Sunday, August 18, 2013

2.837 : 8/18/07 : Oracle

tell your fortune

I have to take a quick jump
on the catch as catch can
because time is very fleeting
and I am only a man
I have to take my own chances
find my own way
because that oracle
has nothing to say
I see the patterns
and I revel in their purity
I cannot reproduce them
So alas I lack security
well you might ask
what sort of engine turns this crank
I don’t know I just wish
I could take it to the bank
and after 15 years
you think I would give up on it
the oracle and all its lies
and I don’t really give a shit
but I’m condemned to play the part
of someone who’s concerned
with auguries and sparrow flight
and all the crazy stuff I’ve learned

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