Friday, June 30, 2017

2.1884 : 6/30/10 : Tomorrow

Worry not for tomorrow
is a hard lesson
And few have learned the trick
or so I'm guessing
I get it for a minute
every now and then
next thing I know I'm worrying
about tomorrow again
and I'd like it to be better
and I'd like it to be soon
but life keeps on intruding
till you all think I'm a loon
to be up again and writing
What I found written on the wall
blindly believing in tomorrow
that the sun will make his usual call
tomorrow take care of yourself
just one night you'll be fine
maybe when the next tomorrow is today
it will be the one that I make mine


2.1883 : 6/29/10 : Anxious

Little anxious ditty
too many anxious days
I got a bit of fear on
I got a bit of craze
a little bit of good news
not enough to pull me out
just trying to hold on
and figure what the rest's about


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

2.1882 : 6/28/10 : 4.5 Days

In four and a half days
I hope I'll start a smooth ride
after some probably not smooth moves
take a look at what's inside
maybe could have prevented it
bought a dozen years
hey it's a few thousand songs
listen then if you've got ears
I plan to rock that four point five
I plan to do it by the book
and if you've heard a few of mine
you know I plan to make it cook
So take my hand love once again
and tell me everything's all right
in just a couple thousand words' time
You will thrill how we take flight


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

2.1881 : 6/27/10 : Ideas

Out of ideas
nothing new on the stack
I guess I always find more
I guess they must grow back
how many times can you go
back to the empty well
write a song about how it's empty
eh what the hell
yeah what the hell
story of my life
or at least of tonight
and examples are rife
and the wrap up what a joke
nature of the beast
hope that I get better soon
or no worse at least


Monday, June 26, 2017

2.1880 : 6/26/10 : Unsure

Unsure of the
of the path I've chosen
free of notoriety
but impecunious
dare I say austere
Can't even pay to hire
some kid to call me sir
put it all together
you could say I'm doing fine
but I see so many paths
and the world's only one's mine
but if I am unsure
I am resolute
I feel so very ready
to be fired out of the chute


Sunday, June 25, 2017

2.1879: 6/25/10 : Old Rules

Old rules: day doesn't end
until you sleep on it
Stay up all night: create a
paradox that's a perfect fit
but you can't hack that heat anymore
and the thought of worst cases
freezes you to the core
and really only God
knows just what's in store
and the old rules still make sense
the old rules still apply
and if you're looking for a visionary
I must confess that I'm your guy
So don't say anything contradictory
why not just jump on
this bandwagon is rocking now
About to get its volume pump on
Why not rock the night away
you and me baby don't need no pay
Because the big sound is here to stay
and where would we go anyway?


Saturday, June 24, 2017

2.1878: 6/24/10 : My Big Routine

To you who has been so long suffering
unknown observer
I present my big routine
dancing tigers, elephants and fireworks
dragons and dark arts
all who see will marvel at my smarts
So much practice
I must be perfect by now
observe the wand, the cup and ball
the majesty of the sacred cow
scared of the future
my big routine is all about the past
but that is over soon
and I stand by
to reveal this grand repast


Friday, June 23, 2017

2.1877: 6/23/10 : Mount the Needle to the Hammer

Mount the needle to the hammer
then bring the hammer down
Mount the needle to the hammer
then bring the hammer down
Mount the needle to the hammer
then bring the hammer down
no you never heard anything
hit like this sound
wrist is the fulcrum
I will smash your hokum
Shatter every platter
better get down search for your crumb
diamond on the needle
needle on the hammer
if sick beats
 were outlawed
I'd be in the slammer
Mount the needle to the hammer
then bring the hammer down


Thursday, June 22, 2017

2.1876 : 6/22/10 : Stay Warm

I suppose
this again
no need to tell me
I can see
I'm boring you friend
but I've got my orders
it's got its form
you've got to hustle
just to stay warm
but that's quite enough
no need to overdo
thanks for the report
now back to you


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

2.1875 : 6/21/10 : Imperfect Backup

Blame imperfect backup
for the state the wisdom's in
Caught twelve years in a loop
waiting to feel ready to begin
whoever was supposed to have my back
did not come through
but I'm still here and that is something
just between myself and you
I coulda lost a lot more
coulda got a lot more done
But somehow gets me to this point
decision made and damn your fun
Pray the new system
is a good deal more robust
for now leaves the imperfect backup
and I'll use it if I must


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

2.1874 : 6/20/10 : Vicious Viscous

Vicious viscous
time destroyer
supreme annoyer
cut some slack
in recognition
of my blameless
false position


2.1873 : 6/19/10 : One Eye

One eye clean
one eye mean
excuse me sir I am
enmeshed in the machine
I built it myself
I was my own only
Santa's elf
and this is the mark
that will show
the break: clean
filled with strange delight
I won the
wrongly chosen fight
and I will call
my perseverance
if it might end here
for once I'll try to make
it clear
the best I've got:
the portion
of the Sphere


Sunday, June 18, 2017

2.1872 : 6/18/10 : The Game

The game sucks! it's full of fail
It's petty ruleset is beyond the pale
are you satisfied? Are you entertained?
I tried I squinted till my eyes strained
First rule of the real game
is stay up all night
Second rule of the real game
is get into a fight
last rule of the real game
is lie down and die
Pray to God you don't let
everything in between pass you by
I'm waiting for the real game
I'm patient i know my name
five hundred forty, three thousand twelve
they must satisfy themselves
while my core plays the real game
baby nothing will ever be the same


2.1871 : 6/17/10 : Bent

Time seems all bent out of shape
and disarranged
stuff that went down a few days back
I already feel estranged
hey that guy isn't me
that doesn't reflect my views
in light of the developments
in context of the news
I'm already against that joker
up there in the future
he's forgotten where he came from
the cheap pathetic moocher
If I had it to do again
whoops I guess I do
I'd tell them all to get bent
and wait oh so patiently for you


Friday, June 16, 2017

2.1870 : 6/16/10 : Human

You want to gauge the human condition
you don't have to go out on a search mission
It's all on the line these days
And not much worth the look anyways
Only a human could be so vile
there's a higher state but we're off by a country mile
still fighting wars and messing up the atmosphere
don't buy it? Gee man do you live here
Plain as our stupid shocked faces
There is that who sees all hidden places
Into my dark heart my bleak bottom
Oh the angels are out there, you just have to spot them
And me, only human, will at last expire
And still with no idea who lit that fire


Thursday, June 15, 2017

2.1869 : 6/15/10 : Threshold

I can't even step across that threshold
If I don't want to meet a beast that's so old
That room I've been in so damn many times
From back when quarters were packs
and calls were dimes
And with nowhere on earth else to go
just standing here I guess I know
that I crossed it before I even thought better
and will awake soon at the jerk of the fetter


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

2.1868 : 6/14/10 : Terrible Thing

You know that God could be
a terrible thing
so terribly aware
and you -
you don't know anything
keep smacking into that
window, fly
one thing you can say for God
we all eventually
get to die
I didn't say it
but it bears consideration
we may be nothing but
divine recreation
You can't deny
that it explains
a lot of terrible things
and I'm terrible for saying it
even so hope
eternal springs


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

2.1867 : 6/13/10 : Black Out

At times I day dream of a blackout
that doesn't end
if you don't think it could happen
to this society friend
you must not be paying attention
or perhaps you just prefer
not to heed the ugly options
what's the point of raising a stir
soon the batteries would run out
Soon we couldn't pump our gas
Generators getting scarce
who knows what would come to pass
I think about it when the lights go
well it always turns out right
So I suppose I'm like the rest
think nothing to turn on the light


Monday, June 12, 2017

2.1866 : 6/12/10 : No Markers

You become aware of time
as looped and seamless
no ends of weeks
no hours no days
no vacations
no days off for sickness
no markers, no point in displays
awake or sleeping
lucid or dreaming
conscious or unconscious
independent of all thought
or so I theorize
as my life burns before my eyes
proceeding inexorable
toward an apparent nought


Sunday, June 11, 2017

2.1865 : 6/11/10 : Weakness

The weakness will not
leave the body
the weakness will not
leave the mind
I could tell you just
what I think of you
but I was brought up
not to be unkind
it's time to accept
a much lesser lot
but I'm starting to think
I just don't know how to
And if I accept that
where the hell does it end
what ugly idol do I
have to bow to?


Saturday, June 10, 2017

2.1864 : 6/10/10 : Nadir

Nadir, that's the bottom, yo
bad news, probably not
but I'll pretend it's so
the thing about
the shape I'm in
is it's well beyond
motivation or sin
and however ready I felt to begin
the dice roll how they roll
attrition takes its toll
and the nadir could be lower
than I can bear to contemplate
and I just have to swallow that
because it's almost early it's so late


Friday, June 09, 2017

2.1863 : 6/9/10 : Came Back

I came back just to say
that all day and everyday
I'm down begging on my knees
show me the better way

I don't want to be rich
just to crawl into the black
Don't think I'm fit to save the world
just want to give a little back

You wouldn't think such mild
aspirations would be such a fancy flight
but in an abandoned and forsaken world
I guess they just might


Thursday, June 08, 2017

2.1862 : 6/8/10 : No Rest

No rest
no true rest
I don't believe it's meaningful
don't believe it's a test
but I don't have to
bow to it
though I can't shake free
I don't have to contribute
in that tiny way I'm free


Wednesday, June 07, 2017

2.1861 : 6/7/10 : The Great Leap Forward

The great leap forward
powered by the battery
oh let me daydream for one night
oh let me dabble in self-flattery
If I really believed
If I really had faith
If Grace is truly limitless
as it is written, so sayeth
This could be the Great leap forward
ending many false trails
Starting many great tales
Free of so many false grails


Tuesday, June 06, 2017

2.1860 : 6/6/10 : Backwards

Everything is getting backwards
finding all the frayed dropped threads
a maze of splintering loose ends
because ofs mixed with insteads
try to put a marker on it
hold my hand remembering
been down that line this line the other
backwards I guess must be the thing
habits that are not making me stronger
I know what I have to do but
retracing the steps is hard
harder than staying in the rut
but I just have the day to mind
poised on the hour between one, another
help me father help me mother
help me wife, son, sister, brother


Monday, June 05, 2017

2.1859 : 6/5/10 : Songs

Songs, jams
Krog thank-you-ma'ams
we cooked up a few for sure
rise, fall, paracetamol
there was something in it, pure
there's no need to fret
or hedge any bet
do it right the first time
rise, take control
do a deal for your own soul
I'll sell it to you for a dime
no shtick here. pure noise
and if its clean line annoys:
remember to breathe and shut your eyes
it doesn't wrap like you suspect
it's maybe a little perfect:
a thing forgotten remembered, then: surprise


Sunday, June 04, 2017

2.1858 : 6/4/10 : The Latest Weekend

The latest weekend
the latest song you've got to sing
post structure
post reaction
post-ism, post everything
if you la la la
if you coo coo cuchoo
You know it's out there
it's going to find you
no more ists, istics or izing
the possibilities are paralyzing
but you latest weekend kids
you've gotta move move move
you dance all thought away
nobody to approve
co-opt or package
nothing's for sale
and there's a hole
in the bottom of the pail


Saturday, June 03, 2017

2.1857 : 6/3/10 : Your Are Here

You are here, and nowhere else
can't build experience from nothing but yourself
can't change the past, take a thing back or add
what you missed you missed and will be unsatisfied
I am here, and it's all what now what now
The joke is when I get that I'll be swallowed up in how
but something has to change, and something has to give
It's hard enough to get up, hard enough to live
This is not the change, this is not the shift
this is not the sign of the cloud about to lift
no harbinger of change, no changes in the wind
nothing at all on which to get hopes pinned
just a blurry map
an X marked you are here
And whether I get up or sit
will take its own sweet time I fear


Friday, June 02, 2017

2.1856 : 6/2/10 : Condition

If a name has been given
to the condition
the treatment is known
but is kept from fruition
this can't be dismissed
as a phase of contemplation
it is its own condition
a unique creation
the lists have been made
the search completed
Still day after day
the resolve is defeated
still day after day
the conviction remains
obscured though it is
by the layers of stains
I've got nothing to say
it's all been said before
one more day, one more day
staring at the black door


Thursday, June 01, 2017

2.1855 : 6/1/10 : In the Bone

This poison this cancer this bell that tolls
Some black humor bred in the bone
these back water pest holes
hours I spent sunk in alone
how many times did I pray for release
how long how long how long
never once did the poison's flow cease
another day it seems just as strong
I'd like to promise a turn of the page
Lord knows I've done it before
Can't seem to buy into a new age
guess I better hoist my bones off the floor