Saturday, November 30, 2013

2.941 : 11/30/07 : Ultimate Triumph Song

Why pay for a fantasy I can dream on my own dime
And in my dream I can find the ultimate triumph song
I’ll stick a pin in that one save it for a likely time
And when I find it I am gonna bang and bang that gong
I’ll always remember this day even when I’m old
The song that marked a peak that led even higher
I will never tell a soul what went on in the cold
but I’ll carry a reminder should reminding I require
Maybe we all look like jokes from high enough
I don’t doubt my flaws are plainly seen
But it’s all made up in a moment’s work of bluff
And most of what’s important is written between
the lines that separate the quick from the dead
Where we’re all going every father’s bed
When the symmetry shatters there is tragedy
there is beauty too it seems nothing is free
but there’s a dark glory in how it goes on
No matter what though there remains a question
Will a final triumph come after so long
after coldness snuffs out every sci-fi suggestion
my joke’s stretched too thin to cover that hole
things were so much easier when I was dumb
but I had an easy confidence in my little soul
And I thought I was too good to succumb
And I’ll be long long gone before that music
gets faced by whatever if we’re not all dust
So don’t be such a little refusenik
Sing it with me if you please, ignore me if you must


Friday, November 29, 2013

2.940 : 11/29/07 : Gone Missing

Another day gone missing
heeding hacks out dissing
what they don’t get
and never have yet
felt further behind
dates had me close to the line
who you gonna believe
for these gifts we now receive
There is no time missing its continuous
Right now’s the same as then
at the back of the bus
where I stood my ground
like the fool I was
That day’s not missing
and I know because
I’m right here
I could skimp on the rebound
but I’m channeling the big sound
and I have to share
it’s all there out there
I could keep rolling now
instead I’ll take my bow
half hour of witching left
half hour to bridge the cleft
There is no time missing everything is one
the truth you’ll never get
out of the barrel of a gun
Right now’s the same as then
at the head of the pack
Still treating every single thing
like an attack


2.939 : 11/28/07 : Dissonance

Hammered by the clamor of dissonance
wondering if my will makes any difference
caught between the pinions of what would you prefer
a time machine and a ticket right out of here
decision loses meaning when options collapse
and swells a roar of dissonance in each synapse
a fancy way of saying I cannot decide
but I’m no Hamlet and this is no ride
I dream of everything in harmony
that one’s from a pipe as far as I can see
down here nothing is naturally in tune
and if you don’t believe it I’ll show you soon
and if you’re doubting still just take a peek in here
and marvel at the poison they’ve got for your ear
a wretched mass of dissonance in lurid light
the very sight of which will make you pray for night


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2.938 : 11/27/07 : Wrecked

I wrecked my mind looking for
too many angles
thought I was too hep for
the trim and spangles
As the years go past
we run the same flag up the mast
It seems all paths lead to
I never knew if unity
was just imagination
if entropy is pure tragic
if nothing at all is magic
Why are these forced
marches like pulling teeth
the strained refrains and
phrases hover beneath
while it accretes an hour dies
but done is done and damn my eyes


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2.937 : 11/26/07 : Winter

Winter sweeps in on a hard wind
here we go again!
Advent and the seasons of the retail chain
they say hard times are on the way
and I’m ready but
I’m waiting for my hands to steady but
I got to blow like winter go like winter
I’m cool as ice but
I’ve got a golden splinter in 
my brain pan
makes me act the sane man
but to be sane in this deep freeze
is just a little crazy please
let me know
did I chop enough wood
just let me know
did I haul enough water
cause if hard time’s here
I got to know I shut it like I should
cause winter’s no time to go
and though the planet’s getting hotter
I figure I am dug in for the long haul
winter’s here
and by the new year
we’ll all be robbing Peter
to pay Paul


Monday, November 25, 2013

2.936 : 11/25/07 : By Numbers

I’ve got enough imagination
but I’ll paint this one by numbers anyway
Go through the proscribed palette
hope this picture’s here to stay
I’m pushing the same stone again
I’ve sung to it a thousand nights
I’ve sung it low down in the valley
sung it mere feet from the heights
My challenge needs a new metaphor
maybe a hard place or a rock
maybe I overstate my longing
maybe all I really face is tick-tock
they say I live among the privileged
the member of some small percent
I’m pretty sure there’s some above me
pretty sure that column’s still bent
but there’s a few spots left still
those numbers point my denouement
and if it comes up you again
I’ll search that stone yet for the flaw


Sunday, November 24, 2013

2.935 : 11/24/07 : You Again

May I never have to write you down again
May I never need to speak your name
this is the second method
this is how it is when I play the game
Am I singing a song of you, again?
It’s true it’s a story of my whole life
now I am different, now things are better
with my child my home my wife
So I’ll treat you like just a fairy tale
that will vanish with morning dreams
the ghosts and gremlins I will knock away
and send them scrambling up the beams
Yeah I’ll talk large, yeah I’ll be a braggart
knowing tomorrow is a mystery
I’ll stand against your better judgment
I’ll stand despite all contradicting history
And say so long to you again
and say I’ll see you when I do
if we meet again why we shall smile
if not I’ll fondly think of you


2.934 : 11/23/07 : Tolerance

If this myth’s within the tolerance
I’ll spit one out should be a fine romance
And if I’m stomping over well-tread ground
I’ll use it an excuse to pump the big sound
hey buddy I can but obey the specs
though I might load the dice and stack the decks
inside that crooked hat I follow rules
my workmanship shows in my modules
and it all fits like a kaleidoscope
feel inklings of this truth for which I grope
take it on faith there’ll be a destination
until then beg your tolerance for this reiteration


Friday, November 22, 2013

2.933 : 11/22/07 : Give Thanks for Speed

Give thanks for speed
‘cause life is short
there are no second chances
no mission to abort
so when the great hammer
is descending
there are only two options:
speed or ending
give thanks to God
for the future obscured
I can’t imagine all the inward
maladies it cured
deliver me from the curse
of second sight
and I’ll sacrifice my future
on your altar every night
but I’ve got no thanks
for being born to the majority
for the status quo
or the presence of authority
because the seeming blessing
of the present convention
is the antithesis of speed
and other virtues I could mention


Thursday, November 21, 2013

2.932 : 11/21/07 : Terminus

Nobody can shake the
universal halting power
of the terminus
I’m sure you heard about our program
sure you’re eager to get on the bus
It’s all on the ground floor
so far plenty of room
left at the top
heavy foreshadowing
still at some point it’s got to stop


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

2.931 : 11/20/07 : Light Way

What’s the deal with saying
that your burden’s light
Whose do I have anyway?
A millions shades would rise
to accuse me
offering me their bundles to weigh
Still this isn’t light no
this isn’t easy
maybe I refused to exchange
for some reason
I can’t make sense of anymore
some impulse buried and strange
So tell me tell me
what can I do
to get myself back to the light way
I need more than
signs and fables
to plant my feet on the right way


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2.930 : 11/19/07 : Freedom Lights the Way

Freedom lights the way for every
crazy ponzi scheme to get beyond
this little zero sum game’s
past this crowded little gene pond
hardly scientific so subjective
such a tiny role we play
and yet in everything I care about
freedom lights the way
what will make it better
what will raise the quality
What will exorcise self reference
what will set my wild free
what will spark the spark that ignites
freedom’s way for me
some unforeseen invention
some paradox of destiny


Monday, November 18, 2013

2.929 : 11/18/07 : My Eureka

3,120 : 22 ?

So this is what it’s like
normal calm and pale
not too high not too low
just riding on its rail
something in me’s dissatisfied
though I know it’s a better path
the thing I dreamed and planned so long
shout my eureka while I take a bath
Will I stick the rest of it
it’s just one afternoon
hardly the first I’ve soldiered through
and many’s the time I spoke too soon
So I’ll say nothing good or bad
I’ll keep stalwartly mum
and see how every little thing goes
clinging to this pendulum


Sunday, November 17, 2013

2.928 : 11/17/07 : Extension

I filed an extension
on my state of grace
that should explain
the foolish grin
upon my face
I believe I’ll be supported
in this final push
it’s a message
that I heard
out of a burning bush
no matter how the fire burns
the tree is not consumed
and what’s long interrupted
will soon be resumed
but in the night that
I’ve been given
by my extension
I’m gonna do it all
and a few others
I could mention


Saturday, November 16, 2013

2.927 : 11/16/07 : Bake

If it’s half baked
well bake it more
well if that window’s blocked
fake a door
just this one time
forget fear
you’re ready and
the oven’s right here
assume the divine
lives up to its name
and despite everything
it’s not just a game
so how you play
the moment’s quiet call
if I have to go
you can keep my ball
bake it through
and really give a taste
learn to know
the diamonds from the paste
don’t spit me out
I’m just getting hot
and I think you’ll
like the new taste
that I got


Friday, November 15, 2013

2.926 : 11/15/07 : No Order

No order might mean
that none is needed
Doing its own reward
it bears to be repeated
no outcome always process
always love more love more
that’s the only progress
kick at it though I might
it’s a truth now I can see
that there’s quite a knot
tangled up in the word free
terrorizing as a mirror
longing like a window
open like that longest door
unstuck to let the wind blow


Thursday, November 14, 2013

2.925 : 11/14/07 : Plutonium

Before the song... it's that time of year once again when briefly I subvert all my channels of communication to invite your donation to a very worthwhile charity: the Little Kitchen Food Shelf in Northeast Minneapolis.  Please consider offering your support.

If I had a wish
I’d wish away plutonium
and all its antecedents
yeah I’ll still beat that drum
somebody’s got to say it
it’s ridiculous
that we keep this gun loaded
yeah it’s scandalous
if the old men on the hillsides
could just connect
and if I could just be wiser
in this one respect
all together we might cast a spell
to set things right
while the earth spun unheeding
through its endless night


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2.924 : 11/13/07 : Reveal

Before the song... it's that time of year once again when briefly I subvert all my channels of communication to invite your donation to a very worthwhile charity: the Little Kitchen Food Shelf in Northeast Minneapolis.  Please consider offering your support.

Waiting on the magician’s reveal
willful suspension of
what I believe is real
a fool’s mission surely
all the rush
and hurly burly
and me the king of fools
and all the ideas
I’ve served as tools
I put it down here
a record to recall
not once believing
I’d ever catch it all
but maybe just this moment
a few more words could
collect this foment
that called me to rise
before a new day
had revealed its eyes


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2.923 : 11/12/07 : Independent Contract

Before the song... it's that time of year once again when briefly I subvert all my channels of communication to invite your donation to a very worthwhile charity: the Little Kitchen Food Shelf in Northeast Minneapolis.  Please consider offering your support.

Independent contract
soldier for hire
wielding iron
virus, cold fire
hacking systems
sewn corruption
social contract
economic interruption
only see the
gaudy surface
my dim ranting
tense and nervous
what am I then
a free agent
cut loose again


Monday, November 11, 2013

2.922 : 11/11/07 : Afraid of Tomorrow

3,114 : 16 ?

I’m afraid of tomorrow
afraid of consequences
recession war
man’s worst influences
afraid for my home
afraid for my child
too thin too far
too many too wild
I tell myself there’s nothing
I can do about it
do I believe it’s all to chance
what magnet may route it
who cares what I believe
what’s coming is coming
and it’s me and this dark
and this tune I’m humming


Sunday, November 10, 2013

2.921 : 11/10/07 : Radical Free

I dream an anarchy
peaceful stable
radical free
lean swift able
an illusion?
without strange attractors
chaos confusion
dark cofactors
maybe it won’t go around
rise above survival
never get above the ground
mania cost of revival
Locked inside my noggin
Simplistic great society
a place at last to be a cog in
no place for a radical like me


Saturday, November 09, 2013

2.920 : 11/9/07 : Strictly Business

Strictly business not a bit of sentiment
only ways and means and where the money went
more than family, friendship, love
business and the hand invisible inside the iron glove
how can I delude myself I’m not that kind
do I really believe there is some brand new path I’ll find?
Some retrofit some version two point oh
I dream my crazy vision ‘spite the better I know
Sure it would corrupt me just like anyone
Sure I would succumb to the wall the gate the gun
They’ll probably all wind up evil in the end
Seems there’s just one way that strictly business script will spend


Friday, November 08, 2013

2.919 : 11/8/07 : Everything Stops

But when you cry out to me
everything stops
the sick daydreaming
the needle drops
Is it a blessing
or a fearful burden
or is it simply
of one thing I’m certain
when you ask of me
I say how much how much
here is comfort
here is touch
here is holding
satisfaction guaranteed
when I hear
the protest of need
the world is run more
by crooks now than ever
this city state keeps edging closer
to the end of forever
but I’ve got no time to
shout it from the mountaintops
I have to listen to the voice
that says everything stops


Thursday, November 07, 2013

2.918 : 11/7/07 : The Repetition

The repetition:
the predictable failure of mission
the sameness
the deafness blindness lameness
Endless explaining
the no going away of the raining
no matter what I’m chanting
or recanting
the no difference
the loser’s bet made on loser’s inference
the feeble lying
ready to sell out for years but no one’s buying
The repetition:
the predictable failure of vision
the slight fine tuning
While I punch my idols up idly mooning


Wednesday, November 06, 2013

2.917 : 11/6/07 : The Stakes

Bow down to the intrinsic nature
of this fire
The danger’s always looming
and the stakes are getting higher
To have is to have more and more
to lose
No matter how I tilt that cup
I never could refuse
And it would be a shame
to let this anxious flutter
impair the joy of having
one small jot or flutter
The stakes are what they are
the game is played by all
I only guessed I wouldn’t be
So long perched on this ball


2.916 : 11/5/07 : One In a Row

Wait till I rack up
one in a row
it will establish
a fine precedent I know
things will change for real
and never look back
just choose a perfect moment
and a locus of attack


Monday, November 04, 2013

2.915 : 11/4/07 : Mature

Have I matured at last
under the influence
of every night gone past
at last at confluence
I take my little gain
I take a solemn bow
I take a bead on pain
draw back and show you how


2.914 : 11/3/07 : Product

While the product of my failure
spins out in another room
and I strive with the temptation
of the technocratic boom
of the information era
that seems to me to be fading
under the corrosive stream
the mission is ablated
precipitate the salt
whose spirit formed beneath the flame
the essence of enlightenment
the trace of a true name
recrystalize the product
draw it out through sublimation
gather it in cold suspension
and display the new creation


Saturday, November 02, 2013

2.913 : 11/2/07 : Faster and Harder

Defeated and slammed
I come back faster and harder
long since written off as
failed potential
I’m just  a real slow starter
Yeah I have not yet begun
hell I couldn’t even tell you
just what I call fun
so I bring another bottle
of the good old from the larder
and rush your thrilling bastion
and harder


Friday, November 01, 2013

2.912 : 11/1/07 : Bees (2)

I like bees because
bees are nice
I hope there are a lot of bees
in paradise
God must love bees
because he made so many flowers
and gave them magic
bee-type powers
I like bees
they wear fuzzy jackets
they carry nectar
and pollen packets
they make honey
and don’t care about money
I’ll say it twice
I like bees they’re nice


2.911 : 10/31/07 : So Very Far Away

So very far away
call it all I’ve ever wasted
bits of bits
copied and pasted
the random walk didn’t take
parts that I could
never shake
or bear to fake
the brutal sameness takes the cake
I’ve had enough I changed my mind
maybe if when he’d asked
me what kind
I had jumped the fear
I’d be some other place than here
there’s things here though
I don’t want to live without
If everything could
be so simple, free from doubt
I don’t ask to be free from pain
just feel I’m on a path again