Thursday, July 31, 2014

2.1185 : 7/31/08 : Suboptimal

Nothing will not make it seem
like action just for action’s sake
I know too well this occult town
this queer street crowd, forget it Jake
another stretch suboptimal
the routine screwed up, lost in tubes
Another daydream of the long con
pulling fast ones on all the rubes
nothing will not make this seem
like just another motion’s twitch
clichés choking up my throat
what can I say, hey, life’s a bitch


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

2.1184 : 7/30/08 : The Magnificent

The magnificent
seductive thought
the whole lotta nothing
to the table I brought
instead to be relevant,
heaven sent
and they will call me the
If I was a real giant
of my times
I’d stand you on my shoulders
amid bells and chimes
lean on the magnificent
don’t be shy
I don’t quite still believe
I’ll get there by and by


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

2.1183 : 7/29/08 : System

I want a system
I want I want so bad to beat the house
no more scurrying inside the walls
scrounging crumbs just like a little mouse
I’ve behaved like such a little fish
snapping every baited hook
all unconscious swimming with the school
oh those bastards read me like a book
I’m nobody’s genius
one in a thousand ain’t good enough
maybe I don’t have a system in me
maybe I’ll never have the right stuff
I know that it’s not Christian
wanting to pile up some stacks of cash
wanting power and influence
storing up the rot and trash
but then again it’s said pay Caesar
I’m into that asshole for quite a chunk
and there’s no sitting still in this race
if I don’t want to get buried in bunk


Monday, July 28, 2014

2.1182 : 7/28/08 : Switch

3,373 : 18 ?

I’d like to shut my own damn
brain off like a switch
why keep on thinking thinking
never scratch that itch
God society and energy
space mind and death
blow it all away like dust
blow it with a breath


2.1181 : 7/27/08 : A Boring Piece of Paper

just a boring piece of paper
sure as hell not a ticket out of here
I am the paper man the paper boy
I’ll file that sucker have no fear


Saturday, July 26, 2014

2.1180 : 7/26/08 : Maybe Not a Maze

Maybe it’s not a maze anymore
maybe all the walls sunk into the floor
maybe I traded a window for a door
And finally figured out what this bone is for
if I had a revelation in verse
sometimes a better one sometimes worse
if I could break the god king’s curse
and roll out of Hades in a platinum hearse
Out of the mouths of little kids
the been there’s past that’s do’s and did's
Can’t do nothing but set my bids
And wait and hope the amazers flip our lids


Friday, July 25, 2014

2.1179 : 7/25/08 : Last Minute

Everything put off to the last minute
this business is not fun or exciting
it’s just a slog of paperwork innit
And putting it all off again’s inviting
So I guess I can relate to you dumb slumps
who let it get way up on top of you
I’ll climb over your backs while you puff your humps
And from the top of that pile what a view
I’ve got no back story or origin
I guess I’m saying I’m really no hero
And through this paper forest that I forage in
God what I’d give to just get back to zero


Thursday, July 24, 2014

2.1178 : 7/24/08 : Dead Letters

One letter after another
the paperless society the piles
just get higher
and as easy as it is to
make things disappear
I miss sending the dead letters
into the fire
still chasing the false sense
of accomplishment
clearing the in box out
checking the little boxes on
the great big list
was that really what it all
was supposed to be about
get me a shovel these
stables are stinking
get me a river to divert
wow how I’d love to
wash it all out
if only briefly conquer
all the muck and dirt


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

2.1177 : 7/23/08 : Week

How long have we been humping
this continuous week
Sunday to Sunday
the cycle unbroken
where did it get started
and did any dare to speak
or did the blasphemy
remain unspoken
We have a story the first week
established by God’s labor
The chances don’t seem so good
we kept track the whole time
And the first holy day
the day of rest we savor
might be supposed to be Tuesday instead
and every week perpetrates the crime


2.1176 : 7/22/08 : Pairs

So sing of something
that doesn’t come in pairs
like politicking and stumping
disguising private affairs


Monday, July 21, 2014

2.1175 : 7/21/08 : Tangle

Tangling with the demons this night
bathed in false electric light
stuck in a rut of rhyming pairs
Excuse me while I ignore the stares
Instead get tangled in the sound
I’ll find my best bet pound for pound
and craft verse into vivid scenes
tangled up in reds and blues and greens


2.1174 : 7/20/08 : Muse Speaks

as long as you look for your
treasure without
you’ll be ever beset by
confusion and doubt
as soon as you seek for
your treasure within
you’ll wonder how you ever
did anything

without me
I sent you an airplane I sent you a boat
I sent a flaming arrow over your moat
why you always got to be testing me
as long as you look you
know you’re going to see:

as long as you look for your
treasure without
you’ll be ever beset by
confusion and doubt
as soon as you seek for
your treasure within
you’ll wonder how you ever
did anything

look up look down
mere entropy is loose in your town
give thanks give praise
or do you say what’s the point anyways
I guess I call it a lesson when
I’m of the right mind
I sought ten long years
and I did not find:

as long as you look for your
treasure without
you’ll be ever beset by
confusion and doubt
as soon as you seek for
your treasure within
you’ll wonder how you ever
did anything


2.1173 : 7/19/08 : Tracking Error

Tracking error too much history
echoes of pure uncut possibility
mixed with a little knowledge a dangerous thing
here I am daydreaming about crazy bling
how many more times will I lose the thread?
give up another hour of life to dread
Instead of jumping wild in every blink
When will I learn there’s no damn time to think


Friday, July 18, 2014

2.1172 : 7/18/08 : Verifying

Verifying my motivations but the test failed
greed or convenience
so smooth the lies sailed
Or were they who knows what’s true
Paraphrasing Pontius Pilate
just like I used to
who’s got a use for
the cloister’s rejects
That vow of silence isn’t what it
used to be now we got texts
So maybe I’m dead on
and only think I’m lying
or maybe I’m just tossing off nonsense
while my blue screens are verifying


Thursday, July 17, 2014

2.1171 : 7/17/08 : Fuck This Shit

Fuck this shit
not again
pull the plug
pull this pin
throw this pile
up in your face
I win again
this fucking race


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

1170 : 7/16/08 : Bitter, Better

Think this brew is bitter better
bump a little sugar in it
bitch would kill me if I let her
and my window’s far from infinite
Say I’ve got potential promise
well yeah twenty years ago
I’ve got nothing bet on this
and getting by is all I know
I’ve seen this shit that’s on before
somebody else’s fantasy
I’m better, bitter, out the door
The angles in the slant is me


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2.1169 : 7/15/08 : List

I need to make some kind
of list so this
doesn’t keep happening
I can’t believe I haven’t
given up and scratched
the whole damn thing
and though I know that
I am done now
wherever I would wish to cease
I am compelled
to walk a little down
the road still trying to
capture my release


Monday, July 14, 2014

2.1168 : 7/14/08 : Strictly Continuity

3,359 : 4 ?

Strictly for continuity
offered as a very slight gratuity
strictly to stack the numbers up
why not I’ve still got half a cup
the best laid plans went straight to hell
I thought with words I’d cast a spell
and draw you in with impunity
to witness my continuity


2.1167 : 7/13/08 : Cracker

This sacred host is
one dry cracker
I’m dry as dust
and my heart couldn’t be blacker
I’m loathe to retire
I’m craving vice
I’m wishing what I wrote was true
Oh wouldn’t it be nice
to have a secret project
a fantastic trip
some kind of unfathomable
journey on a magic ship
with that mysterious captain
instead of sitting here
waiting for something to happen


2.1166 : 7/12/08 : Arch Stanton (Empty Grave)

This is not the night
and I forgot to hit save
look next to Arch Stanton
that’s the empty grave
memories of Lise Yates
long nights in my old estates
and what then must I call this day
my empty grave’s replay
think it’s time to stop fighting old ghosts
promises or maybe empty boasts
whatever may come just something new
refuse the black and fade to blue
this is not the night
but the portal of day
no more rewind
look up, hit play


Friday, July 11, 2014

2.1165 : 7/11/08 : Cicada Twilight

Cicada twilight, I hear
you climbing every tree
I see you emerged in false light
Now that’s what I call free
How many years were you under
Strange alien invaders
there to witness my regression
twilight cicadas
I will find your skins shed
when the sunlight returns
remind me how for shedding this
poor skin my spirit burns


Thursday, July 10, 2014

2.1164 : 7/10/08 : Stupid Nights

Well is this another one
sure looks like another one
of my stupid nights
Like to say it’s the last time
sure like to believe
Once more to set it all to rights
well I’ve seen too many
and I know this one’s chance is past
and it’s all B.S.
say no mean yes
I’d love to believe I’d have a blast
Sure I’ll screw it up
maybe tomorrow spill the cup
reset that voodoo clock
but call tonight tonight
Shine one light so bright
Do what I must and take stock


2.1163 : 7/9/08 : Glug

Hell yeah I could
get drunk on a weeknight
glug glug glug
but I didn’t
and I won’t
take the wicked
pipeweed back up
like you always do
but I don’t
I might miss the sound
of inner rot
of glug glug glug
and vice
it’s not strength or
it’s just fearing
the price


2.1162 : 7/8/08 : Purely Show

This one’s purely show
the smoke, the lights
the hype, the heights
a few cheap tricks I know
don’t believe the miles
On that odometer
I prefer to follow
my internal barometer
to know what weather’s coming
and to guess this tune
I’m humming
about how hard this thing
is going to blow
how hard I’m going to
rock this show


Monday, July 07, 2014

2.1161 : 7/7/08 : Another Name

So much the same so much the same
Try as I might to give it another name
I’m just glad the rain’s coming a little
I just wish I had some more time to sit and whittle
away the grimy rind of mundane accretion
the crust of runny boredom gland’s secretion
clear the nozzle I might just get a take off
though sure I’m afraid something might break off
by another name it might be twice as inane
So I won’t waste a minute to convince you that I’m sane
So much the same so much the same
after years of something totally different is it the same game
that I played not so well on the play ground
where I lost teeth and fights and saw it all got turned around
and if I fired the old skillet up would ever the twain meet
the city and the country side of my street?
known by another name a matter of tracks
and sides still truth abides I’m getting down to brass tacks


Sunday, July 06, 2014

2.1160 : 7/6/08 : The Catch

The catch just like it
volume two
hard as I might try
I can’t carry through
to stack up more
than one in a row
will it come tomorrow?
I just don’t know


2.1159 : 7/5/08 : One for Two

Give me one for two
for me for you
for posterity
supposedly for me
trothed the ritual out
forget what it’s all about
some memory done spent
and off to here I sent
a message to the king
that’s it I nailed this thing
and it was all wrapped up
damn your eyes and fill my cup


Friday, July 04, 2014

2.1158 : 7/4/08 : Two For One

I’ll give you two for one
advice upon this declaration
independence is a myth
ask me twice and I’ll say this:
On the shoulders of giants
dependent on ones we’ll never know
geniuses who lived in caves
invented language
it happened just so
and I’m so clever sure
but what the hell will I invent
in a world subsumed by problems
how the hell could I
make even a dent?


Wednesday, July 02, 2014

2.1157 : 7/3/08 : In Preparation

In preparation for
surrender and defeat
I’ll slog another lap out
though I’m dead on my feet
I don’t know what I’m coughing up
but it tastes like blood
and another damn initiative
is trampled in the mud
horrifying and unmarketable
I go back to the well that’s always full
in preparation for
another day of independence
I’ll leave the rest to fate
and dream of transcendence


2.1156 : 7/2/08 : News

Reading the terribleist news
I know I know
I could refuse
fascination is it voyeurism
everything refracted
through this
horrible prism
perhaps I’m addicted
to the worst case scenario
power of negative
thinking’s impresario
strange calls in the midst of night
I feel it coming on
but I won’t bite
maybe I’m addicted to paying dues
maybe I’m addicted to bad news


2.1155 : 7/1/08 : Appropriate

The venue is appropriate
you’d laugh if you were in on the joke
I can’t avoid imagining
a rock big enough
to make the bastards choke
if virtue is its own reward
just what should be my
to try again and
try again
like any other revenant
the call of work
the call of sleep
the so loud call of distraction
the step too far
the crossed over line
the dreaded chain reaction
so what, if so
if so, if so
if so then so be it
I trust at least the
will be appropriate


2.1154 : 6/30/08 : Ritual Stupidity

Down the path of ritual stupidity
please forgive my idiot cupidity
the bile is floating my teeth at this point
another first something or other to anoint
Why persist giving in is so easy
live in the day what could be more cheesy
I still believe and it’s the hope that kills me
every time the vertigo of dumb ascent thrills me