Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2.832 : 8/13/07 : What Else Besides


What else besides a manual
of fear and attrition
besides failure and regret
and intimations of lost vision
crumple up the lingering
and hurl it in the trash
I’m not the least bit better
regardless how I burn and slash
I didn’t try hard enough
I didn’t stick to my guns
I didn’t use my clich├ęs enough
I missed the mark by tons
I surely didn’t measure up
by any scale but one
I hauled myself up day by day
and toiled beneath the sun
too late to think persistence
is enough to raise these beats
above the level of mere novelty
and failing asses in the seats
it’s all an exercise
and this another mediocre lap
but I’ll keep pulling on it
up until I feel the snap

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