Thursday, January 17, 2013

phun with surchiz

As I've mentioned before, sometimes I read the stats and the referrer lists, seeing what's penetrating the veil of fairly secret these days.  Mostly people come through plus, I have my couple subscribers (what up fanbase) but I do enjoy those who land here, presumably bewildered, as the result of search results gone awry. Today a hit from someone searching "which is greater 2.234 or 2.2340" popped up, which hilariously points at one of the daddy songs, "Trucks Are Fun".  Hope that helped with your math homework (I guess it depends on how you're looking at your numbers, if I were to venture a guess: as abstract absolute numbers I'd say they're equal, looked at as real-world numbers (I'm sure I'm not using the right terminology here if it even exactly exists) - the output of a scientific measuring instrument, for example, 2.234 could be larger than, equal to or smaller than 2.2340 since anything from 2.2335 to 2.3344 could be represented as 2.234 for a number with 4 significant digits.  Right?)

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