Friday, August 16, 2013

2.835 : 8/16/07 : Mark that Spot

X marks

No matter what I put down to mark that spot
after the fact I can only give what I’ve got
and these days I’m back to feeling too little too late
after every tired idea and worn out phrase
when the wheel comes round to the end of days
I’m ashamed to confess I rise and rise to that bait
I’m ashamed to say I’m like anybody else
I’m shortsighted and dumber than I’ve any right
I’m a sucker for the trumpet and the bells
I’m addicted to a certain time of night
Despite twenty years of working for the man
I’ve got some crazy notion about just what I can
get away with if I could just get a break
snag that idea brilliant from the ether
Find that statue of the goddess and grab what’s beneath her
Just win that spree and grab whatever I can take
It seems crazy I forgot where my treasure’s at
It seems to justify a little intervention please
I’m afraid I’ll end up taking any measures
will get me to that spot digging on my knees

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