Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2.609 : 1/2/07 : Dull Refrain

The final obstacles are
boredom, inertia, and loss of faith
The tissue of justification
is tattered and battered and thin as a wraith
And fearing a dissolve
revolving devolving to the dull refrain
bite down on another salty grain
There’s no earthly reason why
I couldn’t make this train wreck a lullaby
and put all the doubt and fear to rest
shrug and smile and say I did my best
And it would be okay to quit
to bow my head and stop
but my heart tells me it isn’t so
and so I let another drop
Hoping I can wiggle past
the dull refrain
And the plodding
And the nodding
and this God thing in my brain
And casting for a future
with a broader scope
And failing that, enough rope

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