleverness
no fast talk that will
make this any cleaner
just to sleep sooner not later
be bigger not a hater
kinder not meaner


2.1244 : 9/28/08 : Fine a Point

And not to put
too fine a point on it
the whole plan went to shit
but I persisted, somehow


Saturday, September 27, 2014

2.1243 : 9/27/08 : Recollect the Tunes

I recollect the tunes of youth
Black Dog reveals
I’m long in the tooth
reliving childhood days
childish talk
of childish ways
the heavy and the metal speed
these things defined
a kind of need
I’m not about to
write me off
for every lie
or dullard’s cough
the country rock
to classics of
the sixties psychedelic rug
pulled out from under
eighteen years
eighteen wheels
truckload of fears


2.1242 : 9/26/08 : Sigils

So sick of the
spells and sigils
the same old riddles
am I simply
the inevitable
that glass is empty
no, no hint of full
but it seems to be a habit
I just cannot drop
well at least mostly
I can stop


2.1241 : 9/25/08 : Mission

A walking curdled stomach
filled with fear and suspicion
I cannot bring myself to
give a shit about the mission
like I even know what that might be
the nothing that you ever gave to me
nothing at all will change
there’ll be some words, recrimination
some other night again
I’ll be stuck with this same sensation
I don’t really need to control everything
but the barbs of uncertainty sting
do I surrender let it be what
it is or do I balk
what’s the use of staying up
for a useless talk
postpone deciding a little while
nobody wins but that’s my style


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

2.1240 : 9/24/08 : Advance Strike

Nobody but the man
is making any advance strike
You sorry revolutionary
pedaling your bike
it all seems like good fun
until someone’s head gets cracked
it might as well be straight physics
the inertia of the way the odds are stacked
I want so bad to have a new solution
some way that’s not doomed before it starts
but long as we keep acting without thinking
blindly following our hearts
and the majority’s complacent
and power favors wicked vice
there’ll be no action from this vanguard
and we’ll all pay the same old price


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2.1239 : 9/23/08 : Span

I think my expectations
are all out of proportion
of what a day can render
of Caesar’s dear portion
In a day just a day
Such an arbitrary span
the happenstance of revolution
overshadows every plan
I’m feeling hard done by
and it’s all my own fault
but I don’t see you had to
compound injury with insult


Monday, September 22, 2014

2.1238 : 9/22/08 : Ball

3,428 : 1 ?

Run around it
worry at it
cannot get my
teeth around the ball
and who could deny
that all we say
and write
and sing
might not mean anything
at all
if life’s just
for the sake of living
every day
no more no less
I might as well
act satisfied
I might surprise
by saying yes


Sunday, September 21, 2014

2.1237 : 9/21/08 : Waiting Game

It's a waiting game
No matter how you roll
we’re all waiting
for that bell to toll
We're all hungry
We're all insane
thinking of the potential
on that membrane
So I'll hear my sounds
I'll do my mantra
you can almost
hear it can't ya
double space final fold
I better ditch it before it gets old


Saturday, September 20, 2014

2.1236 : 9/20/08 : Wealth

I will do as I wish
with my wealth
or is that not allowed
or do you envy
me my generosity
when my wealth's
and my haters cowed
You will be astounded
by fabulosity
Last will be first
first will be last
it will all be
blasted asunder
rocked to its plinth
god I love that word
And I'm feeling fine
every moment can shine
and your spirit is always free
and I'll kick out bad thoughts
conditionals and oughts
I feel it just free as a bird


Friday, September 19, 2014

2.1235 : 9/19/08 Displaced In Time

I'm feeling all
displaced in time
too early or too late
I'm feeling up to half a rhyme
And if that's it then great


2.1234 : 9/18/08 : Multitasking

I’m watching the teevee set and
reading a book
once in a while I give that
demon in the corner a look
I’m not really following
this show anymore
but I’m trying to multitask
my way out that door
I’m also getting lit and
getting worried by the future
That seems connected to now
by a crooked suture
sometimes it all clicks like
Swiss watch works
But I think we can’t take
much more of these war-hawk turks
So I’m multitasking
peace love and understanding
and when I’ve got the time
I’m out gladhanding


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

2.1233 : 9/17/08 : Commitment

I guess I screwed up
the big commitment
Shoulda thought about it
another minute
sure I would have once again
just lost interest
nights like this I
just feel like it would
be best
I guess this routine
has gotten quite stale
not much is left that’s
beyond the pale
I guess I’ll pretend
that I’m still committed
only time will tell
how that fake out got


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

2.1232 : 9/16/08 : Dilly

What’s the dilly
this thing’s getting chilly
and I’m too hot
to believe it or not
There’s nothing up here
possibility or fear
the stops are gonna all come back
jump the stack
Don’t want to be feared
or payed attention
or similar fates
too dull to mention
I just want to
do my work in peace
Hope somewhere inside
I’ll find it, sweet release


2.1231 : 9/15/08 : Registry

There’s some malfunction
in the registry
the mode of attribution
brainless industry
creates without a notion
if its gambits pay
gives a little here, and there
Explain another day away


2.1230 : 9/14/08 : Lost

Sure I could get lost
all over again
but I think this time I
might just snap the thread
that keeps me
raking over old ground
So write this bitch down
with a pen
whatever my real crime I
take arms and stop theories dead
whatever’s not lost
is someday found


Saturday, September 13, 2014

2.1229 : 9/13/08 : Render

Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s
So I’m so sorry
but I cannot stay
For there are miles
and miles and miles
and I’ve dug well
into this day


Friday, September 12, 2014

2.1228 : 9/12/08 : Peace and Love

All I want to stand for is peace and love
I don’t see the need for your complications
And my baby and me fit just like a glove
I can’t believe the way this nation’s
lost the feeling in its heart
seems to want to talk with fists and boot
and after such an exquisite start
I’d try to argue but the point is moot
here’s one thing they can’t take away
All the love that is inside
here’s a thing I don’t have to say
here I am and here peace will abide
I’m standing here I’m not yet moved
only time tells only time tells
go ahead and tell me what you think it proved
or just listen ‘cause here comes the bells


Thursday, September 11, 2014

2.1227 : 9/11/08 : Conversation in God’s Office

Standing at his
executive desk
God looked at the
paper and said
Christ, I should
probably get
a publicist
And looking up
from where he sat
with his feet up
on the couch Jesus
“I agree”


2.1226 : 9/10/08 : Surge

I’ve got the
urge to surge
but little
I’ll purge your town
of these revenants
on one condition
you can’t get too far
ahead in this game
they called it a surge
but it’s really all the same


Tuesday, September 09, 2014

2.1225 : 9/9/08 : Continuity, Number Unknown

I’m afraid of sudden change
I won’t notice it ‘cause
I won’t remember it
Maybe it happens
to all of us
Shadows flit to shadows
in the whispering forests
a good tale is all we ask
And if the continuity fails
number of mutations unknown,
I’ll snap back into the game
long enough to
reset the tone


Monday, September 08, 2014

2.1224 : 9/8/08 : Freight of Prose

3,415 : 60 ?

There is no, there is no
sense to how it all collects at times
and just flows syllables and
silent space and rhymes
Do it every day it won’t
come more often
Do it never sure it never comes
at all
we’ve sure devalued the word
but it’s still awesome
when a bold word comes on
in the early grips of fall
and the leaves are turning
and the geese are in formation
and I’m sure that mighty
freight of prose
will someday pull into the station
but in the meantime show me
the territory; I’ll stake it
until that bitch calls again
I guess I’ll fake it
call whatever spills out a song
I knew
but couldn’t believe
it would all take so long


2.1223 : 9/7/08 : The Crisis

The thoughts are tumbling
through my mind
but I think you will
simply find
that this is really
nowhere near the crisis
Just look at how I
get back on my feet
and fly it in by
my pants’ seat
it’s magical: it better
be at these prices


Saturday, September 06, 2014

2.1222 : 9/6/08 : Joy

The definition of insanity
is doing the same thing over and over
and expecting anything to change
I know I seem just all the same
still a bounder, still a rover
but it’s really simple and not at all strange
That I got the joy joy joy
down in my heart and hey
I’m gonna take it to the limit so high
I did everything necessary
to keep the wolves at bay
but I did not snitch, I’m not that guy
What happens on the screen’s
obscene, but I think we have beat it
everybody’s interested but
poor attendance means the
promoter’s gonna have to eat it
this routine is looking like a rut
I guess if there’s joy even
minutes to the day
you’ve got to count your blessings
and there’s me with still
bushels of hell to pay
but eager to pass through
to dawn’s caressing


Friday, September 05, 2014

2.1221 : 9/5/08 : Pick Your Moment

Pick your moment
time to shine
Afraid they’re only
going to hear me whine
I have opinions
I can stop
wait and listen for
the pin to drop


Thursday, September 04, 2014

2.1220 : 9/4/08 : Protest

I guess I’m no good for the protest gig
I guess I got a little too much
of the pig in me
Now I see it clear
It’s no time to stand talking
While you’re hemming and hawing
I’m already walking
Away from the protest
Away from the brink
Get us a little room to breath
Get us a little time to think
But come across
close another quest
stand in a high tower
and watch the protest


Wednesday, September 03, 2014

2.1219: 9/3/08 : Streak

Let’s not fuck up this
streak, okay?
Is that what it’s about
After so many struggles
it came to that
concerned with wearing
Buddha’s hat
I swear it turns out better
than it deserves
It’s a hell of a thing, but
the damn thing swerves
drop your bat and watch it
streak across the strike zone
if you’re gobsmacked
check it how you’re not alone


2.1218 : 9/2/08 : Swing

We’ve got to turn this thing
turn it over again
turn it over again
we’re swinging up to the wall
we got to kick off
keep that pendulum swinging
we’re all dreaming about
a permanent majority
What we’re getting though
is just more jackboot authority
And I’m hoping that pendulum
is swinging back down
So while you fat cats
all party it up in my town
I’ll slip in a little prayer
for my thing
I’ll slip in a little prayer
for all that swing


Monday, September 01, 2014

2.1217 : 9/1/08 : Labor

3,407 : 52 ?

The thing is going to have
the measure of its labor in it
and I’ll show you
how I spend it
if you give me just a minute
If I could take this
moment of creative
into every moment
from now on
I’m alive
dedicated to
all the labor
watch and see
how it’s done
new neighbor