Tuesday, February 28, 2017

2.1762 : 2/28/10 : Time

Well you gotta do the time: if you want to earn the crime
yeah you've got to pull the switch: if you want to rule the bitch
Sure you have to with through: if you want to show them what you can do
Hey you have to walk the talk: because bullshit will surely balk
My oh my what do you think: that this grim ordeal has led me to the brink
Not at all my brother I'm fresh as breezes: having gotten so sick of my diseases
Once in a while I'll question my lot: want very hard what another has got
I could get shamefaced, not to transform: but pause for a minute and consider the norm
we last six or seven decades maybe eleven: many console in the inimitable doctrine of heaven
but I'm not dependent on it: So much is just all words
that swirl and shift and twist: like unruly flocks of birds
I'm not sure I'll reveal: this crazy desperate appeal
after a day so up and down: I can't find the energy for a frown
I'm thinking of preserving: this strange mood I'm serving
I'm thinking of transgressing: and begging for a blessing
I'll leave it at the steel gates: the paradigm the gold plates
and pass it at the altar: the mules in horse's halter
I'll write it on a dull strip: nothing but a slight slip
and when some trooper finds it: I'm hoping that he binds it
and writes in the grimoire: that some day may well go far
and pierce our cosmic membrane
it's for that each day I train

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