Sunday, November 13, 2016

2.1654 : 11/12/09 : Good As New

Could anything make me good as new
Was new all that good anyway
Was there some ideal point I drowned in the late night smoke
How pointless is it to think this way
What’s eating me from the inside
what’s bolixed up the pipes this time
what keeps me from singing pure
from chasing down the obvious
fearing final failure or just a missed rhyme
Good as new good as new what a lovely idea
no meaning behind it a slogan to chant
some stuff I read said it’s maybe the afterlife
but if the science comes through maybe you want to recant
There’s no flush out no nano-resurrection
I suspect things will stay dull and continue
I’ll get old like any other, suffer for my
self neglect, for abusing the machine
Something I read put a thought in my mind
wouldn’t you really like to be good as new
Be a kid again but wise like I am now
What a silly wasteful daydream it’s true

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