Sunday, August 04, 2013

2.823 : 8/4/07 : Heart Worm

now with extra solipsism!

I’ll worm my way into your heart
I said I would right from the start
and when I’m nestled deep within
I’ll turn and start to eat again
Said to my heart, worm let me be
I’ve got to find my symphony
my masterpiece my coup de grâce
whatever fits underneath that umbrella
the worm said don’t look at me friend
I said it to the lotus at another end
I couldn’t be in you if you weren’t in me
how can I make it clearer let me see
I only go where I belong
to the heart of the matter the heart of the song
don’t carry baggage or host regrets
and can’t be caught by hook or nets
Some think I am a metaphor
I tell you I am so much more
in time when you see my true face
you’ll be amazed to find your place
not in the museum or the hall of fame
not an also ran but right out of the game
you’d be amazed you’re not alone
So many couldn’t find a heart of stone
and though you’re more than a place for me
to dwell
What else you might be I can’t tell

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