Thursday, January 31, 2013

2.638 : 1/31/07 : Turning Point

If you keep thinking about it it will never come
who the hell came up with something so mean and dumb
who knew so many more would feel time out of joint
who knew we’d all end up at the turning point
The problems of this world are simply one, two, three
short sightedness and selfishness and entropy
Energy can solve the last one for a while
Ingenuity might yet bridge that last mile
But of human failing what is to be done
Can’t satisfy myself, I’m not the only one
So I pray with the rest the turning point is near
So I pray with the rest to not so much fear fear
looks like we’ve muddled through a thousand centuries
Given the last one that thought does not appease
Given global warming and the nuclear deterrent
we need a far far better way to swim against this current
And if we do not find it then I think we sink
This society will vanish in an eyeblink
The turning point a memory a false surmise
Can anyone pretend it would be a surprise
Still long as I’m alive and optimism’s free
I’ll just keep searching
for some pivot
where I can turn free

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