Monday, July 07, 2014

2.1161 : 7/7/08 : Another Name

So much the same so much the same
Try as I might to give it another name
I’m just glad the rain’s coming a little
I just wish I had some more time to sit and whittle
away the grimy rind of mundane accretion
the crust of runny boredom gland’s secretion
clear the nozzle I might just get a take off
though sure I’m afraid something might break off
by another name it might be twice as inane
So I won’t waste a minute to convince you that I’m sane
So much the same so much the same
after years of something totally different is it the same game
that I played not so well on the play ground
where I lost teeth and fights and saw it all got turned around
and if I fired the old skillet up would ever the twain meet
the city and the country side of my street?
known by another name a matter of tracks
and sides still truth abides I’m getting down to brass tacks

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