Friday, May 30, 2014

2.1123 : 5/30/08 : Lost

Every twist and turn
despite a certain bearing
I still feel lost
Maybe nothing ever really resolves
for anyone anywhere
and despite that still extracts a cost
And if that’s true then what’s to say
the more things change
or some other pitiful thing
that sounds wise
while being utterly
devoid of meaning
Well this is no better
and that is no better
So the damn thing just drags along
looking for a track that feels less lost
feeling like I am banging
an idiotic gong


2.1122 : 5/29/08 : Blues

Talking meta blues
all about the truths
I can never hold
let alone speak bold
a minute here or there
minute blues despair
I could cut it off
fuck it mazel tov
but I am stubborn, yo
fresh baked, full of woe
I waste my time again
This or that, now or then
got nothing, said again
harder than it looks friend


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2.1121 : 5/28/08 : Incantation (Spell 5/5)

Somebody said white people talk too much
I guess they had a point I’m out of touch
I try to be quiet with my incantation
Even saying that much makes me sweat my station
I’ll never pull off the iconoclast bit
And so I’m just another privileged shit
and I shouldn’t even try to talk about it
You want the magic formula: look; I found it


2.1120 : 5/27/08 : What Gives (Spell 4/5)

The thing is it occurs
in an instant
and then appears
One minute you’re rolling
the next
you’re poring through the rubble
the everyday magic
of weather
or high explosives
the staunchest
deist must pause
to ask what gives


Monday, May 26, 2014

2.1119 : 5/26/08 : Every Damn Morning (Spell 3/5)

Every damn morning
the sun rises eventually
like magic
And the sublime rhyme
I dreamed disperses
leaving me elegiac
So I take it instead
making sure that I spread
the blame around a little
Rome just looks so great burning
and I’m so busy turning
the pegs on my fiddle


Sunday, May 25, 2014

2.1118 : 5/25/08 : Persistent Vice (Spell 2/5)

Persistent vice
like bad advice
keeps turning up
like an unlucky card
laid for an augury
intellectual robbery
hey it’s no bible
and I ain’t no bard
it’s worse than pulling teeth
a glimmer of what lies beneath
pulling back the resewn veil
to glimpse the end of ever
as simple as we all will die?
as subtle as a stick in your eye
ask me when I’ll stop
and I’ll lie: never


Saturday, May 24, 2014

2.1117 : 5/24/08 : Spell (Spell 1/5)

Do I need to spell it out
you’ve slammed us for a bad patch
there’s no doubt
and I am lacking faith I fear
in any charm or spell
to lift us out of here
time is magic
without flair or drama
You think I’m full of it
well so’s your mama
I’m just trying to trace
the sacred shape
I know we had it once
I’ve got it somewhere on tape
but those days are long long gone
nothing between there and here
maybe a couple thousand songs
and maybe no one will ever
speak those spells
and I’ll be forgotten utterly
maybe just as well


Friday, May 23, 2014

2.1116 : 5/23/08 : Extra Endurance

Extra endurance will
be required
the discipline the unexpected
adversity inspired
self indulgence
culture of masturbation
I studied you
with an eye to defenestration
I probably regret
half of what I say
may even ask if it was worth it
and the end of the day
but I keep my fears at bay
with some extra insurance
that I buy in the form
of persistent endurance


2.1115 : 5/22/08 : Blame for the Plague

I won’t take the blame
for the plague years
and my plight’s far from the same
from your vague fears
is it bad luck
or the time of life
plague or no plague
there’s always plenty of strife
to go around


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

2.1114 : 5/21/08 : The Hole

Holy hell the hole again
thought that we’d outgrown it
but I guess I don’t know when
am I a symbol of
the great decline?
The theory that whatever
is not yours is mine?
we dig that hole through
greed and hope
I think I know who’s
pulling on that rope
and we just keep coming
back for more
forgetting that the hole’s
not just a metaphor


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2.1113 : 5/20/08 : Mind Over Matter

I’ve got to get this
mind over matter trick down
before this latest insult
moves downtown
slowly creeping up on
getting back to zero
What do you think the chances are
I’ll wind up a hero
it’s been a hell of 
a run of nasty
some vicious test
from the deeps so vasty
but I’ll keep hitting
till the damn things shatter
prove at last my epic
mind over matter


Monday, May 19, 2014

2.1112 : 5/19/08 : Faster

Get it down faster
set it in plaster
I tell myself I am
skirting disaster
a half year I slacked it
a bad bet I backed it
I got the deck but I
don’t know who stacked it
Pursuit of transformation
the information
is repetition perfecting
the act of creation
and I’m feeling rundown
stalled out after sundown
hey if it’s about disease
I’ve beat a ton down


Sunday, May 18, 2014

2.1111 : 5/18/08 : Threat Level

It’s all about the color codes
it’s all about the data nodes
the threat level the sum of fears
it’s about as bad as it appears
They say they are manipulating
every bureaucrat they are instating
I don’t even want to know at all
they can just knock themselves out have a ball
I push back but it goes so slow
I could gloss it why I don’t I don’t know
these days the threats are so contrived
I’m just hoping in the end I’ll say I survived


Saturday, May 17, 2014

2.1110 : 5/17/08 : Ramp

Stack another
octagon under the ramp
it’s a dim light
from a half full lamp
roll this roll that
roll up a score
throw another on the stack
always want more
I wish I wasn’t here right now
grit my damn teeth
wipe my brow
Must must always
make my stamp
Pick up speed
ascend the ramp


Friday, May 16, 2014

2.1109 : 5/16/08 : Tales

The host of tales are
forced into my ear
I can’t deny I
cried to hear
and see and see
and fill my eyes
shock awe surprise
and how it all
amounts to nothing
except they’re trying
to sell me something
and what am I
escaping from
embracing sloth
and feeling dumb
the host of tales
all the ghost globes
the dark lords look
from dark cowled lobes


Thursday, May 15, 2014

2.1108 : 5/15/08 : Proof of Existence

Can’t shake this sickness
and I just haven’t got it
but less you think I coughed up
some line and bought it
I thought I’d demonstrate
the charm of persistence
You can hardly call it all that
but it’s proof of existence


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

2.1107 : 5/14/08 : Tapped Out

Feeling tapped out again
gone dry the spring
tried so hard to touch genius
think of years between us
think of the attempts to overcome
trying to be smart not dumb
trying to be eloquent
on top of too many evenings overspent
putting the past behind
the depth of cliché blows my mind
hell Dickens got away with it
so why not grab that frog and pith it
bonehead couplets supreme
yeah this is living the dream
Yeah this is me creating despite
my obsession with eternity and light
it could all vanish in a minute
So if you’ve got some quest begin it
Sooner to succeed or die
Give me what and when and where and I’ll show you why


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

2.1106 : 5/13/08 : Route 2

Route 2 left at the crossroad
Follow the crick to the pond at the end
It’s been way more than ten years
Since I’ve been around that bend
I remember the north star from the field
I remember the northern lights
I remember the dreaming of endless vice
oh so many seemingly endless nights
inscribed in a thousand pages
And the more things change the more they stay the same
is about all I’ve dragged across the ages


Monday, May 12, 2014

2.1105 : 5/12/08 : Nothing Virus

3,295 : 47 ?

I gotta shake this all or
nothing virus
oh how these crazy
slings and arrows tire us
will there ever be
real transition
will I ever write down
my true vision
drawn out on the
major time scale
nothing seems important
it all fades beyond the pale
so maybe all the all
or nothing merely
intimates what we
know all too clearly


Sunday, May 11, 2014

2.1104 : 5/11/08 : Bad Decision

A bad decision
mutually arrived
If we can look up from the grindstone
40 years from now
we’ll be amazed that we survived
and I will eat my hat sir
if I mange to retire
because those
two bad decisions
lit a fire
some say the globe is warming
and we’re running out of oil
some say there’s nothing you can do
so let the damn frog boil
Another bad decision
can’t make much difference now
could it? Oh well:
take the hammer to another sacred cow


Saturday, May 10, 2014

2.1103 : 5/10/08 : I’ve Got Nothing

I’ve got nothing
what I came with
what I’ll leave with
maybe you think I’m bluffing


Friday, May 09, 2014

2.1102 : 5/9/08 : Brass Ring

I got no clue what I am
snatching at
you’re dropping heavy hints
but I’m not catching that
I think I got a bad thing
flailing for the brass ring
And I don’t even know what
I think I am grabbing
It’s really dark in here
and I’m just blindly stabbing
but screw it make one less mistake
you’ll know me by the bait I don’t take


Thursday, May 08, 2014

2.1101 : 5/8/08 : Diamond Ring

They’re telling me all stories
about the end of it all
again with the collapse
the explosion, the fall
And the beggar on the wall
won’t notice a damn thing
not like to starve to death
ain’t common as a diamond ring
will there still be music?
will there still be trade?
will enough of us love peace
to get the necessary deals made
will you allow me
to suggest we wait and see
cause up to now we’ve been
damn worthless at futurity


Wednesday, May 07, 2014

2.1100 : 5/7/08 : Conversation

I can’t rack it anymore
Whatever’s gonna be another day
I can’t hack it, such a bore
Same old conversation it’s no holiday
I don’t want some stumpy little joint
giving up on it all like always
but I’m scrambling hard to find the point
but I’m wandering strange hallways
trying to invoke a new and better strategy
try to believe it’s not illusion
try to believe but it’s all just math to me
and every concession feels like collusion


Tuesday, May 06, 2014

2.1099 : 5/6/08 : Information

Dwelling on sadness
reeling in the madness
lack of communication
this is the information
drip from my tongue like honey
shame all I want is money
I ought to seek a low road
to amble with a light load
So many slackers get by
I start to think I’ll get my
moment of sun my fifteen
minutes of shock but unseen
here now I’m just persisting
beat but I’m still resisting


Monday, May 05, 2014

2.1098 : 5/5/08 : The Filth

3,289 : 41 ?

The filth has got
a sick hook in me
rot decay its
slime coats thinly
over every pore
and synapse
blame the young’n
blame the relapse
what to call this
proof of concept
some dumb notion
and smear into
lackluster stripe
next time less tripe


2.1097 : 5/4/08 : I Need a Plan

Dying for transition
transformation: ascent
I need a plan so bad
I can taste the scent
that’s gone so cold
my god how many false turns
how the hell can it be
that tiny coal still burns
What the hell do I think
is different now
And could I really buy
this time I’ll get the big kapow
man I don’t want a miracle
just a little plan
If I can’t believe I’ll come up with it
I’ll pretend I can


Saturday, May 03, 2014

2.1096 : 5/3/08 : Chef

I am the chef in this kitchen
watch this bitch that I’m pitching
high cuisine high society
don’t try to gauge my piety
by what I don’t cook with
don’t give me that look with
what you think’s experience
What you rate as prurience
I’ll toss in the stewpot
say what else have you got
You think you will shock me
distract and cold cock me
with some of your sick twist
but when you see my list
You’ll know there’s no stopping
this menu I’m shopping


Friday, May 02, 2014

2.1095 : 5/2/08 : Sedition

We are worms each and every one
nothing but chance to be
born free to a free man’s son
nothing but fortune
to not be under the lash
it could come so easily
the crash
I won’t even share the
horrors I imagine
twas ever thus I dream dark
after my fashion
I am a worm
but I’ll go out fighting
hammering on this bin lid
the sedition I’m inciting


Thursday, May 01, 2014

2.1094 : 5/1/08 : Increment

Every strange change
progresses but an increment
always hoping for big change
apotheosis of intent
I’m getting kind of worried
that this world works just the same
and you know I’m pretty sure
we don’t have time to play that game