Saturday, June 03, 2017

2.1857 : 6/3/10 : Your Are Here

You are here, and nowhere else
can't build experience from nothing but yourself
can't change the past, take a thing back or add
what you missed you missed and will be unsatisfied
I am here, and it's all what now what now
The joke is when I get that I'll be swallowed up in how
but something has to change, and something has to give
It's hard enough to get up, hard enough to live
This is not the change, this is not the shift
this is not the sign of the cloud about to lift
no harbinger of change, no changes in the wind
nothing at all on which to get hopes pinned
just a blurry map
an X marked you are here
And whether I get up or sit
will take its own sweet time I fear

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