Tuesday, February 28, 2017

2.1762 : 2/28/10 : Time

Well you gotta do the time: if you want to earn the crime
yeah you've got to pull the switch: if you want to rule the bitch
Sure you have to with through: if you want to show them what you can do
Hey you have to walk the talk: because bullshit will surely balk
My oh my what do you think: that this grim ordeal has led me to the brink
Not at all my brother I'm fresh as breezes: having gotten so sick of my diseases
Once in a while I'll question my lot: want very hard what another has got
I could get shamefaced, not to transform: but pause for a minute and consider the norm
we last six or seven decades maybe eleven: many console in the inimitable doctrine of heaven
but I'm not dependent on it: So much is just all words
that swirl and shift and twist: like unruly flocks of birds
I'm not sure I'll reveal: this crazy desperate appeal
after a day so up and down: I can't find the energy for a frown
I'm thinking of preserving: this strange mood I'm serving
I'm thinking of transgressing: and begging for a blessing
I'll leave it at the steel gates: the paradigm the gold plates
and pass it at the altar: the mules in horse's halter
I'll write it on a dull strip: nothing but a slight slip
and when some trooper finds it: I'm hoping that he binds it
and writes in the grimoire: that some day may well go far
and pierce our cosmic membrane
it's for that each day I train


Monday, February 27, 2017

2.1761 : 2/27/10 : Decision Is Pain

Decision is pain
choose now or later
defer or gain
self promotion or the greater
good as a nation
we ask it all once more
look above your station
see who argues on the floor
I'm so tired of the debates
that rage behind my eyes
and the various estates
that seem to somehow catch me by surprise
I can feel my resolve slipping
knowing I could reel it back
but the drama is so gripping
and I slip up on the slack


Sunday, February 26, 2017

2.1760 : 2/26/10 : Slog

And there's not going to be
any revelations now
no changes of plan
no more lipstick on that sow
It is too late to try and
make this pattern fit
nothing to do but pile on more
as if I were born to it
this slog what a slog
pushing ever forward
I'm feeling every step
regardless what you heard of it
I've made some bad decisions
but I've been led blindly too
and I guess that'll have to hold the dike
for an hour or two


Saturday, February 25, 2017

2.1759 : 2/25/10 : All Game

I heard a man predict the future
would be all game
It sounded like a crazy nightmare
to me, who do I blame
for bringing this estate
the world of all real false
and absolute surveillance
what a hideous waltz
consider that this world
might need less points not more
and I think I'll keep my flesh intact
if the implant racket's what's in store
Less game more play
is what I want to see
real not virtual
real productivity
call me naive
or an old fashioned fool
but I'll put this one to bed
with a plain steel tool


Friday, February 24, 2017

2.1758 : 2/24/10 : Add Up

If I get one thing right, tonight
sure I'll bet
come tomorrow, how's it
going to add up
I heard in no uncertain terms
to count on nothing but the worms
that turn and turn up
like a bad cup
I should be getting past old ritual
finding some new habitual
but I keep going back over what's gone
I should shout back the night
try to get one thing right
and spare nothing but a prayer for what's wrong


Thursday, February 23, 2017

2.1757 : 2/23/10 : Fail Twice

Fail once, fail twice
I lost track before I even got close
I don't take my own advice
Pay no attention to dose
I know what's coming
I could stop it but I know I won't
and I could pass it off, say I'm slumming
but something inside says don't
fail daily, many times
I like to think I'm learning but who know?
when I hear the echo of tinny chimes
I groan oh boy, it's going to be one of those


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

2.1756 : 2/22/10 : Don't Know What I'm Doing

Maybe it can be okay
that I don't know what I'm doing anymore
Who can know tomorrow
but I might as well assume there's a lot of it in store
And it's calling right now
and I guess I'm going to answer right now
I don't know the way
to find out but the day I'm in is going to show me how


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2.1755 : 2/21/10 : Heroes

My heroes keep dying on me
getting ever closer to home
and the fear comes on the long nights
The electric fear of the big alone
I can't say that they didn't warn me
but a warning's just a thought
while this empty knowing you are gone
is like some new disease I caught
How in the hell am I expected
to take on the extra load
I'm mad at you so angry
that you left me on this road
it's like there's no beginning to it
nor neither any end
everyday these days I just pray to God
not to lose another friend
not to lose another hero
without so much as a note
whisked away like some cruel magic trick
slipped forever in your coat


Monday, February 20, 2017

2.1754 : 2/20/10 : Fooled

Not to get fooled like that
the wizard robe, the pointed hat
makes no sense, has no history
and why I'd write another word about it
is a mystery


Sunday, February 19, 2017

2.1753 : 2/19/10 : Tough Act

It's a tough act to follow
ordinary words ring hollow
before the stage of light the world of tales
the Prince, the repertoire with which he regales
I guess I lie say nothing can stop me
truth is I'm a one-off and there's no copy
and I just pray I can live up in my own way
and I just pray I can hold on and stay
I've about had it with this tough act
I'm just a country boy and that's a fact
but I'm here and I'm not going anywhere
at least not quietly no I'll make everybody stare
if they try to drag me away from you
well lord they'll find that a tough act too


2.1752 : 2/18/10 : Insanity

I suppose I'm past pretending
that the themes I set are ending
it's a nice definition of insanity
but it's not much help
if you're already crazy


Friday, February 17, 2017

2.1751 : 2/17/10 : Worm Guts

Sick of trying to hack apart the worm
in the guts of the meat machine
something tightly coiled around my
convinces me we can do anything
That's so damn contrary
to what anyone can see
my inner cynic has to laugh out loud
well he may be a coward
Some days that seems better
to standing out in the crowd


Thursday, February 16, 2017

2.1750 : 2/16/10 : Motivation

What the hell does motivation mean
Where is the engine that's supposed to
be pushing
Should I be looking for a real good
guru, is this supposed to be some
burning bush thing
I swear I'm sick of this sickness and
that was supposed to do the trick
do I need to make a list or try
to get real pissed or just wait for
the gear to click
they sell it dear in the marketplace
you can get it on a poster or paperweight
I feel bad but I can't help but think
If I just had a little scratch I could
just delegate
whatever isn't right here, right
now well it's never and nowhere
or so I tell myself while I try
to tell myself that I
really really care


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2.1749 : 2/15/10 : Suppose

What do I suppose I'm
looking for
as I sing myself another stumble
out the door
in another day or two
the grip of old vice will dwindle
leaving me to contemplate
slow revolutions
'round the spindle
It's not chore or
burden really
to crank out hymns
of night
but I suppose
that it's no substitute
for getting it right


2.1748 : 2/14/10 : World of Love

You dear and you alone
You introduced me to a World of Love
as it is here in the mud
so it is in the heavenly above
no matter how bad it gets
we can persist in our world of love
and it will fill and feel and fill us
fit us like a hand in glove
I'm not looking for anyone
I am unmoved by the tears of a dove
we're here in reality
it's okay: we're in a world of love
and I'll want more every day
I just cannot get enough
that's okay there's always more
because we live in a world of love


Monday, February 13, 2017

2.1747 : 2/13/10 : Damaged Goods

Everybody has a secret
everyone's lost in the woods
No one gets out without deep scars
all of us are damaged goods

Scared to take the medication
scared to tell our loved one what
monsters haunt our midnight creeping
Fears that gather like a clot

One day maybe when the world's done
and the universe is still
no more turning 'round the center
no more sentience, or acts of will

The great hand will wipe the slate clean
and the truth will be revealed
the damage in our souls is beauty
jewels placed on a level field


Sunday, February 12, 2017

2.1746 : 2/12/10 : Objective Morality

Objective morality
good luck with that one
Your tactic's fairly obvious
and you're quite low on fun
sick of everyone's agenda
sick or rhetoric
love to see the ceasing of it
if I could just get sick of being sick
If I could just dispel the darker half
if I could just accept my lot
if I could just give up my lust for wealth
as easily as you take your cheap shot
I shouldn't let it get my hackles up
it's just another song and dance
if's just another Dr. Blah blah blah
and everyone deserves their chance


Saturday, February 11, 2017

2.1745 : 2/11/10 : Hate

This world is filled with
garbage that I hate
and I don't deal with it well
I get irate
I grind my teeth
I yell inside my brain
my eyes bug out
I'm sure I look insane
someone might come along
and hate the the things I do
I hope I hope I hope it isn't you
but if it was I'd stop
not write another word
I'd sit all day and
wonder what you heard
Sometimes I look
and hate the things I've done
and by the looks of things
I'm not the only one


Friday, February 10, 2017

2.1744 : 2/10/10 : Brick Wall

Like a brick wall
across the fast lane
to reaction time
no future but pain
It's one way to
stop on a dime
to do a one eighty
to travel through time
I don't care if I
can't walk away from the crash
I just want so bad to toss
this into history's trash


Thursday, February 09, 2017

2.1743 : 2/9/10 : The Decade

You might get eight or nine or ten
No matter what anybody says
It will never come again
What may be who knows it's moot
dream of the decade
save for a new suit
one for the wedding one for the grave
I'd love to be a good example
but I can't figure out who to save
but I can't salvage
this train wreck verse
thanks anyway for trying to
scare me with the hearse


Wednesday, February 08, 2017

2.1742 : 2/8/10 : Cycles

And so the cycles start to
spin out again
and everything that's being
has already been
rush rush rush
to oblivion
Oh it's been such a long
sad times
since I was a favorite son
but I guess that I
refuse to submit
to the idea that the cycles
are the best I can get
seems certain disappointment
to want to save the world
but I'd rather be disappointed
than leave my freak flag unfurled


Tuesday, February 07, 2017

2.1741 : 2/7/10 : What Did You Ever Do For Me

You leave your begging sign
hung out 24/7
pledge a thousand dollars
guarantee your place in heaven
But what did you
ever do for me?
You barely know I exist
and you ignored my
So I'm not gonna
worry how you'll fare
Let the rest of them down here
stumble forth and stare
You remind me far too much of me
and what have I ever
really done for me?


Monday, February 06, 2017

2.1740 : 2/6/10 : Something Different

If there isn't something different in the box this time
I have sworn I'll turn this bus around upon a dime
And if I roll this mother on that hairpin switch
Depending if I walk away from that wild pitch
I've spent a good part of my life behind a desk
I've not been writing novels, or elegizing an arabesque
I've sure as hell not been finding something different
And lately my pages seem like just another place I vent


Sunday, February 05, 2017

2.1739 : 2/5/10 : Bang My Head

I think I'd maybe like to
bang my head against this wall
until I'm dumb enough to think
that I could really have it all
that I'm as likely as the next guy
that it's not all bought and sold
that my perceptions are not
speeding up how fast I'm getting old
I bang my head against
ephemera that shifts and slides
convinced that somewhere in the
middle is the nut where all truth hides
I'm not exactly getting dumber
but a little easy to predict
If I had planned it all out better
I'm not sure this is the wall
I would have picked


Saturday, February 04, 2017

2.1738 : 2/4/10 : What Really Matters

What really matters is well what really does?
Knew back in the good old days whenever that was
or maybe somewhere in the future's bright arc
we'll find the math at last, get out of the dark
There is an awful lot of pain and dismay
Things so bad I cannot face go on every day
I wish for money and for all fancy things
A maid to clean the mess up while I snatch for brass rings
What I was taught matters tells me it's a false path
But doesn't tell me how to want the road of less wrath
And I guess that I should clean whatever mess I can find
But it seems so very much more always stays left behind


Friday, February 03, 2017

2.1737 : 2/3/10 : Minutes

Spending minutes like they're printing more
don't even know what I'm avoiding anymore
No not another no not more of this
I'd rather have the razzmatazz the piece of piss
Why me let us dishonor our brothers
look at the excessive fucked in the headness of others
What the hell is wrong with these people?
I need to rise above but it's a steep hill
I need to rise above but I feel sick
I need to be the man but I feel like a dick
and the minutes pass not caring how I fare
So much more easy to waste away than to dare


Thursday, February 02, 2017

2.1736 : 2/2/10 : Postmodern

The beginning had begun to end but we didn't know it
whoever felt the cold touch didn't want to show it
the slow collapse had just begun
what comes after postmodern, we said:
fun, fun, fun
And the sun had set on easy money
for your friendly free agent poet
So is this the age of Pisces or Taurus or what
The seer had no desire to say what she saw
when the iron door shut
the disposition of the scales spoke louder than words
and the invisible finger wrote "cull the herds"
and I heard somebody finally say, man
this is a canyon not a rut
3 years after the high tide broke you know
I appeared on the scene
the prince of all who borrowed fat against
tomorrow's lean
You won't be laughing when you see my face
or grasp what it really is I aim to replace
You better place your bets: in ten short years
That slate will show, hideously clean


Wednesday, February 01, 2017

2.1735 : 2/1/10 : 1999

can you believe we were more innocent?
and then how hard things hit
and what a dent
and it seems all kinds of time
flew through such a little hole
tell ourselves an ending's
not the same thing as a goal
won't pretend it's scientific
but the cycle's flashy crash
surely predestined this outcome
innocence under the lash