Friday, November 29, 2013

2.939 : 11/28/07 : Dissonance

Hammered by the clamor of dissonance
wondering if my will makes any difference
caught between the pinions of what would you prefer
a time machine and a ticket right out of here
decision loses meaning when options collapse
and swells a roar of dissonance in each synapse
a fancy way of saying I cannot decide
but I’m no Hamlet and this is no ride
I dream of everything in harmony
that one’s from a pipe as far as I can see
down here nothing is naturally in tune
and if you don’t believe it I’ll show you soon
and if you’re doubting still just take a peek in here
and marvel at the poison they’ve got for your ear
a wretched mass of dissonance in lurid light
the very sight of which will make you pray for night

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