Tuesday, November 01, 2016

2.1643 : 11/1/09 : Intercession

Failing belief in material intercession
It seems likely I’m saddled for the long haul
And it’s unseemly to complain about minor affliction
but it prefigures the reaper and his gory maul
but it prefigures the the horrifying world
no protection from pitiless chance
no intercession and a horrifying world
don’t expect praises, don’t expect to dance
I could be coughing away my life here
wouldn’t make any difference, I’d be in the same
boat with you
I don’t know it that’s a mark for or against you
I don’t know I can make any sense of what you do
And I reckon I’ll survive this one just like the rest
hell I used to do it sucking up smoke
but I’m leaving it up to you to come up with an argument
that the lack of intercession doesn’t make you act
kind of a joke

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