Wednesday, November 16, 2016

2.1658 : 11/16/09 : What to Do with a $10 Gift Certificate to Walmart

Principles are great
but hunger’s real
think about not having enough
think about how you’d feel
Spend it on food 
give it to the poor
ignore the big picture
strangely you feel you have more
A thousand dilemmas
who can guess what’s really right
it keeps me guessing
it keeps me up all night
I’ll make the great chart
I’ll figure it out
the devil will be damned
it’s going to be a god damned rout
I’ll be here again
none to tweak the circumstances
a thousand and one hours
makes a thousand and one chances
forget about what you read
in some old moldy book
I’m going to make the video
that makes
everyone want to buy
the Book

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