Friday, November 29, 2013

2.940 : 11/29/07 : Gone Missing

Another day gone missing
heeding hacks out dissing
what they don’t get
and never have yet
felt further behind
dates had me close to the line
who you gonna believe
for these gifts we now receive
There is no time missing its continuous
Right now’s the same as then
at the back of the bus
where I stood my ground
like the fool I was
That day’s not missing
and I know because
I’m right here
I could skimp on the rebound
but I’m channeling the big sound
and I have to share
it’s all there out there
I could keep rolling now
instead I’ll take my bow
half hour of witching left
half hour to bridge the cleft
There is no time missing everything is one
the truth you’ll never get
out of the barrel of a gun
Right now’s the same as then
at the head of the pack
Still treating every single thing
like an attack

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