Thursday, November 03, 2016

2.1644 : 11/2/09 : If You Hurry

Don’t compare yourself to the other one
don’t compare yourself to anyone
It isn’t worth a thing to worry
And it’s a place you can’t get to if you hurry
while you were making 15 it’s one through twenty
rust and weeds were fighting it out on the horn of plenty
now that you’re back don’t waste any more time
You’ve got a long while still left in you prime
There’s no harm in acting as if everything happens for a reason
it might just help you understand each change in season
no surprise they’re throwing roadblocks in your way
you best believe I will smash everyone today
I should have known well I was sick and I was tired
I will not hurry I’ll just push till your bid is retired
And get on with getting over the latest affliction
And you will hear me speak unhurried an
with perfect diction

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