Thursday, November 03, 2016

2.1645 : 11/3/09 : Elevating News

Don’t give me anything
but elevating news
I’ve had enough  of reason
had enough of blues
tell me a joke
something to warm my heart
it probably can’t fix this affliction
but it may be a start
send me pictures of cute animals
dressed up as people
I’m going to raise an LOL flag
up my steeple
I’ve hadn’t seen it myself
I would not believe it was true
Take a look at this high Master
grab your own celestial venue
once I’ve mastered optimism
I will hang out my own shingle
run my hands over the cards for you
till something starts to tingle
when you have my elevating news
all the great stuff you have in store
you’re going to be hooked instantly
you surely will be back for more

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