Wednesday, November 30, 2016

2.1672 : 11/30/09 : How Long

Head's in a press and feel
coated with something
a stink I picked up yesterday
while I was busy doing nothing
one night on the rack
left me bent over and aching
and the hell of it's the treatment
didn't even bring me close to breaking
how long? And King David asked how long?
this far in the only certainty
I feel is what I think's the answer's wrong
make haste to pick something
make haste to get it right
I've been so careful not to waste
I cannot get to sleep at night
the millstone's heavy but it rolls okay
it'll take far more for me to snap
and I may look ridiculous
but I'm a very busy sap


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

2.1671 : 11/29/09 : Picky

Telling me to pick
it's good advice
but I'm so picky
and when I open
up the box the mess inside
is very sticky
Seems it would be
obvious but it is not
all the blind paths
I've been down were cold then hot
then cold then hot
always feeling out of time
but time reels on
but if I said
I'd really tried I'd
say it disingenuously
trying anything
would have to be
better than nothing, right?
my struggling to
grasp this is the
hallmark of ten thousand nights

Monday, November 28, 2016

2.1670 : 11/28/09 : Expected

4,227 : 8 : ?

Maybe I expected elevators
into space by now
computers that could answer back
the end of scarcity somehow
once upon a time the 21st
seemed so very remote
now it's yesterday's news
guess what, still in the same boat
expectations expectations
don't play that game near as much
the same hand picks my pocket
the same bums make the touch
the same old black and white game
expected what? I can't say
maybe if I thought it through
I wouldn't even expect today


Sunday, November 27, 2016

2.1669 : 11/27/09 : Another

I can't persist in this
coveting the words of another
coveting the success of another
coveting the gains of another
oh won't you tell me
where I'm supposed to find mine brother
Another day another, another
You can't chase glory all the time
and you can't make a meal of thyme
and you can't help but repeat your words
and ideas rise, scatter like birds
and if you don't already know by now
another man's bound to take your bow
because something persists but we don't
someone will be there but we won't
and if I had another crack at it all
I might be tempted to just take my ball
but I'd probably do it all the same
not exactly happy but still glad I came


Saturday, November 26, 2016

2.1668 : 11/26/09 : Show

I took this show on the road
my head was fixed on the gauge
Points racked just for showing up
Points rack up natural as age
Nobody's watching no
Look nobody cares
You've got to screw up worse than that
then everybody stares
modest and quiet success
nobody gives a hoot
you got to get on the road
you got to aim and shoot
but I'm so satisfied
yeah I'm so bland, serene
I am a thousand times
bigger than any scene
You want to show me something
you better look here first
here's all heavy truth on you
Answer all calls with thirst


Friday, November 25, 2016

2.1667 : 11/25/09 : Potter

Determined to be the potter
assured I am the clay
how long ago did I forget
to only want to play
I think I'd love to be bent
to a powerful will
love to be a useful vessel
been trying to run things long enough
stuck grinding in this stress hell
hope I don't get cut off the wheel
tossed into the pug mill
clay's not supposed to care
but pulling out the rug will
cost you more than one poor vessel
sure the word will get around
if you leave me spinning endlessly
or tread my substance to the ground


Thursday, November 24, 2016

2.1666 : 11/24/09 : Often

Every so often
shake off all the guff
must and ought
the smooth and rough
Every so often
give up without a fight
Wave easy and careless
So long to this night


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

2.1665 : 11/23/09 : Maybe Nothing

Maybe all won't be well
maybe it will all be rotten
Keep on fishing out the sea
and stripping out the land for cotton
There's sure been plenty of pride
enough to forecast a fall
and maybe nothing will
come up at all
those to whom begging lacks
the conventional aversion
may wind up getting the best
of the grim conversion
back to just scraping by
back to always back against the wall
maybe for the rest
maybe nothing will come up at all


2.1664 : 11/22/09 : Fable

Surely this must be madness
a righteous fable
find my optimism
ready willing and able
again balanced like an angel on a pin
I'm not trying to get in
so if I look is it a sin?
The hour has come up
I'm in the thick once more
And only one direction can exist
and it points to the floor
Very close and comforting cool
a place to lie select the proper tool
I hope to do better
another day
hope to rise
hope to stay


Monday, November 21, 2016

2.1663 : 11/21/09 : Flip

4,220 : 1 ?

I can't believe how close
you've come to getting me to flip
and for nothing at all
I confess you run a tight ship
maybe I'm fooling myself
I mean worse than I know I am
I said this day would come
yeah I believed in it like flying ham

If I prayed every morning and I prayed every night
And in secret every noontime
would you show me the sight
some way to have it fast
soe way that's sufficient
it doesn't seem to be so much
you know they tell me you're omniscient

They tell me that you care
well down here that's a tricky sell
they told me that you told some dame
that all would be well
And I do have so much to be thankful for
but I'm struggling with my grip
I guess I better hit the floor
and pray they do not make me flip


2.1662 : 11/20/09 : Day Brings

In over your head
missing the old days
slave to simple vices
damned by faint praise
things are too complicated
never time to really think
always well aware
of how bad your shit can stink
I won't figure it out tonight
I won't figure it out tomorrow
however hard I push my pennance
it won't save me a lick of sorrow
bring it all upon myself
saw it coming far away
read the writing on the wall
jumped right in it right away
and found I was in over my head
knowing old days are long lost
and every day brings its own worries
and every day brings a harder frost


2.1661 : 11/19/09 : King Folly

Perhaps the root of the king's problem
was that he could express but one sorrow
to find words for all the other pain
he had no recourse but to borrow
Like the keys to the Kingdom
arrayed at intervals along a chain
the daring to unlock all hidden heartbreaks
the daring to reveal the ugly stain
Oh King Folly oh the half created
world of stories killed mid sentence
Oh dear denizen of night there is a
gulf between shame and repentance
there is something in this court
a real spirit words with meaning
I fear it gets recycled daily
lost in the gloss of the daily cleaning
So are you going to open up
do you even know just how?
If not then what King Folly
and when then if not now?


2.1660 : 11/18/09 : Crystal

What happened when the lens
became crystal clear and -oh God -
what I saw appear
the things I had to drop
and just stop
no explanation or goodbye
and that was tough
because I am a standup guy
now it feels like crystal
is inside my head
illumnating nooks and crannies
I thought safely put to bed
a real long time ago
turns out it wasn't so
If the dream exploded
and fell back to earth
And its husk put on a stick
and subjected to mirth
forgotten in a box
pushed back on a high shelf
If it's looking beaten up I've got
no one to blame but myself


Thursday, November 17, 2016

2.1659 : 11/17/09 : Exhausted

The hopper on this
time machine is
wholly exhausted
there might have been a point
some time ago
you know I lost it
No space to get fancy oh no
No time to get cute
the hourglass is busted and
we’re barreling
right down the chute


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

2.1658 : 11/16/09 : What to Do with a $10 Gift Certificate to Walmart

Principles are great
but hunger’s real
think about not having enough
think about how you’d feel
Spend it on food 
give it to the poor
ignore the big picture
strangely you feel you have more
A thousand dilemmas
who can guess what’s really right
it keeps me guessing
it keeps me up all night
I’ll make the great chart
I’ll figure it out
the devil will be damned
it’s going to be a god damned rout
I’ll be here again
none to tweak the circumstances
a thousand and one hours
makes a thousand and one chances
forget about what you read
in some old moldy book
I’m going to make the video
that makes
everyone want to buy
the Book


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

2.1657 : 11/15/09 : Tribute

Tribute to the end of endings
tribute to the wasted chances
whatever it takes who knows what I’ve got
stand back I’m keeping the strange romances
I’ve got a grain of optimism
At a crossing I refuse to kill it
Half a surprise I’m happy enough
Now whatever flows I’m going to spill it
Maybe now I’ve jinxed the magic
Gone lukewarm and ripe for spitting
Go go go for whatever’s going
better get while the good is getting


Monday, November 14, 2016

2.1656 : 11/14/09 : Book

4,213 : 27 ?

It doesn’t seem to be
in a book or a magazine
and it’s been so long since I felt
like a smooth machine
running for a purpose
built for function
long lost miles past
the last known junction
So what is there
worthwhile to write about
words for words sake
nothing but dissent and doubt
nothing but frustration
angry and a long face
couldn’t be duller
couldn’t be a dumber place
to try to create
conditions I might just know from a book
maybe never real
maybe I’m afraid to take a look
maybe they were all right
maybe my highest perception
was always delusion
from the moment of its first inception


Sunday, November 13, 2016

2.1655 : 11/13/09 : Haste

Harried to haste
and must heed
time’s right and I’m
riding a rough steed
but I don’t mind and it’s all good
I’m all about willing
and immune to should


2.1654 : 11/12/09 : Good As New

Could anything make me good as new
Was new all that good anyway
Was there some ideal point I drowned in the late night smoke
How pointless is it to think this way
What’s eating me from the inside
what’s bolixed up the pipes this time
what keeps me from singing pure
from chasing down the obvious
fearing final failure or just a missed rhyme
Good as new good as new what a lovely idea
no meaning behind it a slogan to chant
some stuff I read said it’s maybe the afterlife
but if the science comes through maybe you want to recant
There’s no flush out no nano-resurrection
I suspect things will stay dull and continue
I’ll get old like any other, suffer for my
self neglect, for abusing the machine
Something I read put a thought in my mind
wouldn’t you really like to be good as new
Be a kid again but wise like I am now
What a silly wasteful daydream it’s true


Friday, November 11, 2016

2.1653 : 11/11/09 : Dare

Do I dare to look
at random chance I engineered
I know I won’t believe
what in a soft credulous
moment appeared
a moment of daring just
is not enough
And I guess that its detritus
will be scattered along with
all the other stuff


Thursday, November 10, 2016

2.1652 : 11/10/09 : Real Life

I don’t know why I do things anymore
Still evade the obvious
Still ignore wide open doors
an old way passed away but
nothing arose to replace it
and as far as I can tell about what’s going on
I can’t face it
We can’t get it together
we can’t deal with real life
I thought the future would be so cool
now it’s the present and just more strife
And the now-present future’s future
doesn’t look so hot these days
maybe that’s just middle age
or the way everyone pays and pays
want to believe I didn’t wait too long
who really knows, no guarantees
maybe I should just play after all
leave real life to the birds and bees


Tuesday, November 08, 2016

2.1651 : 11/9/09 : Streak

When I realized my mistake
I cursed a blue streak
if you enjoy schadenfreude, pal
Well peel the lid back and take a peek


2.1650 : 11/8/09 : Behind the Curtain

I can’t stop looking
behind the curtain
though nobody has been
back there for years
the chair at the switchboard’s empty
and I’m fairly certain
it’s down to random chance
when that giant head appears
It says nothing anymore
it just stares down at you
until it fades like
evening sun
a mocking silence left
it’s almost daring you
to ask it for help
like you’re the chosen one
and there’s nobody here
no not anyone at all
to tell you how to do
the magic to get home
somehow he rose up and out
left you to take the fall
left nothing behind but
riddles in a dusty tome


2.1649 : 11/7/09 : Put An End

I’d like to put an end to something
there’s so much left going on
I’ve got to pick and choose and be circumspect
and think hard about what’s already been and gone
In the hour of my revival when I
run up to the front of the tent
i might turn around and shout April fools
Man I’m already saved so you all get bent
I’ve got mine and still want more
damn me for a greed-headed jerk
I want it all without the weight of fame
Without the burden of chance or the pain of work
I know I’m crazy drowned in dumb daydreams
I don’t know what the hell my problem is
there’s serious stuff going down out there
So many a man would love to trade my life for his
So many pointlessly denied so much
I’ve got so little right to complain
Yet it doesn’t make a difference if I feel bad
So why the hell should I sign up for pain
I’d like to put an end to something
but nothing important is mine to end
and that’s one way I guess I’m just like you
the same wind going to make us both bend


Sunday, November 06, 2016

2.1648 : 11/6/09 : Breaking Lord Midnight

I almost became the
one that I fought
and that irony was
palpable I thought
with barely moments
to set the thing right
I committed myself
to breaking Lord Midnight
My star didn’t ascend
my path wasn’t made plain
I was washed out and weakened
by sickness and rain
but I slogged anyway
to another high tower
to confront the great lord
of the witching hour
I said oh Lord Midnight
I have to break your spell
well he twirled his curling mustache
and said well well well
kid it’s not my magic
that keeps you in thrall
and you may break me but
it won’t solve your problems at all
that’s as may be
well you may be right
So I said to the retreating
back of Lord Midnight
I guess I better learn some
new songs and dances
with nothing left to break
I’m really taking my chances


2.1647 : 11/5/09 : Doing It Wrong

Not lists not systems no not
any sort of thing that can be written down
Shoulda been bold and stopped there
So sad now you’re guaranteed to end with a frown
I want a quick fix oh
but I’m doing it wrong
I’m doing it wrong
but I’ve been doing it so long
not a quota not an experience
you can’t pay to attend a seminar
you might as well watch teevee for two weeks
you might as well pass out in a bar
I want a quick fix oh
but I’m doing it wrong
I'm doing it wrong
but I’ve been doing it for so long
Go back and start all over
nothing new there nothing new there
figure out how much you can take
because you’re going to have to take all you can bear
I want a quick fix oh
but I’m doing it wrong
I’m doing it wrong
but I’ve been doing it so long
I want a quick fix but
I’m doing it wrong
I’m doing it wrong
but I’ve been doing it so


Friday, November 04, 2016

2.1646 : 11/4/09 : Crush

Something nasty
to get the juices flowing
Something rotten and wrong
a little crush
harmless imagined
nobody damaged
nobody the wiser for my rush
a little weaker
a little set back
locked up in this room
fetch me a rag
bleach in a bottle
fetch me a dust pan and broom
I can’t seem to be at midnight
the night’s evidence I flush
stretching the hour a little longer
avoiding all thoughts
of my crush


Thursday, November 03, 2016

2.1645 : 11/3/09 : Elevating News

Don’t give me anything
but elevating news
I’ve had enough  of reason
had enough of blues
tell me a joke
something to warm my heart
it probably can’t fix this affliction
but it may be a start
send me pictures of cute animals
dressed up as people
I’m going to raise an LOL flag
up my steeple
I’ve hadn’t seen it myself
I would not believe it was true
Take a look at this high Master
grab your own celestial venue
once I’ve mastered optimism
I will hang out my own shingle
run my hands over the cards for you
till something starts to tingle
when you have my elevating news
all the great stuff you have in store
you’re going to be hooked instantly
you surely will be back for more


2.1644 : 11/2/09 : If You Hurry

Don’t compare yourself to the other one
don’t compare yourself to anyone
It isn’t worth a thing to worry
And it’s a place you can’t get to if you hurry
while you were making 15 it’s one through twenty
rust and weeds were fighting it out on the horn of plenty
now that you’re back don’t waste any more time
You’ve got a long while still left in you prime
There’s no harm in acting as if everything happens for a reason
it might just help you understand each change in season
no surprise they’re throwing roadblocks in your way
you best believe I will smash everyone today
I should have known well I was sick and I was tired
I will not hurry I’ll just push till your bid is retired
And get on with getting over the latest affliction
And you will hear me speak unhurried an
with perfect diction


Tuesday, November 01, 2016

2.1643 : 11/1/09 : Intercession

Failing belief in material intercession
It seems likely I’m saddled for the long haul
And it’s unseemly to complain about minor affliction
but it prefigures the reaper and his gory maul
but it prefigures the the horrifying world
no protection from pitiless chance
no intercession and a horrifying world
don’t expect praises, don’t expect to dance
I could be coughing away my life here
wouldn’t make any difference, I’d be in the same
boat with you
I don’t know it that’s a mark for or against you
I don’t know I can make any sense of what you do
And I reckon I’ll survive this one just like the rest
hell I used to do it sucking up smoke
but I’m leaving it up to you to come up with an argument
that the lack of intercession doesn’t make you act
kind of a joke