Monday, September 08, 2014

2.1224 : 9/8/08 : Freight of Prose

3,415 : 60 ?

There is no, there is no
sense to how it all collects at times
and just flows syllables and
silent space and rhymes
Do it every day it won’t
come more often
Do it never sure it never comes
at all
we’ve sure devalued the word
but it’s still awesome
when a bold word comes on
in the early grips of fall
and the leaves are turning
and the geese are in formation
and I’m sure that mighty
freight of prose
will someday pull into the station
but in the meantime show me
the territory; I’ll stake it
until that bitch calls again
I guess I’ll fake it
call whatever spills out a song
I knew
but couldn’t believe
it would all take so long

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