Saturday, November 30, 2013

2.941 : 11/30/07 : Ultimate Triumph Song

Why pay for a fantasy I can dream on my own dime
And in my dream I can find the ultimate triumph song
I’ll stick a pin in that one save it for a likely time
And when I find it I am gonna bang and bang that gong
I’ll always remember this day even when I’m old
The song that marked a peak that led even higher
I will never tell a soul what went on in the cold
but I’ll carry a reminder should reminding I require
Maybe we all look like jokes from high enough
I don’t doubt my flaws are plainly seen
But it’s all made up in a moment’s work of bluff
And most of what’s important is written between
the lines that separate the quick from the dead
Where we’re all going every father’s bed
When the symmetry shatters there is tragedy
there is beauty too it seems nothing is free
but there’s a dark glory in how it goes on
No matter what though there remains a question
Will a final triumph come after so long
after coldness snuffs out every sci-fi suggestion
my joke’s stretched too thin to cover that hole
things were so much easier when I was dumb
but I had an easy confidence in my little soul
And I thought I was too good to succumb
And I’ll be long long gone before that music
gets faced by whatever if we’re not all dust
So don’t be such a little refusenik
Sing it with me if you please, ignore me if you must

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