Sunday, November 24, 2013

2.935 : 11/24/07 : You Again

May I never have to write you down again
May I never need to speak your name
this is the second method
this is how it is when I play the game
Am I singing a song of you, again?
It’s true it’s a story of my whole life
now I am different, now things are better
with my child my home my wife
So I’ll treat you like just a fairy tale
that will vanish with morning dreams
the ghosts and gremlins I will knock away
and send them scrambling up the beams
Yeah I’ll talk large, yeah I’ll be a braggart
knowing tomorrow is a mystery
I’ll stand against your better judgment
I’ll stand despite all contradicting history
And say so long to you again
and say I’ll see you when I do
if we meet again why we shall smile
if not I’ll fondly think of you

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