Friday, June 29, 2007

173 : 9/30/98 : Crux (5th Sorrowful Mystery)

Here I am here it ends at the crux if it;
that’s very funny
I’m very thirsty it’s very hot here
somewhere they’re counting Judas’ money

That’s very sad it makes me unhappy
To think of him hanging there
Betrayed by Jesus denied by Peter
I see my followers out there

Well they don’t know my sheep don’t know
They never get a single thing
So I am beat and broken
And they’ve lost their king

They don’t know what they’ve gained
I don’t know what I’ve given up
I’ve never been a man before
I’ve never drunk the bitter cup

It’s all over now I’m done
I’ve gone where it’s taken me
This is your great plan Lord
why have you forsaken me?

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

172 : 9/29/98 : Carrying the Cross (4th Sorrowful Mystery)

788 ?

This road goes on forever
This road goes to nowhere
heading to oblivion
Carrying the cross
My path is winding down now
Take one last look at my old town, how
strangely everything has gone
First is last and gain is loss
One foot and then the next one
Pretty soon they’ll nail them both down
It isn’t anything surprising
I knew about it from the start
I knew I’d carry this cross up this hill
I knew it would come to an act of will
the falling and the rising
the beating of my heart
I couldn’t be more weary
confused and beaten, bleary-
eyed and feverish
I see a multitude carrying their crosses
In times to come well shouldn’t it end here
Why does everything seem far that should be near?
Shouldn’t they all just get their wish
Can death end this never ending process?

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Friday, June 22, 2007

171 : 9/28/98 : Crown of Thorns (3rd Sorrowful Mystery)

One like me in every crowd
I can’t stand the games they play
Still I look on and not a word I say
I’m a coward and I keep my peace

Another troublemaker blew his lease
And that’s where we come in I guess
Basic hooligans to intimidate the rest
and beat the few misfortunate who come into our grasp

I had to look away but still I heard him gasp
They hate the crazy ones the most
It’s pathetic really how they love to boast
it’s pathetic how I don’t resist

And he just took it never cursed or made a fist
They put a crown of thorns on his head
Poor crazy Jew will be lucky when he’s dead
A crown of thorns, that’s something new

I’ve grown accustomed to the evil that men do
but this one got to me somehow
I see that crown of thorns the blood upon his brow
I wake up in a sweat thinking my sheet’s become my shroud

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

170 : 9/27/98 : Scourging (2nd Sorrowful Mystery)

A scourging a message
a lesson to be taught
maybe this will clear the situation up
I’m just doing what I ought

Why am I constantly confronted
with these peoples’ internecine strife
beat the shit out of another revolutionary
see if they keep howling for his life

I thought that it would be an easy post
They told me they were cattle been defeated so long
but every time I kill another one of their messiahs
another and another comes along

I wish that I were somewhere else
I wish that I were back in Rome
Away from all this provincial politics
relaxing, easy in my home

Let’s see how the subject’s holding up
Christ, J. amazing he still stands
These people seem to have it out for you
seems a shame but still I wash my hands

When I asked him what truth was
he didn’t say a single thing
but he caught be with a look that shook me
I almost believed this madman was a king

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Monday, June 18, 2007

169 : 9/26/98 : It’s Not Right (1st Sorrowful Mystery)

778 ?

It’s not right that they’re all sleeping
It’s not right it is not kind
It’s not right I can’t refuse this cup
This cup that is not mine

It’s not right I can’t be comforted
I shouldn’t be sweating blood
It’s not right I’m kneeling here alone
and praying to you in the mud

Lord if I’m ever running things
the way your scriptures seem to say
I can’t believe I’d run things like this
there must be a better way

Well not my will but your will
Nothing changes in that deal
It’s You that calls the shots down here
It’s You who turns the great wheel

I want this cup taken away
I wonder if that’s wrong
That what you’ve set seems wrong to me
That this what I waited for so long

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

168 : 9/25/98 : In Jerusalem (5th Joyful Mystery)

In Jerusalem they found me
talking to the old men
I was asking them
about some things that had occurred to me lately

They acted vexed and surprised
it just seemed natural to me
important and necessary
that I valued what they claimed they prized

And the old men shook their heads
they didn’t seem to know
the answers to these things that seem to grow
inside me every day every night while I lie in my bed

I looked back while we rode away
I thought something’s going to happen
Something will happen in Jerusalem
I’m going back there someday

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

167 : 9/24/98 : Depart In Peace (4th Joyful Mystery)

Now let your servant depart, in peace
I’ve seen all I need to
I know how the rest goes
He showed me

Now let your servant depart, in peace
I know how this story ends
You’re facing a hard road little friend
But you’ll make it

Why are some chosen to know
things no man should know
I’ll never know
but never mind
I know where I’m about to go

Now let your servant depart, in peace
I just had to see it come to pass
I know your face will be the last
the first thing I see

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

166 : 9/25/98 : Falling to Earth (3rd Joyful Mystery)

Well that angel never mentioned this
The dark the cold the screaming and the blood
Nobody talks about that part
How the pain shakes you rolls over like a flood
And the screaming my God the screaming
Till I wondered can that really be my voice
Crying out my God crying out my God
Clutching Joseph’s hand and grasping at the straw
Well I guess the Scripture told me it would be this way
It’s my destiny it’s the Law
And I feel like I am falling
falling falling into a deep well
couldn’t remember what that angel looked or sounded like
couldn’t remember anything about it while I fell
And something rising up in me
And the pain the pain too much to bear
Crazy thoughts, where’s his father
Did we bring anything for him to wear
Joseph was saying something I couldn’t hear
Something crossed in me something overtook me
Something old as time something old as womankind
Held me pushed me rocked me shook me
And as I fell to fell to earth
A serenity it seemed nothing could ever destroy
Joseph murmured something kindly softly
And showed me my perfect baby boy

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Monday, June 11, 2007

165 : 9/22/98 : Brother John (2nd Joyful Mystery)

772 ?

In the womb brother John Baptist knew
While he was knit together one and one and two
I’m gonna leave it all because of you
Go out to the desert because of you
Gonna preach to the people because of you
I’m gonna lose my head for you
He knew...
Leap up!
I know that my Redeemer lives
Leap up!
What solace does that sentence give?
Leap up!
I know that my Redeemer lives
He knew
Gonna lose my head for you
So I leap up leap up
When she visit us
She don’t know
They’re gonna serve it up on a platter
I know, I know it doesn’t really matter
I know I’m gonna baptize you
Leap up!
I saw the spirit come down

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