Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2.937 : 11/26/07 : Winter

Winter sweeps in on a hard wind
here we go again!
Advent and the seasons of the retail chain
they say hard times are on the way
and I’m ready but
I’m waiting for my hands to steady but
I got to blow like winter go like winter
I’m cool as ice but
I’ve got a golden splinter in 
my brain pan
makes me act the sane man
but to be sane in this deep freeze
is just a little crazy please
let me know
did I chop enough wood
just let me know
did I haul enough water
cause if hard time’s here
I got to know I shut it like I should
cause winter’s no time to go
and though the planet’s getting hotter
I figure I am dug in for the long haul
winter’s here
and by the new year
we’ll all be robbing Peter
to pay Paul

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