Friday, October 31, 2014

2.1277 : 10/31/08 : Coda to a Decade

Can’t figure out if it’s been
nine years or ten
looks like I’m going to have to
call it rounding error again
coda to a decade
one more stumbling halt
but I need a fast run-up
to this damn pole vault


Thursday, October 30, 2014

2.1276 : 10/30/08 : Age of Fire and Wine

And so began the age
of fire and wine
history got rewritten again
no surprises
about who came out fine
I’ve got to write
one period
to put a cap on it
this twenty pound rocket
with a strap on it


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

2.1275 : 10/29/08 : And Now the Clown

We’ve done the big night
eighty times
the variations
the various crimes
act like a grown up
middle aged
buried down deep
some dim impulse raged
how could I claim
any changes
the regressive twist
and how it estranges
me from my present
all my treasure
maybe next time
better measure


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2.1274 : 10/28/08 : Campaign for Change

Dial another
no such number
doing some teensy part
try not to think about
my own backsliding
my neglected
so called art
Maybe it will
count for something
at least I don’t want
let it all be to
the campaign for change


Monday, October 27, 2014

2.1273 : 10/27/08 : I Am an Idiot

3,464 : 24 ?

You are an idiot
enjoy being an idiot
You are an idiot
so enjoy being an idiot
Nothing much you can do
about it
Just the way the cards got dealt
I know because
I am an idiot
I just try
to enjoy being an idiot


2.1272 : 10/26/08 : Winter

It’s going to be a long hard
season in the ice
it’s part of living here
it’s not the part that’s nice
I’ve been waiting for the season change
despite the frigid slog
for changes a long time coming
new tricks for this old dog
thirty second or thirty third
who can keep track of it
I don’t remember my Western days
soon I’ll long to see the back of it
it will outstay its welcome
like other changes soon to come
but I’ll try to embrace it all
just follow through
complete the sum


2.1271 : 10/25/08 : Hells

This crooked shoulder
an ache to my soles
What is this affliction
that afflicts my poles
how can anything be
about anything else
how can I get past
these multiplex hells
here’s the fire
there’s the spark
here’s every single animal
but where’s the ark
I can’t understand
why I keep hearing bells
it must be the matins
in so many hells


Friday, October 24, 2014

2.1270 : 10/24/08 : Another Song

The alarm clock tells me
you gotta write another song
has gone on long enough
at least tonight
So hell I'll call this mess
another song
and I guess that's it
I guess


Thursday, October 23, 2014

What's a tower of approach?

There have been many explanations of this congeries of "web pages", a portal to many of them (though some are lost) can be found here.

What are Songs of Days? Things I wrote, for days that were. The writing continues, at least as of this writing. When it ceases I'll correct that statement, if I can.

What is a Tower of Approach?  It is a time machine, currently set seven years in the past, though this has changed throughout the years.  It is as well an introspectograph, a portal into the state of one mind.

2.1269 : 10/23/08 : The Rest Cure

Hello middle age
another page
and here’s how I
fantasize now
about the rest cure
just inaction
something pure
work all these kinks out
pump some ink out
I could be
really certain
of my path forward sure
if I could just get
get a few
winter months
of the rest cure


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2.1268 : 10/22/08 : The Provinces

When I finally beat this
and mend what I can of
my fences
I’m going to light right off
for the provinces
there’s no physical frontiers
or if there is the poor bastards
should be left alone
but oh God the provinces
no cyberspace
no telephone
if only I could beat this
this thorn in my side
And so on to the
I will ride


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2.1267 : 10/21/08 : Fine

Doing this wrong
the wrong time, lost the flow
I had it a minute
but it had to go
washed away with the water
cooked away by the sun
I can’t tell if it was good
if I lost the fine one
this is fine but not like that
Not like marble or wine
I know it so well now
the two kinds of fine
and I lied when I said
things were all better since
all those long conversations
when I was up against
it was there for a minute
I might get it back
learn how to pick my moment
learn when to attack


Monday, October 20, 2014

2.1266 : 10/20/08 : Flash in the Pan

3,457 : 17 ?

Well the great big new thing
is seeming like flash in the pan
and despite minuscule progress
I’m feeling like an also ran
and even though the good guy
is way ahead in the polls
I don’t trust it at all
and still that bell just tolls and tolls
I should apply the strategy
and make use of the chart
I should call this a learning thing
at least a little start
I shouldn’t project failure
on a tomorrow that’s barely begun
but it’s a long long way
and this cross weighs a ton


Sunday, October 19, 2014

2.1265 : 10/19/08 : Witching

All the witching around
now it ends for good
oh I said it I said it
though I didn’t think I should
the hour is reserved
and the die is cast
and the last will be first
and the first will be last


2.1264 : 10/18/08 : Play

Screw it I’m not going to write
I want to play
I’ve had enough I’ve
written my heart out today
I only have a moment
want a little fun
Because we’re turning to
the cycle of far too little sun


2.1263 : 10/17/08 : Rerail

Rerail this epic mess I made
cook up some brick stew lemonade
dig deep must be a pony in there
a lump of gold fall out my ratted hair
I think I’m not having fun now
five hours of staring at the sun now
these spots I’m seeing can’t be right
a little blindness gonna kill my fight
well that’s no good start boyo
give me a little time I implore you
start out some new hard ramp
someday I’ll earn your precious stamp


2.1262 : 10/16/08 : Thick of It

I’m in the thick of it here
I’m getting sick of it dear
If I keep doing this way
I know I’ll really pay
I guess it’s suggestion
is that really a question
I’ve got to learn the trick of it
or stay stuck in the thick of it
I can’t just promise anything
how I try to snatch the ring
how I always come up short
maybe this will be the break
I’m serious a lot’s at stake


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

2.1261 : 10/15/08 : Bought and Paid

What will I buy with time?
a little time later
I might even use it right
because I am a revelator
a lot to figure out
a lot to keep track of
I’ll risk embarrassment
say here today you’ll see the back of
this back and forthing dance
I won’t repeat this mess
keep it simple
you want more
reach for less


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2.1260 : 10/14/08 : Well Damn

3,450 : 10 ?

Well Damn the streak is truly done
And maybe I was compensating
for all the ways I didn’t measure up
it’s just myself that I’m berating
I’m used to talking to myself
I’m used to arguing at that
a little crazy it might be
I’m not afraid to wear that hat
well damn I’ll kick it off again
what else is there but pushing
trying to break through somehow
the sacred marshmallows I’m smooshing
I always think I’ll get farther
I always think I’ll get better
but better not think too much
fate will drive me off a cliff
if I let her


Monday, October 13, 2014

2.1259 : 10/13/08 : Jump

after the jump
something will change
I don’t know what or how
and I’m feeling strange
a better song
somebody else’s
plays somewhere in the back
it won’t be good now
I know I should now
throw another
pile of it
on the stack


2.1258 : 10/12/08 : Repent

Repent the sins and
mistakes of a decade
marked back in time
so sublime
I thought all dues were paid
I know the difference
I know what makes things real
but I’m here
it’s all it is
and I can really feel


2.1257 : 10/11/08 : Looking for Problems

Looking for problems
who’d of thunk it?
We thought that ship
had seen the bottom
when we sunk it
it should be easy
there are so many
trying to think solutions up
I don’t have any
Looking for treasure
a simple goal
hoping I don’t come up
with a lump of coal
I’m storing it wrong
prone to moth and rust
I’m sure that I’ll
regret it when
I’m eating dust


Friday, October 10, 2014

2.1256 : 10/10/08 : Change

The slightest change
could be
the wingstroke of a
I won’t fear hope
I’ll scorn the fear
that all around us
scatters by
cause and effect
aren’t simple things
who understands
all relevance
here’s life here’s hope
a small light
against dark


2.1255 : 10/9/08 : Feel Life

Feel life there is only
this now cliché
But truth is truth and
that’s gospel, pure
there is no limit to the horror
the suffering
but there are always
precious moments of recovering
dwelling and raging
will not change a thing
I’m going to write
and I’m going to sing
I may never be good enough
to call it pro
but I’ll feel life
Choose life
till I have to go


2.1254 : 10/8/08 : All the Right Reasons

I know I’ve been all wrong
and for all the wrong reasons
and I’m writing this song
for all the wrong reasons
but I’ll turn it round
for all the right reasons
and I’ll seek The Sound
for all the right reasons
You just get twelve and twelve
and just four seasons
and we have just ourselves
and we find our reasons


Tuesday, October 07, 2014

2.1253 : 10/7/08 : Proud

I don’t feel proud
to be slogging through
but I’m proud
every time
I do right by you
So I won’t dwell or
On trying to perfect
this daily dose of
strong to inject
I guess I know the score
yes this routine
it’s not Shakespeare
but it’s something


Monday, October 06, 2014

2.1252 : 10/6/08 : Better Off Alive

3,442 : 2 ?

I decided
I’m better off alive
a house divided
and what devious men devise
roaming footloose
and wrapping up
every loose end
I pick my moment
and my message to send


Sunday, October 05, 2014

2.1251 : 10/5/08 : Midnight

Midnight put me in a bad mood
too many hours
that I pissed away
and what can I really call
this endless procession
day after day
You’re gushing over
a shoe shop website
Is this what it’s about
I wanna get in there
and grab the stage
oh how I want to shout
Midnight is not
Lord of me
Midnight’s not my boss
Midnight will not
some sense of triumph or loss
but I obey
my structures
and tack this coda on
have you heard it brother
have you heard my song?


2.1250 : 10/4/08 : Estatic

I should be estatic
I’m fully functional
crank out reels of verse
on automatic
I let this world burn up
far too long
So here’s a song
to say:


Friday, October 03, 2014

2.1249 : 10/3/08 : Charlie

Tell me about how
you tell what is the truth
in what respect, Charlie?
maybe I’ll grow my beard real long
wear all leather
get a Harley
boom around the Southwest coast
my childhood home
I saw the ocean
I saw my life
in the eternal seething foam
and I won’t talk about
that elephant
ignore that as long as you can
don’t talk about the fire
man, we’re doing
just fine in this here pan


Thursday, October 02, 2014

2.1248 : 10/2/08 : Succumb

Unknowing if I’m gonna succumb
like another one
the moment is sweet
but the morning’s a tough beat
get away with it in a sense
but I feel real dense
throat burning
eyes sanded
fell prey again
to the vile branded
replay for me
that definition of being
in my brain
I knew low down
but I’m so close to down
and I really don’t know
Go see,
so go


2.1247 : 10/1/08 : Michael

I can’t seem to beat
those same old circumstances
itch gets in my feet
and kid just gots to dances
this could be the last
the last of one great journey
way back in the past
let me call my attorney
before I tell my story
of how I broke the cycle
jumped to the track of glory
steered by the angel Michael