Thursday, January 31, 2013

2.638 : 1/31/07 : Turning Point

If you keep thinking about it it will never come
who the hell came up with something so mean and dumb
who knew so many more would feel time out of joint
who knew we’d all end up at the turning point
The problems of this world are simply one, two, three
short sightedness and selfishness and entropy
Energy can solve the last one for a while
Ingenuity might yet bridge that last mile
But of human failing what is to be done
Can’t satisfy myself, I’m not the only one
So I pray with the rest the turning point is near
So I pray with the rest to not so much fear fear
looks like we’ve muddled through a thousand centuries
Given the last one that thought does not appease
Given global warming and the nuclear deterrent
we need a far far better way to swim against this current
And if we do not find it then I think we sink
This society will vanish in an eyeblink
The turning point a memory a false surmise
Can anyone pretend it would be a surprise
Still long as I’m alive and optimism’s free
I’ll just keep searching
for some pivot
where I can turn free


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2.637 : 1/30/07: Light

We’ve had it out about a million
times before
here’s a mirror baby here’s
a window here’s a door
the world seems bound to be
divided along these lines
Still I gotta wonder what
you see if not these signs
call me an apostate
I won’t kill or die for it
I think we’ve had about
enough of that sorry shit
but spare me your condescension
I’m no kid
Still I gotta wonder if God
didn’t say let there be light
Who did?


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2.636 : 1/29/07 : Labor

The principle of labor
is not lost on me
At heart I know it’s not
what keeps me from feeling free
it’s always just the going
the starting each day
it’s just a constant quiet wish
it could just go away
I said this was my year
my shining jubilee
for getting out from under
for sighting out my apogee
I know for all of it
labor is the only coin
No dream or idea good enough
no club for me to join
but wouldn’t it be pretty
if it wasn’t ever so
I’m desperate for an angle
that suggests the answer’s no


Monday, January 28, 2013

2.635 : 1/28/07 : Respite

2,827 : 1 ?

I thank God for respites
Small favors indeed
I give thanks and try
not to give into greed
eternal vacation
the lottery dream
so tired of these fancies
I think I could scream
I had some slight notion
I can’t now remember
That went off the rails
Some long past lost December
Whatever that was now
it’s long dead and gone
and finally and finally
it gets its small song


Sunday, January 27, 2013

2.634 : 1/27/07 : Witching

Witching the weird
of zero hour
zero minus thirty
possessed of God power
was I really ever
enticed like this?
power and excess and
everything ludicrous
I might have mentioned
I’ve been witching water
trying to put a spell
on the farmer’s daughter
they all told me
it could not be done
I told them all
I am the chosen one
Don’t interfere in
the season of the witch
Watch me you will
never see me make the switch


Saturday, January 26, 2013

2.633 : 1/26/07 : 24 hrs A Day

From the first to the last to the
least little bit
You know I always care I always
give a shit
24 hours a day
24 hours a day
I lit it up like a christmas tree
setting a house fire
26, 27, 28 days
on the wire
mainline uplink
download groupthink
24 hours a day
24 hours a day
I light it up all night
I write it all down
all right
believe me when I tell you
I’ve not yet begun to fight
24 hours a day
24 hours a day


Friday, January 25, 2013

2.632 : 1/25/07 : Powerslide

I said that I’m controlling it
It’s just a powerslide
to propel me to the next slope
hell yeah I’ll take the ride
I’m not going backwards
not making the same mistakes
and if that proves to be a steaming load
I guess that thems the breaks
we all try to live between
being stuck and sliding heedless
if God had made us better
this charade would all be needless
no more self help gurus
no more ministers for hire
someone called it monstrous
It’s just more fuel for the fire


Thursday, January 24, 2013

2.631 : 1/24/07 : Proof

Proof of concept, proof of life
One hundred eighty proof
soon I’ll be under the knife
Try to find the proof
of the assumptions I hold dear
and if I can’t I shall abandon them
let me make that quite clear
I said I’m on the inside now
and contemplating busting out
I’ve put a cork in every hole
the sooner now to spout
I spent far too long being cool
all distant and aloof
now I’m afire
awash in life
and seeking for the proof


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2.630 : 1/23/07 : Recycle

Recycle the drama the
lessons wait, comma
watch it falling always
watch it falling always
Cul de sacs and strange days
and Highways
Nothing new comes in
but energy
information, dust
and entropy
So it’s all about
Mostly carbon, nitrogen
oxygen and hydrogen
runners up are calcium,
phosphorus, potassium
go ahead, do nothing
cycle will turn all the same
try to surf its crest a while
if that’s your kind of game


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2.629 : 1/22/07 : Inside

I am inside this problem now
just like that
cut down that sacred cow
And this machete
Feels so damn good in my hand
I think I’ll stay inside a while
longer than I planned
Sixteen years seem
like a dream to me
the last time that I
felt compelled to scream I’m free
but I don’t feel that way
now anymore on this ride
now that I’ve managed it
now that I’m inside


Monday, January 21, 2013

2.628 : 1/21/07 : No Return

2,819 : 9 ?

You’ll think that I’m crazy
you’ll think I’m a dope
I jumped for joy to see the sign
that said abandon all hope
Every bridge that I crossed
was a bridge I had to burn
Searching so hard for the
point of no return
Who on earth wants to go
home again, ever
What kind of person sees the
ties that bind and doesn’t want to sever
cut that cord, those apron strings
hack through that knot
Who wants to go and get
the things they already got
No not me oh no
I’ve got new tricks to learn
On my way down the path
to the point of no return


Sunday, January 20, 2013

2.627 : 1/20/07 : Mess Around

All day long and
all night too
all I want to do
is mess around with you
all up the hall
and down the stairs
I’d mess around with you
about anywhere
but lately I fear
looking around this room
it feels like all I do
is push this mess
around with my broom
don’t let me fly away
don’t let me go to ground
oh baby won’t you
help me one more
time to mess around


Saturday, January 19, 2013

2.626 : 1/19/07 : Pain is Transparent

Pain is transparent
don’t let it block out all the light
ubiquitous inevitable
though natural not meant to feel right
isn’t about justifying
isn’t about reasons
just cycles and harmony
endless primal as the seasons
who are you to talk of things
who’s only scratched the surface
believe me sir I know my depths
and limitations of my service
nonetheless a line or two
reminding that pain is transparent
don’t let it block out all the light
or ignore the messages it sent


Friday, January 18, 2013

2.625 : 1/18/07 : Mirror

Mirror mirror
tell me something useful
I know I’m not fairest
mirror please be truthful
is there anything to theories
that you show a different world
do you hide some sweet
of all the invective
that I hurled
mirror mirror
I guess I’ve got to go
you fascinate me
but I’ve obligations
don’t you know


Thursday, January 17, 2013

2.624 : 1/17/07 : Waiting For

Waiting to wake up
from this dream
waiting for the axe to fall
waiting for the mail the news
the signal
waiting for the call
wishing for
a teacher to appear
still not ready
to get out of here
I watch a spider slowly
climb the wall
waiting for the call
The phone’s got no bell
and it’s disconnected
there’s a sameness to
all the truth
to which I have been subjected
I can see it clearly
in the stains across the wall
visions of us all just dying
waiting for the call


phun with surchiz

As I've mentioned before, sometimes I read the stats and the referrer lists, seeing what's penetrating the veil of fairly secret these days.  Mostly people come through plus, I have my couple subscribers (what up fanbase) but I do enjoy those who land here, presumably bewildered, as the result of search results gone awry. Today a hit from someone searching "which is greater 2.234 or 2.2340" popped up, which hilariously points at one of the daddy songs, "Trucks Are Fun".  Hope that helped with your math homework (I guess it depends on how you're looking at your numbers, if I were to venture a guess: as abstract absolute numbers I'd say they're equal, looked at as real-world numbers (I'm sure I'm not using the right terminology here if it even exactly exists) - the output of a scientific measuring instrument, for example, 2.234 could be larger than, equal to or smaller than 2.2340 since anything from 2.2335 to 2.3344 could be represented as 2.234 for a number with 4 significant digits.  Right?)


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2.623 : 1/16/07 : Narrative

Why do these myths persist?
If narrative’s the only way
to deal with this:
persistence of experience
resistance to plain common sense
who knows whether the
future tense
is anything but straight nonsense
I’ll tell you a story
six two six
if that’s too much
self reference
feel free to pick up your
own sticks
and go
I give I give what I have got
I try my best
I take my shot
don’t tell me it’s not much
I know
I know
I know

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2.622 : 1/15/07 : Parse and Sort

2,813 : 3 ?

Parse and sort categorize
What’s on my mind
or behind my eyes
what’s in my hand
what’s on the wing
I don’t know how to add it up
I don’t know anything
dissect dissolve
and diagram
create the perfect map
to show just where I am
define the exact locus
of my discontent
and how it all resides
under the same big tent
but don’t be
surprised to see
me end up with all pieces
and still far from free


Monday, January 14, 2013

2.621 : 1/14/07 : Hot Iron

Strike while he says the
iron’s hot
It could mean something
then again it could not
I’ve seen a lot of balls
Some dropped by them
Some dropped by me
no time ever
to get it all done
always saying wait and see
the thing about
that hot iron
is striking it is not enough
failing skill
the proper gear
just end up with some
twisted stuff
but then again there’s
not much angle
sitting looking at it sizzle
vacant drooling
dull complacent
pulling at my pizzle


Sunday, January 13, 2013

2.620 : 1/13/07 : The Unfuckingbelievable

The unfuckingbelievable persistence
of resistance to the far side of
the leaf I bought into
I think I’d like to chuck it all
just fuck it all this sopping
mess I brought to you
When not much becomes nothing
when distraction is the one thing
that opposes despair
I guess I better believe it’s true
You didn’t perceive, did you
me pulling out my hair
The dirty impulse to
make it your fault
take it all with a grain of salt
it’s just disappointment
And no choice but just
to wrap it up
apply the strap or cut
The strings on this appointment


Saturday, January 12, 2013

2.619 : 1/12/07 : Pop

Pretty soon pretty soon
pretty soon my head is gonna pop
I know I know I know
I just don’t know how to stop
And if you think if you think if
you think it all come easily
Well that just proves that just proves
That just proves you really don’t know me
I done my time done my time
done my time and now I get to howl
just goes to show goes to show goes
to show I’m just no wise old owl
so mark my place mark my place
mark my place and pick another book
I’m gonna take gonna take
gonna gonna gonna take a look
and when it’s all when it’s all when
it’s all truly said and done
pray you’ll still think, you’ll still think
you’ll still think
That I’m still the one


Friday, January 11, 2013

2.618 : 1/11/07 : Dream of Dreams

I dream of dreams that fade
at first light unremembered
flashing shattered fragments
and the astral body all dismembered
I said they’re not trying to tell me anything
no such thing as omens no magic rings
I wake I walk in waking sleep
daylight unrevealing
unable to ignore that what
feels most important’s what I’m feeling
I never said that I was rational
I feel my eyes slide open what new hell
is this?
I dreamed of a box
I dreamed of a gun
I dreamed of a girl
maybe more than one
maybe all we live for
are dreams and lying
maybe I’ll dream my life away
until the day I’m dying


2.617 : 1/10/07 : In Nature

in nature there is no waste
in nature there is no excess
it all just goes around come around
no politics no influence no duress
in man there is no good thing
free of the stink of corruption
hold it down hold it down
like old faithful count on the eruption
If man is in nature
what the hell went wrong
if God is in charge
he shoulda rung that gong
A long time
a long time ago - ah
Shoulda never bothered
with that business with Noah
Picked one hill
gathered the beasts all together
Sacrifice man alone
to the weather
or hell covered all the earth
reset the machine
what’s a couple billion years
to an immortal being


Wednesday, January 09, 2013

2.616 : 1/9/07 : Wineskins

Parallax absurdity
perception’s just a
word to me
I care and care and care about
There’s no way to control
how it all comes out
I dream about the city of the future
joined to the present the real
by some suture
a rough and ugly painting
of the old and new
when those old wineskins burst
then what you gonna do


Tuesday, January 08, 2013

2.615 : 1/8/07 : Rocking

Rocking the cradle, rocking the boat
rock over the ocean over the moat
rock over the castle wall and into
the keep
to rock all you sleeping beauties
right outta your sleep
You know I’m rock steady on a rocky road
I’m gonna quarry this stone
right down to the mother lode
Rolling from Blarney right down
to the rock of Gibraltar
I am leaving no stone unturned
seeking out the perfect altar
to worship the sensation
the word that’s set in stone
The great rock of salvation
Fully known to God alone


Monday, January 07, 2013

2.614 : 1/7/07 : The Worm Turns

2,806 : 21 ?

Nothing’s different nothing’s changed
even the deck chairs are left
despite so little justification
my pronouncement burns
today today today
the worm turns
pick up my flossing give up vice
drop the sugar soda
I won’t say it twice
stay off the cigarettes
give up smoke
Become that happy healthy shit
this is not a joke
self improvement is
a sucker’s game
Some favor self-destruction
but in truth it’s just the same
A man lives so long on symbols
but someday he learns
we’re all just making
up excuses
until the worm turns


Sunday, January 06, 2013

2.613 : 1/6/07 : Be That Way

Why you got to be that way
always the same
never up for the game
when it comes to the new day
Where do you go in the push
when it’s down to the line
without signal or sign
not even a bird in the bush
Didn’t I treat you right
always down on one knee
and my favors were free
but you wouldn’t be kept for a night
And I guess I’ll have to wait
there’s no one else I can go to
You’ve got all the inspiration
it’s a bad bad situation
and I don’t even really know you


Saturday, January 05, 2013

2.612 : 1/5/07 : The Technique

The technique: the secret style
the master’s coup de grace
the bear the crane the crocodile
the method of what lies beneath
when dragging once again behind
and every line’s like pulling teeth
plunging reckless in the deep
trying to learn the lesson
of distraction sloth and lack of sleep
Fully fed up with it all
the same old using day to day
the Rally and the fall
leaves only the technique
forge ahead and hope
absurd unreal I’m such a freak


Friday, January 04, 2013

2.611 : 1/4/07 : Thread

Taking the lesson
reluctant and grim
nothing left to learn now
from you, from him
hardly convinced
it beats the alternative
don’t know what’s next
don’t know another way to live
up too many nights
pursuing God knows what
a thread so unraveled
a wind that still blows but
The Change seems all random
divested of meaning
devoid of direction
no truth to be gleaning
No truth and what is that
just doing and doing
make something for nothing
some hellbroth I’m brewing


Thursday, January 03, 2013

2.610 : 1/3/07 : Habit

We’ve made a habit of using too much
letting things go, dreaming and such
If we don’t break it we’ll be feeling it soon
Or so we’ve said a million times while
gazing at the moon
smoking drinking getting high
driving shopping getting by
Made of bad habits and dodgy bets
Someday soon I fear we’ll be made of regrets
Making good habits is dull as dirt
dull maybe better than losing your shirt
If I could just find a way
to make it thrilling
They’d be plowing a path up to
my door I’d make a killing


Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2.609 : 1/2/07 : Dull Refrain

The final obstacles are
boredom, inertia, and loss of faith
The tissue of justification
is tattered and battered and thin as a wraith
And fearing a dissolve
revolving devolving to the dull refrain
bite down on another salty grain
There’s no earthly reason why
I couldn’t make this train wreck a lullaby
and put all the doubt and fear to rest
shrug and smile and say I did my best
And it would be okay to quit
to bow my head and stop
but my heart tells me it isn’t so
and so I let another drop
Hoping I can wiggle past
the dull refrain
And the plodding
And the nodding
and this God thing in my brain
And casting for a future
with a broader scope
And failing that, enough rope


Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2.608 : 1/1/07 : Not Another Bridge

Not another bridge
I do declare
I insist henceforth
on the straight and low road
from here to there
I know I’m gonna lose
and despite myself be disappointed
and curse the spite
that’s got me up all night
trying to set to right
the way the whole damn joint
got so disjointed
I’ll try hard
I know
to stick to it no matter
that old wind blow
And failing’s not the real rub
as I’ll learn again
leaning against the wind
on some other bridge
way out along this wheel’s hub